Progression Studios Tops $1 Million in Sales and Joins the Power Elite

Today we welcome another Envato Market Author to the Power Elite crew!Progression Studios is run by Michael Garcia out of his home office in Santa Rosa, CA.

Michael launched Progression Studios six years ago when he was attending San Francisco State University. He might’ve got his degree in business marketing but his career took a slightly different turn. “ My passion has always been building websites.”

He got his real start in design by posting his artwork on DeviantArt but his interest in computers spans as far back as he can remember.


He’s been on ThemeForest for over four years now and while initially creating HTML templates, he now purely focusses on WordPress themes. He currently has over 60 items on Envato Market.

“I enjoy building themes because it gives people the opportunity to build a professional website without having to spend large amounts of time and money,” he says.

And his process is fairly straightforward. Step one is brainstorming. “ Over time I’ve created a list of potential theme ideas that are unique and in demand,” he says. “ When I’m ready to start the next theme, I pick the category/niche that excites me (or my designer).”


Lately, his team’s focus has been on creating “micro-niche” themes instead of the typical multi-purpose and business fare. “ Niche themes are much more fun to build and be creative with,” he says, which “ usually translates to a more unique and useful product.”

From there, he gets in the “ groove of creativity” when developing a theme that he finds compelling. “This ranges from creating a theme for Musicians to a theme for selling Micro-Brews,” he says. His best work and top-selling themesare always centered around topics that interest him.


Progression Studios offers much in their portfolio, catering to all different kinds of industries. White Rock is a stylish restaurant and winery theme that’s perfect for showcasing food photography.


Freehold is a real estate theme that comes with plenty of widgets and features tailored toward realtors.


And finally, there’s Broadside, which offers a flexible interface that’s easy to customize to suit any kind of site.

Michael definitely wishes he had more time to build all of the themes he’d like, though. “ I have a long list of theme ideas that I am excited to create but don’t have the time to create them all,” he says. He does hope to continue to grow his team so he can increase his project capacity.


By using Envato Market to showcase his work, Michael doesn’t have to spend much time on marketing. The time he does spend on it is typically reserved for social media and an email newsletter. “ I post to the popular social media networks, which always helps drive traffic to my items,” he says.

But he also has a lot of subscribers to his email newsletter. “I have a large number of buyers that receive notifications via e-mail when I release new items,” he says, which “ has proven to be the best way for me to market my files as it converts to the most purchases per views.”

Seeing his themes out in the wild on live websites still gives Michael a thrill. “I remember my first month on ThemeForest I made $40 in sales,” he says, adding, “ I was so excited and thought that selling templates would be a great secondary income.”

Racking up over a million bucks in just a couple of years was unfathomable. Still, he’s very excited to be a member of the Power Elite.

Welcome to the Power Elite club, Progression Studios!

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