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Life at Envato

Sitting crowd laughs
Sitting smiling crowd
Employees at standing desks from afar
A long-shot of a green wall with couches beside it
Looking down a corridor, some eployees walking, others sitting
Employees in front of a computer
Employees lounging on a deck in a courtyard
A wide-shot of a circular sitting area with employees talking
Several employees around a single laptop
A woman sits in a beanbag using her laptop
A man sits with his feet on a table using his laptop
Bycicles in the foreground of a courtyard, employees play basketball behind them
Employees at a standing meeting
A shot of a green wall with blurry desks in the background
A shot from behind indoor plants looking through to desks
A man points to a whiteboard, seen from behind
A man walks down a corridor next to a decorated wall