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Scene changer: do-it-yourself video maker arrives on Placeit

Placeit users will now be able to create professional, agency-quality videos, regardless of how much video editing experience they may have.

Portrait for David Scott By David Scott
Posted 25 Feb 2019
Placeit video maker mockup

Already one of the web’s most popular destinations for DIY desktop designers, Placeit by Envato has today expanded its design library to include a new video maker tool with thousands of template combinations available.

The new collection will give marketers, small business owners and savvy social media users with an industry-leading set of templates to create engaging, shareable videos in minutes, straight from their web browser.

From slideshows and video openers to Instagram stories, Placeit users will now be able to create professional, agency-quality videos for their brand, regardless of how much video editing experience they may or may not have.  

Navid Safabakhsh, CEO of Envato Mexico, said the motivation behind the new product was to help make video marketing more accessible to small and medium businesses.

“We’ve seen recent surveys claim that as many as 87% of businesses are using video as one of their key marketing tools in 2019, and up to 35% of online advertising budgets are committed to video ads. So it’s clear that there is a real and growing need for all businesses to have some sort of video marketing presence.”

“But we also understand that for many businesses, the idea of hiring a video production company or agency to create beautiful and engaging videos is simply not viable, be it a matter of cost, time or even simply not knowing where to start.”

“We believe we can help bridge that gap, with our smart templates and video maker tools that truly anyone can use to create unique video content.”

Navid said that the rise of the DIY marketer and designer, and the tools to support them, has been as exciting as it has been rapid. “We’re very proud that Placeit is fast becoming the only service that has the whole realm of digital marketing and branding products covered under one subscription in a DIY platform.”

“From marketers and creatives to company founders and entrepreneurs, we’ve seen companies literally do everything inside the platform; from the logos, branding and mock-ups to the advertising, social media execution and more.”