15 WordPress Plugins for Extending the Functionality of Layers

In this post we have taken a look at some of the best and most useful extensions for Layers.

Last week we introduced you to Layers, the new site builder from Obox that makes it easy for anyone to create WordPress themes quicker and better than ever before.

While yes, Layers is very powerful and does come pre-packaged with a huge selection of useful tools and widgets, there may be times when it will lack that particular functionality the site your building requires. The good news is that there are now third party extensions and plugins available that will allow you to push Layers even further and fill any potential functionality gaps.

If you’re looking to integrate WooCommerce into Layers, don’t worry, there’s a plugin for that. Needing an Instagram or Dribbble Layers widget? There’s also a plugin for that. Needing to add detailed maps to your layers contact page? Yep, there’s a plugin available. Charts, galleries, sliders, carousels, pricing tables and tabs – there are plugins available that will allow you to add all of these and much, much more to Layers.

In this post we have taken a look at some of the best and most useful extensions for Layers. Here they are:

Layers logoIf you’re new to Layers, you might like to take a look at this post first for a great introduction and functionality overview.

Magic Box – Customization Pack for LayersPreview

Magic Box is an extension that adds custom and responsive Dribbble and Instagram feed widgets to Layers.

Magic Box - Customization Pack for Layers

Members Layers ExtensionPreview

Members is an extension for Layers that allows you to showcase and feature your users and authors on the same page in either a grid or list layout.

Members Layers Extension

WP Google Maps Widget for Layers

The WP Google Maps Widget extension will allow you to add and create multiple Google maps quickly and easily to Layers. You can add any number of markers without worrying about latitude and longitude and also offers a live preview before saving.

WP Google Maps Widget for Layers

Inline Gallery Layers ExtensionPreview

With the Inline Gallery extension you can quickly add unlimited customised slideshows/slides to your magazine, portfolio, blog/news or any media related Layers site.

Inline Gallery Layers Extension

Vimuse Media Player ExtensionPreview

The Vimuse Media Player Extension allows you to embed the Vimuse Media Player in a page that can play both audio and video in a modern and sleek interface. You can choose to play your own audio/video files or videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or even Shoutcast and Icecast streams.

Vimuse Media Player Extension

Pricing Table Layers ExtensionPreview

This Layers extension will allow you to create simple, flexible and powerful pricing tables. It’s fully responsive and comes packaged with both vertical and horizontal layouts.

Pricing Table Layers Extension

Chartz Layers ExtensionPreview

Chartz is the best and only chart extension available for Layers. It adds six different chart widgets so that you can display your data in an efficient and easy way. Charts included are: Bar Chart, Doughnut Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Polar Area Chart and Radar Chart.

Accordion For LayersPreview

Accordion is, as the name suggests, an accordion widget for the Layers theme that allows you to quickly create accordions, author its content and stylize its appearance. You can choose the accordion layout, flexible width, set images for the title and content of each accordion panel, change the easing animation, and much more.

StoreKit – WooCommerce for LayersPreview

StoreKit is a extension that adds WooCommerce functionality to Layers. It comes packaged with 3 unique widgets, a product slider, and gives you the ability to choose which WooCommerce elements are displayed where in your Layers site.

StoreKit - WooCommerce for Layers

WordPress Pro AppointmentsPreview

WordPress Pro Appointments Layers extension allows users to set appointments from the frontend, with a modern design, and manage them though the backend. PayPal and Stripe are also integrated.

Wordpress Pro Appointments

WordPress Dynamic TablesPreview

Fully compatible with Layers, the WordPress Dynamic Table plugin lets you import tables from various of sources, like Excel, ODT, CVS, XML and MySQL queries. Tables can be displayed using shortcodes or widgets and you can decide which columns are visible for mobile devices when responsive mode is enabled.

WordPress Dynamic Tables

Royal Quotes Layers Testimonials GridPreview

Royal Quotes is a testimonials grid extension for Layers that offers unlimited testimonials in a Grid layout with more than 20 000 display combinations, including style, position and hover animations.

Royal Quotes Layers Testimonials Grid

Animated Content Layers ExtensionPreview

The Animated Content Layers Extension is basically an enhancement of the Layers Theme default “Content” extension that allows you to add stunning animations to text, images, etc. It already comes with 54 effects created using the TweenMax library and with a very clean and user-friendly interface.

Animated Content Layers Extension

Mate Tabs Layers ExtensionPreview

Mate Tabs is an extension for adding responsive and feature-rich tabs and accordians to Layers.

DevKit – Developer Tools for Layers

The DevKit plugin offers advanced CSS and JavaScript editing capabilties and other useful development tools directly within Layers.

DevKit - Developer Tools for Layers

Layers logoIf you’re looking for an in-depth setup guide to Layers, Obox have published a detailed tutorial here.

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