How Landing Pages Work for Your Business

A landing page is a single web page designed to guide your users or customers to a particular series of actions – and it can be an essential ingredient of a high-performing website.

A solid marketing plan and a well-designed website are critical elements to your success in a global online marketplace. Having a website with content that provides quality information should be one of your main focuses for capturing the interest of your visitors.

A landing page is basically a single web page whose purpose is to guide your users or customers to a specific action – that could be provide their email address for further communication, to offer other information about themselves that helps you do a better job of serving their needs, or to purchase a product directly.

The focus and simplicity of a good landing page is why it works so well in a cluttered and noisy web world.

Why do websites need landing pages?

Directing users from search engines or social media links to your homepage usually means they jump through a series of hoops in order to get to where they want to be.

Redirecting a person to a landing page gives them the opportunity to take an immediate action – ease of use is everything.

Landing pages are optimized with that specific purpose in mind – reducing the number of steps between the point of searching, to the point of landing on your page and purchasing (commonly referred to as maximizing the page conversion rate).

Think of landing pages as action pages, delivering one strong message and compelling one clear action, such as signing up to your mailing list or downloading a discount voucher.

How Landing Pages Optimize Conversion

One of the reasons landing pages are so important is their unique capability to optimize conversion rates.

It may sound very technical, but it’s simple – the percentage of visitors that go to your landing page and perform a specific action, such as filling in a form.

Here’s a quick example.

If 100 visitors go to your landing page and 25 perform the action you ask them to, your conversion rate would be 25 per cent.

Introducing Pagewiz – A Dedicated Landing Page Generator

Pagewiz is a fully featured, landing page creator and optimization system. With more than 30,000 registered users, Pagewiz is a growing company that supports an increasing number of marketing professionals.

If you’re a marketing agency, small business owner, affiliate marketer, or professional marketer, Pagewiz can help you increase your landing page conversion rates. As a result you get to generate more sales without increasing your expenses on purchasing additional web traffic.

For online marketers it means increasing their return on investment (ROI), without continuously searching for cheaper traffic sources.

Whether you’re an experienced designer or a small business owner, Pagewiz can quickly create landing pages without you having to know or learn any type of programming. It’s also completely code-free, which makes Pagewiz effortless to use.

A/B Testing

Using Pagewiz a user can design landing pages that are both fast and extremely accurate (we call them Pixel Perfect). The Pagewiz system is very flexible, and provides drag and drop capabilities to allow it users to full control over the end result.

Every page can be tested with the purpose of identifying the best page design that produces the greatest number of leads. When thinking about how A/B testing works, it makes sense that being able to test a landing page an unlimited number of times is an important feature to have.

Pre-tested Landing Page Templates

If you have little or no experience in web design or designing landing pages there’s a wide variety of prepared landing page templates and designs to choose from.

Because of Pagewiz’s simplicity, choosing a template and changing it to reflect your business and products can be done quickly with little effort. From a single template you can create a number of landing pages which can then be tested using A/B testing.

Email Automation Integration

No product is complete with being able to seamlessly connect with popular tools and apps you use on a daily basis. Pagewiz integrates smoothly with a number of automated email management programs, including Aweber, Constant Contact, and MailChimp, ensuring all information gets to where it’s supposed to be with minimal fuss. Pagewiz also allows you to easily export leads to any existing database systems, such as CRM, content management databases or any URL that can capture leads.

Pagewiz and Mobile Devices

With the current high demand for application software that works seamlessly on devices, such as tablets and smartphones, we can confirm that Pagewiz is mobile ready.

More than simply making your landing page available on a variety of mobile devices, Pagewiz incorporates responsive design, which lets your website adjust and adapt itself fluidly between desktop or mobile screens, ensuring your content will look good in any case.

Integrating External Widgets & External Code

Pagewiz also has the option of embedding external widgets into your landing page, performing a simple yet useful function.

With the purpose of increasing the landing page conversion potential. Pagewiz makes it extremely easy to embed external code, such as conversion pixels, provided mainly for remarketing campaigns by Facebook, Google AdWords and Twitter, to name a few.

Additional traffic venue for web marketers is search engine optimization. Pagewiz allows its users to easily optimize the HTML tags, as well as the landing page content, to maximize the on-site SEO benefits.

Landing pages are an imperative component in the online marketer toolbox. By increasing paid campaigns conversion rates, high quality landing pages maximize the return on investment.

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