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Making the Switch: ActiveDen to CodeCanyon

A little over a year ago I needed to do something very simple with jQuery for a project. The only problem was, I was working exclusively with Flash and had never used jQuery before. So I hired someone to do it for me.

Looking back now, I probably could have accomplished this task with a little effort. But jQuery just felt like a foreign world I wasn’t quite ready to explore. Probably because my love and devotion to Flash was just too great.

Flash forward to 2012, and the technology landscape has changed quite a bit. If you’re a Flasher like myself, chances are you’ve made some changes by now. Maybe you decided to focus on games or mobile, and are still working with Flash. Or maybe you’ve taken a completely different career path and are now working with jQuery and HTML5.

But what if you don’t fall into these categories and haven’t yet made a change? I’m not qualified to talk about the world of Flash games or Mobile Apps. Instead, I went the jQuery route. Here’s my story:

I first started selling on ActiveDen in 2009, and over time, it became a large part of my business. I discovered that the money earned from selling stock was nice, but the contacts you could make along the way were invaluable. Life was good, and my love for Flash was as strong as ever. But then 2011 rolled in, and the iPad rocked the industry. The five stages of grief followed:

  • Denial: This can’t be, Flash is way too awesome!
  • Anger: Steve Jobs!!!!!
  • Bargaining: What about Flash w/ HTML Fallback? Can we try that instead?
  • Depression: Shrug… Maybe I should find a new career…
  • Acceptance: Ok, looks like the industry is changing, time to make a decision.

And with that last stage, a new adventure began. I started studying jQuery, and the sudden explosion of food for the brain was rejuvenating. Yeah JavaScript was a lot different from Actionscript 3, but it was eerily similar to Actionscript 2, and as a result was a unique feeling of new and familiar combined. Before I knew it, I created my first CodeCanyon file and have been uploading to CodeCanyon ever since.

Almost one year and eight items later, I’m ranked 38th for sales on CodeCanyon. Not too shabby for a guy who was outsourcing jQuery work just months before. There’s a boom in our industry for Flash-like components built in jQuery and HTML5. And this past year, working almost exclusively with these two technologies was my best year yet.

So if you’re an ActiveDen author who hasn’t yet tried CodeCanyon, give it a shot! Looking back now, I realize that a technology doesn’t need to define my career. If a Flash project comes along, great! But as long as I can stay creative and pay the bills at the same time, I’ll always be a happy Jack 🙂

CodingJack is a marketplace author on ActiveDen and CodeCanyon. He’s also the coder of 50andJack.

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