Sign the Envato Sixth Birthday Yearbook!

We’re in the thick of celebrating Envato’s sixth birthday, and here’s your opportunity to give something back to the community. Like we’ve done twice before, we’re offering an Envato Yearbook Signature wallpaper, and we’d love you to sign it.

GraphicRiver author Jilson Thomas has taken the initiative over on the forums, and would love to get you involved.

It’s back! Yeah, the well famous Envato Yearbook Signature is going to be in your hands within no time. This is the 3rd time that we are conducting this Yearbook Signature as part of the Envato Birthday celebrations. Envato gave us the B’day bundle and it’s time for us to give back something to our great community!

This year we’re doing two wallpapers – one dark and one light. And as you can see above, there’s plenty of room left for your signature.

So head over to the forums to learn how you can be part of this year’s Envato Yearbook Signature. Don’t wait!

About the Author Adrian Try

Adrian is an Aussie editor, writer, musician, dad and computer geek. Follow him on Twitter or Google.