Pro Tips, Pixels, & Predictions: This Week in Design

Forward-thinking: design trends for the new year

“The implementation of new technologies and softwares such as Framer and Origami continue to expand the possibilities of what is possible in web design” – 6 Web Design Style Predictions for 2017

“Design trends come and go, but great design is always easy to recognize” – The Future of Design is Simplicity

“For some reason, “pro tip” sounds better than “normal tip.” Just go with it.” Pro tips from Really Good Emails on email trends for 2017.

“The future is definitely bright for motion graphics as a whole” – Best Motion Graphics Trends in Design for 2017

Trendspotting: diagonal lines in web design

Vertigo web template.

Tips for freelancers


Gen George founder of OneShift shot at Walsh Bay Sydney
Gen George founder of OneShift.

OneShift founder Gen George on promoting gender diversity, solving problems and resilience.

How do we design for good?

“Design should be a welcome mat. It should reach out and shake hands.” Advice on what designers should do now, from Fast Company.

Worth a read

On our shopping list: these bright, interactive Google Pixel Live cases from Jeremy Scott.

From crash-courses to books, here’s 10 ways to boost your design skills.

Building online communities that aren’t lame.

A video of 14 things to make you smile this week.

In design new: Inspect, a “magical new design to development workflow” from Invision.

The new days of optimistic user interfaces.

Need inspiration for your business card design? How about 50 of them? Here’s a list.

Communities aren’t always successful, so we have some tips to make sure yours is.

The Verge changed their logo. People have mixed feelings about it.

Steal the style: a breakdown of the popular news site The Atlantic.

3,000 translations published on Tuts+! Go learn something in a different language.

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