See All Our Made With Envato Winners for August 2017

Each month, our Made With Envato event invites customers to share what they’ve created using content from across Envato. Whether it’s video, website, audio, or graphic related, we love seeing,  hearing, and celebrating all the creative projects customers have been producing.

This month, we gave away a total of $1,000 across four separate categories. So, let’s take a look at all the imaginative projects our creative community have been making throughout August 2017, and who walked away with a prize.

Best Audio & Video ($250)

Fundación Armonía by mbaldasare

Non-profit organization Fundación Armonía, which aims to help children and adults with disabilities, have fused an animated character kit with a compelling soundtrack from AudioJungle to create an affable and poignant video that perfectly explains the foundation’s worthy mission. The visuals are so effective that only do they feature in the video but they also migrate over perfectly to their colorful and engaging website which further reinforces the brand and visual marketing. A marvelous concept with impressive results!

Assets Used:

Best Web Design & Development ($250)

SchoolPlus by infexbiz

This is a gorgeous website promoting online education in India. The bright, clean design features an efficiently organized layout that is incredibly engaging and does a wonderful job of inviting the reader to find exactly what they are looking for.

Asset Used:


Best Graphic Design, Illustration, Photo, 3D ($250)

Snowflake Digital Art by CathleenTarawhiti

Envato customer Cathleen has a beautiful eye for design as the following images suggest. Cathleen has used the Blizzard Photoshop Action to help create a consistently soft, magical, and ethereal style to her digital artwork.

Asset Used:

Elements, Studio, Tuts+ ($250)

North Marketing Branding by JcAzcanio

Award-winning Mexican digital marketing company North Marketing amazed us with how many different and interesting ways they are using Envato content. From a custom logo design from Envato Studio to invoices, presentations and conference banners based on templates from Envato Elements, the wide-range of customizable templates are helping to solve design problems quickly and affordably.

“We use Envato Studio, Envato Market and Envato Elements to design our best projects. Our company was inaugurated on January 1, 2017 and today we are one of the 3 best agencies in our city. Thanks to Envato for all the tools and its great community of specialists and professionals around the world, today we have been able to fulfill our dream of having our own business.”

Services & Assets Used:

More incredible projects

Let’s take a look at some of the other stand-out entries that caught our eye recently in our Made With Envato contest thread. We hope the projects below will help inspire you to create and share your own projects with us.

Epic Agency by EpicAgencyPL

Asset Used:

Light Ship by jason_zhang

Assets Used:

I Really Know PPT by longzixiao

Assets Used:

Baby Shark by Sketch-D

Asset Used:

Real Heroes: Nurses Day

Assets Used:

Junge Liberale by GERmatti

Assets Used:

Furry Cartoon Character by VonNdaSun

Tutorial Used:

Many congratulations to all our winners!

All winners will each receive a $250 Envato Market credit and a Won a Competition community badge. Any entries we receive that do not win will be automatically reconsidered for future months so be sure to keep sharing your fantastic projects with us, we love seeing them!

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