Sitting at the Feet of Power Elite Cmsmasters

Cmsmasters is a group of 11 strong authors who have just joined the rank of Power Elite. Congratulations!

We had a chance to bounce some questions off Cmsmasters, get a glimpse into their secret of success and find out how they are the masters!

Happy Power Elite Day Cmsmasters!

Please tells us more about your team and what makes you guys tick.

Cmsmasters Studio is a group of 11 people right now, but we can say we are still in the process of building our team. We hunt for new team members, teach new staff, move to new premises simply because we stop fitting into the old ones :)


Most of our team is located in Ukraine, and I believe this is the best team one can have. Every team member is a true professional and a real enthusiast. We have a highly creative atmosphere in our office, we love what we do and cherish every single product. Let me also introduce you our manager Helga, as this is who makes a group of people become an actual team. Her contribution into our company is explicitly valuable.

Hello Helga! I married a Ukrainian, so I know how valuable they can be!

Which marketplace are you currently selling on?

We specialize mostly on WordPress themes, but we do have some HTML templates in our portfolio too. Of course, all our files are on ThemeForest.

So where do you guys work from? What does the office look like?

We use a two-storey house for our office, which is in fact a regular house a family could live in. This is why coming to the office every day feels a lot like coming home. We all love this.

Nice! So your office reminds you of home, but how do you get excited about the work you need to do? If my office was like home I think I would sleep all day.

Oh wait…my office is my home…don’t tell anyone I just said that!

Creating themes involves a great deal of design work, as well as technical development and communication. This brings people with quite different skills together, making them all work united towards a mutual goal. This is a fantastic chance for everyone to reach personal achievements in a specific sphere, while producing a product none of us would have been able to create alone. This is quite inspiring for all of us.


Creating a theme you need to consider a value this exact theme will deliver to your customers. Good looks are not enough, the theme must be really functional. This is why constant self-improvement becomes a lifestyle. Working on ThemeForest has proven that simply creating a WordPress theme is not quite enough, you need to polish it to perfection both in code and design, to make sure it falls into hearts of many people and will be useful for them.

And it is a breathtaking feeling to see beautiful websites created with our themes. When a customer says “Thank you, you are the best” – you know all the effort was not done in vain.

So how do you keep the creative juices flowing?

ThemeForest is a community that sets really high quality standards, mostly due to the amount of themes released daily. You should always be in step with the modern trends, and even think a bit ahead of that in order to stand out and offer fresh solutions and some innovation.

It would be quite true to say that we get our inspiration by thinking deep into the needs of the actual website visitor. We aim to create themes that deliver significant value to each and every internet user, and we put usability as a cornerstone for all our developments.

Excellent advice! Do you have any other tips you would like to share with other authors?

Perhaps the most important rule we have learned, is that designs should not carry accidental solutions. Each and every website element must be thought over and sit in its own place. This is what makes any theme be useful to your clients. Our advice to the new authors will be not to lose their confidence in success even for a minutes’ time, and the success will surely come.


Tell me, what are your three favorite themes you’ve made for Envato Market and why do you like them?

Eco Nature WP Theme, Law Business WP Theme and perhaps a GoodDay WP Theme. The first two are niche themes, they are meant to be one-stop solutions for specific websites, when you can simply install the theme and use it for your website right away.

On the other hand, GoodDay theme was initially created as a universal all-in-one theme that can satisfy various purposes. It comes with 9 demo sites, each of them can be replicated in no time.

Gaining Power Elite status is an amazing accomplishment, how does it feel?

Working for Cmsmasters has changed my life crucially. Thank you, Envato! Being able to fulfill your ideas and acquire financial independence while doing what you love is an opportunity that is worth a lot. I believe everyone can succeed, assuming he has put his heart, nerve and sinew towards this. I was lucky to unite the best people in my team where we work on projects we personally are fond of. It is my firm belief that this is a shortest way into people’s hearts and we will do all we can to win a place there for us too :) We are full of ideas and energy to conquer new milestones on Envato!

Wonderful! We’re excited to see what you come up with next. And congratulations once again for this awesome achievement!


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