What PewDiePie, Target, Motorola and more used from Envato

5 envato items used in famous places

Welcome to the Envato Famous Five, 5 famous places Envato items have been used.

The Worlds FIRST DRONE JUMP – Aerones

Item used: Emotional by deepersound

Latvian drone company Aerones has used an Envato item in their video of the world’s first drone jump. That’s right, a drone jump involves holding onto a drone, letting it carry you 1,000 feet in the air, and then letting go. It’s crazy. The video is most definitely worth a watch. It uses AudioJungle track Emotional by deepersound. It’s been viewed over 400 thousand times on YouTube.

Mike WiLL Made It, Lil Yachty, Carly Rae Jepsen It Takes Two

Items used: Underwater Coral by maui, Bubbles Underwater Background by kastomazer, Underwater Bubbles by Coopercustom, Aquarium Treasure Chest by Dexikoz, Island by Elallamy

Here’s one we just found, courtesy of our Made with Envato competition. For an ad that aired during this year’s Grammy awards telecast, US retailer Target used several Envato items in this music video featuring Lil Yachty and Carly Rae Jepsen.

In this cover of “It Takes Two”, the well known brand used Underwater Coral by maui Bubbles Underwater Background by kastomazer, Underwater Bubbles by Coopercustom, Aquarium Treasure Chest by Dexikoz, and Island by Elallamy. And that’s just for Lil Yachty’s section. The video also features moving checkouts, synchronized drone chore, a bed of cushion emoji with moving mouths, dancers coming out of a fridge, and shopping cart choreography. So you might want to warm up the next time you go to Target.

Motorola Poland

Item used: Electro Blues Groovy Song by RedOctopus

Motorla Poland have used Electro Blues Groovy Song by RedOctopus in this ad for the Moto Z. The colorful ad centers around a fun-run that escalates into people running in tutus, and spandex inside some sort of tea cup containing a bunch of colorful balls. It’s been viewed over 1.5 million times on YouTube.

187 Strassenbande – 10 Jahre (Jambeatz)

Item used: Aurum – Minimalist Shopping Theme by Laborator

German Rap-Crew, 187 Strassendbande are using Aurum Minimalist Shopping Theme by Laborator for their website. It’s simple and slick, leaving the original theme almost unrecognizable. It’s great use of this ThemeForest item by a very popular rap-crew who have over 850 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and nearly 1 million likes on Facebook.


And finally today, PewDiePie has not only used an AudioJungle item in this recent video, he’s actually referred to AudioJungle and the AudioJungle watermark. In his takedown of Jake Paul’s music video, in which Paul says he’s coming for PewDiePie, the world’s most famous YouTuber questions whether in the background of the track you can hear the AudioJungle watermark, and shows us what it sounds like by playing R-Mafi’s Rap Music Background.

The video’s gotten over 5 million views on YouTube. And, it’s not the first time the controversial web celebrity has used an Envato item. He used Energetic Indie Rock by AurusAudio in his takedown of the YouTube Heroes video from Google in 2016, and AudioAgent’s Funny Tune track in his video “5 Weird Stuff Online”, in 2015.


And that’s the Famous Five for this week.

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Other tracks used:

Future Bass by RockLab

Upbeat Fun Pop by SmartSoundLab

Powerful Rap Banger by Eatalot

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