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Meet Kraków’s EuroTour Host, RedOctopus

Envato is visiting a few cities in Europe this month for something called EuroTour. We asked a few of our hosts to tell us a little about themselves and their city. Our first interview is with Krzysiek Pietras, aka RedOctopus an AudioJungle author who is hosting a meetup in Kraków, Poland.

How did you get started at Envato?

My friends told me that it’s a great place for selling music. But I am a stubborn guy, so at first I didn’t believe it could be so easy, so satisfying and so profitable. But… I had few tracks that were quite good and I had no idea what to do with them.

So at the beginning of 2016 I made my first uploads which had only a few sales. Envato is very addictive so I was uploading new tracks from time to time until the end of 2016, when I analyzed and calculated my chances as a full time AudioJungle composer.

And it worked! Since January 2017 I have been regularly uploading new tracks and month after month my sales are growing incredibly! A few times faster than I expected! Even more, sometimes by accident, I find my music on big TV stations.

Now I am a very happy composer because I can create wherever, whenever and whatever I want. It’s crazy,  I still can’t believe it. Envato really changed my life!

That’s great! So what does a typical day look like for you?

I try to get up at 8am and after breakfast with a book, I start to work at home from 10 am to 9 pm. That’s when my wife usually comes home from work. Because it’s a lot of time, I love to take a lot of long breaks (for example even 3-4 hour breaks for dinner with my wife or friends). Because working at home can be stressful, I’m trying to fill my breaks with sport, going outside or reading books.

So is home where you work best?

I work the best in my home. I have a big video monitor, 88 Nord Stage Piano and a few midi controllers which help me in optimizing work. Sometimes I like to work outside with only a laptop and headphones. Soon I will also try to travel with my computer.  🙂

Kraków, unlike Warsaw, is more of a historical city. What do you like about working in Kraków?

I like that it’s very condensed and focused on the beautiful Old City Center. I love all those small bars with live music. Kraków is big enough to make great opportunities and small enough so you don’t get lost in the industry.

What’s your favorite spot in Kraków?

Old City Center, and especially Harris Piano Jazz Bar with live music every day on the Main Square. Recently I also found a great place near my home. It’s a cafe/bar made in an old tram!

What’s your biggest challenge right now as an artist/author on Envato?

Because I am a fresh full-time AJ composer, I would like to establish my position in the market and develop my individual sound. In the future I would like to make more movie music, but now my biggest goal is reaching elite. 🙂 And thanks to Envato I’m moving with my wife to Rome for two months. I can work there as well!

What do you think is the next big thing for audio?

A lot of young people are starting to produce music, they have software and often good skills. I am very curious how this saturation will affect the market and the whole music industry.

Also, I am very interested how electronic music will evolve in next 10 years. What will happen after dubstep, trap, future bass, big room, progressive house etc.?

What are you working on now?

I am quite a new full-time AudioJungle composer. I love different styles, but my favorite genres are percussive, orchestral and dubstep. Of course, sometimes I also work as a freelancer. My music can be heard mostly in commercials, but sometimes you can find it in movies, games, toys, song books and even on the radio.

Right now I’ve started to develop my own “individual sound” exploring the percussive genre and I’m really excited about that!

Catch up with RedOctopus, some Envato staff, and many other authors at our Kraków meetup on Thursday, June 8th at Harris Piano Jazz Bar.