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Kitted out: Envato brings hundreds of customisable, code-free Template Kits to WordPress with Elementor

"“Launching Template Kits is our latest response to the growing demand for page builders and customers looking for design inspiration that is simple and easy to apply to their website,”

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Posted 14 May 2020
Template Kits launches on Envato Elements

Envato has today launched a new WordPress category across both ThemeForest and Envato Elements, with the release of hundreds of Template Kits that work seamlessly with one of the WordPress industry’s leading page builders, Elementor

The new Template Kits provide a fast, easy and flexible solution for WordPress users to create sites in Elementor’s open-source platform. Each kit contains all the designs and visual elements required to get a fully functioning website up and running, with a suite of multi-page designs and content blocks allowing for endless customisation in Elementor to help designers get their dream site live quicker than ever before.

Template Kits will also be made available via the official Envato Elements plugin for WordPress, which gives web designers access to the entire Template Kits library and over a million photos without having to leave WordPress. 

Whether you’re building a site for a restaurant, an app release, an agency or even just a personal side hustle, Template Kits help lower the threshold for non-website developers to create sites and provide everyone with the freedom to build exactly what they want.

An example kit for a restaurant

With Elementor’s support at launch, Envato believes the popular Template Kits category will further accelerate the adoption of page builders like Elementor to a wider group of users, giving more people the tools than ever before to build the website of their dreams without the need for a deep background in website development.

“Launching Template Kits is our latest response to the growing demand for page builders and customers looking for design inspiration that is simple and easy to apply to their website,” says Cameron Gough, General Manager of Envato’s Content team.

“We know that the WordPress world continues to evolve and respond exceptionally well to the changing needs of the wider web design industry, and you only have to look at Gutenberg as one example of how the platform is evolving to meet the increasing demand for easier tools that provide a leg up on website design,” continues Gough.  

“Couple this with the strength of page builders such as Elementor and others, plus a vibrant and active community of developers, hosting providers and more, we think there’s never been a better time to provide a new and easier way to bring WordPress websites to life.”

Template Kits are available for many niches, such as health care

Eran Alon, VP Product Marketing at Elementor said, “The adoption of Template Kits is great news for web builders, marketers and business owners looking to build beautiful websites. Kits are customizable, easy to use and offer a broad website design solution for WordPress websites. We are thrilled to see partners like Envato adopt this approach and we look forward to seeing stunning websites that will be created by our community as a result”.

The new Template Kits will sit alongside Envato’s existing library of more than 47,000 WordPress themes and website templates, solidifying Envato’s place as one of the leading WordPress creative communities in the world. 

Fitness and health-themed Template Kits are among the most popular

Cameron Gough confirmed that many of Envato’s existing, popular WordPress designers were behind the first wave of released Template Kits, and said that support for Template Kits built in other page builders including Gutenberg would be coming soon. 

“We know many WordPress professionals that want a pre-packaged, fully functional website template may continue to favour our existing collection of WordPress themes,” continues Cameron Gough.  “But we increasingly see customers wanting to develop websites from a page builder foundation rather than a full WordPress theme.” 

“For these customers, Template Kits provide a leg up on design, and it’s important we continue to support those changing needs,” concluded Gough.

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