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Learn SEO – Practical Tips from Local SEO Veterans

The second in our Envato Talks series to help people become more successful online, features Melbourne SEO experts Chris Burgess (Clickify), David Jenyns (MelbourneSEOservices) and our own SEO guru Saijo George (Envato).

These search pros shared a diverse, dazzling array of practical SEO tips to help people be discovered online.

They did a great job breaking SEO down into three parts:

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you know if your SEO strategy is working?
  • Upcoming SEO trends to watch for.

Here are some highlights from our Envato Talk, which was hosted by our global Communications and PR Manager, Venessa Paech:

Why Does Your Website Need SEO?

Search engines are a key way that people find you and what you do. They’ll also find you through social media and other types of referrals, but search is still king. And we keep expecting more and more of it, so getting it right is all important.

Google rules the roost when it comes to search (in Western countries), but other search engines like Bing , Yandex ( for Russia) and Baidu (for China) are still significant players.

Bottom line, how your website talks to those search engines can make or break the success of what your do, or the message you’re trying to get out into the world.

There’s a tried and true toolbox of Search Engine Optimisation wisdom that can help you stack the odds in your favour, and lots of great resources to keep you on top of factors impacting search, like the rise of mobile and the Internet of Things.

Where Do You Start?

If you’re new to the world of SEO, a great starting point is reading Google’s SEO Guide and setting up:

Selected Tips From Our Experts

  • “You don’t have an SEO strategy unless you have a content strategy” – David Jenyns
  • “Pay close attention to duplicate content” – Saijo George
  • “Create evergreen content! Content that doesn’t have a shelf life” – Chris Burgess
  • “Optimise for the user, not for the search engine” – David Jenyns
  • “Let us optimise for both users and search engines” – Saijo George

How Do You Know if Your Strategy is Working?

  • Use webmaster tools to identify any SEO issues with the site.
  • Use analytics to track visitors and their behaviour. Set up goals and track them.
  • Track your page views and average time spent on a page, there are no pre-determined measurements on what these should look like as it varies depending on the nature of the website.
  • Run A/B tests to see what is effective.
  • SEO strategies can take time to come to fruition. Don’t try to cut corners or try to trick search engines, they will always catch up.
  • Have an outreach strategy to reach influencers and expand the reach of your content.

Tips From Our Experts

  • It’s better to have one really good link, than lots of dubious ones” – David Jenyns
  • Remember content is still king! Find that sweet spot between what people are searching for and the content you can or want to create” – Venessa Paech
  • If you build it they will come… (that is a lie). Outreach” – Saijo George
  • Turn off the noise, prioritise and play to your strengths” – David Jenyns

Upcoming SEO Trends to Take Note Of

Wrapping Up

Saijo, Chris and David did a great job providing practical tips and help for anyone starting out or wanting to improve their website. They proved having a great SEO strategy in place is key to running a successful website.

One last thought….

Why did the SEO cross the road? To get hit by traffic!

David proving how much he loves SEO

Check out Saijos handy list of recommended SEO tools and the presentation slides from the night.

Presentation slides from Saijo:

Presentation slides from Chris:

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