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New global event series for digital creatives launched

The event series will take in 10 cities across Europe and North America.

Portrait for David Scott By David Scott
Posted 3 Jun 2019
Envato Worldwide image

Envato will this week launch a new, month-long global event series that will bring together some of the world’s most talented digital creatives for lectures and workshops across Europe and North America.

Envato Worldwide will see talented graphic designers, WordPress developers, audio producers, video editors and more join up for workshops and keynote sessions with their peers, in what will be the biggest gathering yet of some of Envato’s international creative community.

The event series will take in 10 cities across Europe and North America before concluding at Envato’s global HQ in Melbourne. Host cities include London, Amsterdam, Kiev, Warsaw, St Petersburg, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal.

Among the topics set to be discussed are:

  • What role is there for audio composers in a world full of artificial intelligence?
  • What does it take to build your own WordPress development company?
  • Where is the best source of inspiration for your illustrations?
  • How do you develop a personal style and brand as a creative freelancer? and,
  • How can you use music to tell a story in a video game?

Envato’s General Manager of Content Cameron Gough said the series of events will fill a gap for those who work in the microstock industry. “With the exception of WordCamp, there are not many industry gatherings for the types of creatives that exist in Envato’s community.”

“The authors that create and sell on our platforms have also been vocal about their desire to have better connections with their peers, and with the global Envato team. This series of events will help establish that connection, and provide creatives from the UK to the USA with a network of professionals making a living doing what they love online.”

“From marketplace and industry trends, to business development and inspiring stories, we expect there will be something for everyone at the Envato Worldwide gatherings.”