The King of Micro-Niche WordPress Themes Enters the Power Elite Wall of Fame

We have some exciting news to share with you all today. Yet another Envato Market community member has claimed the distinct honor of reaching Power Elite status. This time around, the honor goes to theMOLITOR, and we couldn’t be happier to offer our congratulations!


One thing you’ll find impressive about theMOLITOR right off the bat is the fact that it’s a one-man show. Christopher John Molitor is a designer and developer based in the outskirts of Seattle, WA. He lives there with his wife and two kids. And when it comes to business, he handles everything from theme design and development to support and updates.

He’s been on Envato Market for quite some time, too. “I started selling files on GraphicRiver actually,” he says, noting he mostly used his participation there as a creative outlet. “I did have a popular PSD file that provided me with free lattes for a year or so,” which he and his wife found rather exciting. “[We’d] get excited each time I sold a $3 file,” he says.


Once Themeforest gained popularly, he switched over to selling HTML templates and PSD layouts there. But it was WordPress themes that really helped him to soar.

One piece of advice has truly informed his approach to theme creation: Be specific. “Don’t say anybody can use your services,” he says, noting that specificity makes it so colleagues can more easily envision specific people in their own networks that might be able to benefit from your services. “Saying everybody makes you think of nobody.”

When he made the switch from client work to HTML template and WordPress theme development on Themeforest, he applied this same concept. “Don’t make a theme for everyone – be specific (and don’t copy),” he says.

And his portfolio is evidence that he practices what he preaches. His most popular themes are all catered to very specific audiences.


Politico, theMOLITOR’s most popular theme, is a responsive theme for those running a political campaign. Aid is a theme for charities and relief efforts. AndThe Navigator is a directory or location guide theme. All specific and all dominating in their respective areas of specificity.


Molitor’s approach to work revolves around good ideas. “If I’m going to dedicate 3-4 months of my time to one project, it better have a purpose,” he says, “It has to be something that not only solves a problem, but has to be something that explores new territory for myself.”

With an idea he’s passionate about, he dives headfirst into Photoshop, generally for a couple of weeks until the design is worked out. Then he begins the development process. “I prefer to start from scratch with each project, so my theme framework is very, very bare bones,” he says, which, “helps alleviate dependency and keeps my skills sharp.”

He currently works out of his bedroom–after child #2, his office was turned into another bedroom–but it works out fine for him. “…There are lots of local coffee shops I can squat at,” he says. His work area at home is comprised of an adjustable GeekDesk with an iMac sitting on top of it with a wired keyboard. “Ten key FTW,” he says. But when he goes out and about, he totes a MacBook Air.

Beautiful architecture, vehicles, and stylish tech devices serve as endless inspiration for Molitor. “There’s something visceral about things that not only look good but offer up some form of utility,” he says. And though he’s never had an interest in formally studying art or science, web design gives him an outlet for contributing to the “marriage” of these two areas.

Welcome to the Power Elite Wall of Fame theMOLITOR! Congratulations!

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