It’s a Bird? It’s a Plane? It’s the Envato Logo!

If you were handed an Envato t-shirt and told to take a photo doing something fun in it, what would you do? When that happened to Jake Brenehan, he took the challenge seriously. He decided to jump out of a plane. Awesome! Hence the video above, and photos below.

Inside the plane.

Jake is a Sydney-based web developer and the brains behind Web Design Weekly. He was given the shirt while at WordCamp Sydney by WordPress evangelist Japh Thomson. Japh issued the challenge mentioned above, and asked for photos. Jake came through.

Exiting. Jake's not shy!

This isn’t the first time Jake has jumped out of a plane. He’s qualified for solo skydives. It’s just the first time that he’s jumped out of a plane in an Envato t-shirt. And I’m really glad he took his camera with him.

Look out below!

Thanks Jake! And thanks to Japh for passing on the story.

What would you do in an Envato t-shirt?