Master Hand Lettering With These Easy Tutorials

Love hand lettering? Conquer the fundamentals with this selection of tutorials.

How to stylize letters

Hand lettering is the visual art of writing. And who knew letters could be so beautiful? Magical stories unfold as artists craft each letter by hand with incredible purpose and precision. From the spacing between letters to the artful loops of calligraphic flourishes, hand lettering is a fascinating science of both expression and communication.

Even with the take over of technology today, modern creatives still harness the beauty of ancient hand lettering techniques for their exquisite designs.

And Instagram is the perfect place to find your favorite letterers! Show some love to these talented artists and find more inspiration below.

Anastasia Dimitriadi

Greek artist Anastasia Dimitriadi creates elegant handmade fonts from scratch. Learn about her unique process in this great feature.

Art by Anastasia Dimitriadi
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Dominican artist Rafa Miguel excites his audience with fluid, calligraphic typography. See more of his work in this International Artist Article.

Hand Letter Art by Rafa Miguel
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Australian artist, Melissa So delivers hand lettering with brilliant monochromatic palettes and fierce themes. Learn more about her style in this quick feature.

Hand Letter Art by Melissa So
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Want to try out hand lettering for yourself? Check out this selection of tutorials from Envato Tuts+ Design & Illustration.

Learn the Essentials

There is purpose to every flick of the pen in calligraphy. Grasp the fundamentals with these informative learning guides.

Hand Lettering: Understanding Types of Type

Sharpen your hand lettering skills by exploring various types of typography. Learn the difference between serif and sans-serif letterforms in this great read.

Understanding types of typography

Hand Lettering: Letterforms at Their Core

What’s the best way to approach your letterforms? Explore the secrets of drawing complex letters while brushing up on important typography terms.

Letterforms at their core

Hand Lettering: How to Stylize Your Letters

Make your hand lettering designs more unique! Dive into the technical aspects of developing style to make the most out of your practice.

How to stylize letters

Hand Lettering: How to Vector Letterforms

Having a hard time vectoring typography? Break through your creative block with this helpful tutorial.

How to vector letterforms

Beginner Hand Lettering Tutorials

Practice with our experts! Enjoy this selection of hand lettering tutorials perfect for any calligraphy newbie.

How to Draw Calligraphy Flourishes

One of the prettiest elements of hand lettering are the elegant calligraphic flourishes. Tackle them yourself with this step-by-step lesson.

How to draw calligraphy flourishes

Mastering Calligraphy: Making Your Own Font

Now that you have a little more experience under you belt, challenge yourself with a new hand lettering project! Learn everything you need to know to perfect your first font.

How to make your own font

How to Create a Logo

Need some inspiration? Try your hand at this lettering logo tutorial to put your new found skills to the test!

How to draw a logo

How to Create a Hand Lettered Housewarming Poster

Go digital with your hand lettering skills! Learn how to create a vibrant, housewarming poster in this Adobe Photoshop tutorial.

Create a hand lettered housewarming poster

How to Create a Nautical-Themed Tattoo Alphabet

Looking for a new tattoo design? Create a stunning, nautical-themed alphabet with this fun lesson!

Create a nautical alphabet

How to Create a Hand-Lettering Texture Poster in Adobe Illustrator

One of the best ways designers can learn about hand lettering is by working with Adobe Illustrator. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a balanced, typographic composition.

Hand lettered texture poster

In Depth Courses & Resources

Need an in-depth look at the art of hand lettering? Head on over to our amazing selection of video courses over on Envato Tuts+ Design & Illustration. Or take a break and upgrade your creative arsenal with goodies from Envato Market and Envato Elements.

The Art of Calligraphy: Blackletter Script

In this course, instructor Megan Eckman shows you how to create one of the most beautiful and difficult fonts, the Blackletter Script. Practice along with her in these step-by-step video tutorials to learn valuable lessons.

The Art of Calligraphy:Blackletter Script
The Art of Calligraphy: Blackletter Script

Mastering Script Lettering

Step up your lettering game with this course! In less than an hour, instructor Scott Biersack will show you the ins and outs to basic script lettering. Master these techniques to enjoy brilliant hand lettering designs!

Mastering Script Lettering
Mastering Script Lettering

Top Trends in Typography for 2017

Custom fonts are gorgeous, but super hard to make! So before you go, take a gander at this stunning collection of premium fonts while learning industry trends! Enjoy beautiful typefaces with authentic, handmade letters.

2017 Typography Trends

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