Can You Manage your Restaurant Reservations on an App?

Envato Market author and web developer/designer Nick Rivers has just launched an iOS app called ‘Reserved’ that works in conjunction with his brand new restaurant WordPress theme, SNDWCH.

Hi there! I’m Envato Market author and Web developer/designer Nick Rivers and I’ve just launched an iOS app called ‘Reserved’ that works in conjunction with my brand new restaurant WordPress theme, SNDWCH.


The Reserved iOS application has been specifically created to better assist restaurant managers, owners and hosts with their reservations. The app is designed to communicate directly with a restaurant’s WordPress website in real time and help with reservations.

Here’s how it works: Someone visits your website and submits a reservation. You can then immediately manage and seat all your reservations directly from the iPhone and iPad app no matter where you are!

App Overview

Directly from your iPhone or iPad you can create, delete, seat or cancel reservations. It uses the same functions as the web interface so the experience will always be the same across all platforms.

Reserved iOS app

The application supplements the theme so all functions within the app can also be done from your WordPress admin dashboard.

Reserved iOS app

Theme Overview

The SNDWCH theme on Envato Market is the very first theme to leverage ‘Reserved’.

SNDWCH Retina Restaurant Theme

The theme includes many features and requirements any restaurant or service business need. The features include image galleries, carousels, an events calendar, breakfast, lunch, dinner and an appetizers menu, Google maps with location finder, hours of operation management, job listings, and table reservation management.

The iPhone and iPad app are available for free to anyone who purchases the SNDWCH theme.

Data Analysis and Analytics

The reservation system can work with or without the mobile app and/or can replace or supplement your current reservation system.

You have full access to the analytics of your reservations right from your WordPress dashboard. This means that as a restaurant owner or manager, you can see what days are your most popular, what time of day gets the most traffic, and how your business is doing month over month.

This can teach you more about your customers and how to better market to them. All of your data is hosted within your own WordPress database so there’s no third party involvement, cost or extra fees involved.

System and Security

‘Reserved’  is designed to provide available tables, times and days based on what you set in your admin dashboard. You can even set how many tables are available for each time slot so you will never overbook. This gives great flexibility and highlights just how many options and settings are available within the app.

To connect your WordPress site to the mobile app, you will need to generate a secure hash (password) that can then be plugged into the application. This means you can install the app on any iPhone or iPad and you or your host/hostess will be able to manage reservations directly from there. It uses HMAC with SHA1 encryption to ensure your requests are valid. It also gives a lifetime for each request token so replay attacks are impossible.

To put this in non-techy terms, this is very secure!

To make it even better, you get to host your information on your own website so there are no hosting or setup fees. It couldn’t be easier!


‘Reserved’  is available now for iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6+, iPad 2, iPad Air, and iPad Mini. And the best part is that this app is free!

In order to use its capabilities, you must purchase or setup a WordPress theme that is compatible with this product. These themes, such as SNDWCH, are sold exclusively on Envato Market.

Are you a restaurant owner and would like to find out more about this app? Are you interested in using the theme/app for your next website? If so, let us know in the comments below and feel free to ask Nick, the developer, any questions you may have.

Nick Rivers

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Nick is a passionate internet technologist focusing on web and iOS development. He's been programming since he was a kid.