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Reimagining Marketing Automation in Email

What we learned from designing a new customer journey tool.

Marketing automation refers to software that automatically sends emails or email campaigns to customers and prospects, behind the scenes, based on rules you define.

Marketing automation uses ‘customer journeys’ that start with a trigger – like signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or sharing an email. These journeys are designed to be more relevant to the recipient than just a mass email blast. This style of email marketing is also valuable because it creates an ongoing conversation with subscribers and customers, and builds brand loyalty. But the bottom line is marketing automation generates ROI, revenue, and results.

In fact, B2C marketers who are using automation have seen conversion rates as high as 50% according to eMarketer Email Marketing Benchmarks report.


Adoption of marketing automation

Marketing automation has enabled companies to massively scale their marketing efforts and take advantage of integrations and efficiencies. Over 60% of the Fortune 1000 have adopted some type of marketing automation and those companies are seeing amazing ROI and benefits to their business. But unfortunately, when you look at companies below the Fortune 1000, adoption declines drastically and drops to under 5%. But doesn’t every business deserve the ability to solve complex problems in a simple way that is cost-effective and easy to use?


To find out, we conducted a research study of hundreds of marketers at fast-growing small and mid-size companies to find out what they wanted from a marketing automation tool. This study showed that marketers at small and mid-size companies desire best-of-breed tools that are cost-effective and easy-to-use.

We rebuilt automation from the ground up

This insight led us to a massive overhaul of our existing email automation solution that resulted in a tool that we knew marketers not only wanted to use but could use. After all, marketing automation is about combining data about customer behavior with personalized journeys and beautiful, on-brand content. But, it shouldn’t require a week-long training certification class, a lengthy and expensive implementation, or a huge team to manage and run it. On the contrary, most marketers are small teams that wear many hats and use a variety of tools in their marketing stacks. We needed to create a tool that they could easily pick and run with. And so we did.

Unlike some of the overcomplicated all-in-one marketing cloud solutions, our Visual Journey Designer brings the power of marketing automation to our customers in a simple, easy-to-use way. It’s the future of marketing automation. And it’s now for everyone.

Easy to use and drives major ROI

Instead of overwhelming marketers with a confusing UI and complicated steps, the Visual Journey Designer makes it super easy to trigger an automated campaign from any data they have in our app or even third party apps they use to collect data.


To ensure these automations not only look good, but drive actionable results, we added advanced capabilities that enable marketers to branch customer journeys based on customer interests or engagement with email content. Together, these new features open up a world of possibilities for marketers to easily build customer journeys that result in greater levels of personalization, engagement, and conversion.


Automation equals results at scale

Marketers have often struggled to increase engagement rates and make their campaigns as relevant, timely, and targeted as possible. In the past, this has been challenging as their marketing automation has allowed them to be able to finally power revenue generating campaigns that directly impact their bottom line by sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time and all at scale. Manual batch and blast campaigns are now a thing of the past. Fewer campaigns can be sent because the ones that do get sent can be more impactful. Marketers can set up journeys once and let them run driving results even while they sleep.

Wrap up

Marketing automation tools that enable marketers to send beautiful, on-brand messages, based on data to the right person at the right time have changed the game. No longer do consumers have to receive one-size-fits-all messages that don’t really fit anyone. Marketers are now able to deliver targeted and relevant content that return results in the form of increased engagement, ROI, and revenue. It’s time for every marketer to unleash the power of marketing automation.

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About the Author Kim Stiglitz Courvoisier

Kim Stiglitz Courvoisier is the director of content marketing at Campaign Monitor and lives and breathes email marketing. You can connect with her on Twitter @Stiggy1.