What Makes Envato a Great Place to Work?

This year, we were ranked #12 on the list of Best Places to Work in Australia – we asked around to find out what makes Envato a great place to work.

Every year, Great Place to Work conducts a study to determine the best places to work in Australia. This year, Envato was ranked 12th on the list!

But what makes a workplace ‘great’, anyways?

According to Amber Johnson, HR manager at Envato, being recognized as a great place to work isn’t just about the policies and procedures set by the HR team. “It requires a truly positive and inclusive culture, and that doesn’t happen by accident or by the force of will of one person,” she says. “Our aim has always been to attract and retain the right people who fit with our values, then give them the freedom to get their best work done in a way that suits them.”

To further answer this question, we asked a few staff members at Envato to tell us what, in their opinion, makes Envato a great place to work. If you’re expecting an article about pool tables and #workperks, you might be disappointed. Instead, here’s a collection of the responses we received:

The #1 answer:

Envato is great because of the people who work here.

A group photo at the Envato holiday party, December 2016.

“I’ve never worked in a place with so many brilliant, funny and passionate minds as Envato. It really inspires me to bring my best to work every day. I also love that everyone can be themselves.”

– Blake Ashley, Author Operations Manager

“For me, it’s the only place I’ve worked that feels like a family. All pulling in the same direction cohesively, towards a widely shared goal. Doesn’t matter if you’re in Marketing, Development or Design we work and succeed together as one.”

– Emile Ben-Atar, Affiliate Associate

“All the added bells and whistles like the coffee machine and bean bags are fun and all… but the core of what makes this a great place to work is the people and the trust to get the job done.”

– Matt Phipps, HR Administrator

Halloween 2016 at Envato HQ.

“The team are really creative and many are involved in totally unrelated side businesses and activities outside of work. It’s great working with such entrepreneurial people.”

– Selina Ife, PR Specialist

“I’m surrounded by smart people that I respect and love working with.”

– Matt Cox, Community Marketing Manager

The autonomy to solve complicated problems in interesting ways, and do interesting, challenging work. All the while surrounded by smart people who I trust, respect, and love working with!”

– David Appleyard, Tuts+ Manager

Other responses mentioned flexible work schedules, our unique values-based agile practices, commitment to diversity, and more:

Flexible and remote-friendly work

“Being able to WFA (work from anywhere) 3 months a year means that I can now live an old dream: travel the world, ride my mountain bike in the most beautiful places, and still not compromise on the job I love.”

– Guillaume Hammadi, Software Developer

The flexible working hours allow me to pick up my children from child care in the afternoon, and with such a large number of remote staff there’s always someone available to pair with on difficult tasks. “

– David Baker, Web Developer

Photo credit: Guillaume Hammadi

The way we work

Coaching at Envato is such a pleasure, the challenges we face in the coaching team aren’t the usual ones you come across when a company transforms to Agile. We’ve always been Agile, so our challenges are about helping teams be the most effective they can be, without being tied to just Agile practices. We look across all industries and even countries for new ideas and ways of working.”

– Erin McManus, Delivery Coach

A photo from a daily stand-up meeting at Envato HQ. Photo credit: Erin McManus.

The community (and the cake)

“Being able to work with and for a creative community guided by meaningful values is something very special. Our days are filled with inspiring conversations and challenging adventures. Also, there’s lots of cake – always.”

– Sarah Arrowsmith, Author Development Coordinator

Birthday cakes in the office.

Supportive for new parents

“As a new parent, my experience at Envato has been super supportive. 3 years and two babies later, Envato’s flexible approach to work has helped me to balance being a mum and work. (And kids love our office!)”

– Jo Miller, HR Advisor

Photo credit: Jo Miller/Josh Janssen

A commitment to diversity

Envato’s company culture is something truly special and sets it apart and above other places to work. The recent Google memo that went viral created an opportunity for Collis (the CEO) to reaffirm the company’s commitment to the elimination of prejudice in all its forms and to advancing the equality of women and men. The engineering apprentice program, the aim of which is to raise capacity in new female coders, is one example of the company’s commitment to its values.”

– Justin Portillo, Content Analyst

In summary, all the things:

A variety of things make Envato a great place to work! The people for sure, it feels like a family here for me at Envato. I work with so many interesting, inspiring, creative and intelligent people. Having an Envato band is awesome! Being able to sing in that and rehearse throughout the day in the office is a beautiful way to break up the day, as is taking my laptop out to a cafe for a few hours or taking my laptop to work and be with my family for 3 months in Abu Dhabi, Italy and Romania is a dream! Never thought I would do that in this lifetime. Envato is a very special place to be, I feel lucky. Oh yeah… and the office snacks! Yum.”

– Carly Burgess, Talent Acquisition Administrator

One of the Envato bands at a battle of the bands competition, July 2017. Photo credit:  Peter Tsipas

For more information, check out the list of winners of the 2017 Great Place to Work study. (And if you want to join our team, we’re hiring).

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