Soundtrack, Score, or Sound Effects: The Music Perfect for Sci-Fi Videos

What makes a track good for sci-fi movies and television?

Beautiful Northern light over church by Anna_Om

A movie or television show is nothing without the right music.

This is even more the case when it comes to the genre of science fiction. What would Doctor Who be like without its iconic theme song? What about Star Wars and its score?

So many iconic sci-fi television and movie scenes have been accompanied by tracks that allow them to be even more memorable.

But what makes a track good for sci-fi movies and television? Is it the instruments that are used? Or is it the composition? To me, it’s what feeling the track evokes.

Whether it be building suspense, or amplifying emotion, one cannot take lightly what composers or producers do.

They don’t always turn into memorable scenes, but when the right fit is found audiences truly become engulfed into what is occurring on screen. A tear can be brought to the eye…

Or excitement and passion can be invoked…

When we put out the call for Envato community to tell us their picks for the  the best stock music for sci-fi television and movies, like always, they responded brilliantly.

The following is a list of some of the best entries, with demo tracks to listen to:

Cinematic Abstract by BerryDeep

This audio has a truly modern vibe. You can easily see this being in the background of a very futuristic scene.

Sci-Fi Trailer by TheJRSound

The strings in this piece add a sense of theatre, immediately you can picture a panning shot of an outer-space landscape.

Space Journey by ArtMaks

Uplifting and excitement building, ArtMaks has nailed it here. Perfect for a montage scene of character evolution or progression.

Science Documentary Inspiration by OnTheTune

This audio builds with strong sounds and an inspiring feel. Picture a main character exploring a new world or space.

Secret Arcade by ChocolateFix

Very futuristic and synth heavy, would be a great sound effect for the discovery of, like in the title, a secret arcade or laneway on an alien planet.

Hybrid Trailer by vmv_music

Similar to some other on this list, however, it has numerous styles. It begins with a more classic tone, before transitioning to modern. In doing so it also builds tension and excitement

Science Beat by FxBand

Slightly more dramatic than some of the other submissions, however still has that techno/sci-fi vibe.

Dark Suspense Loop by AudioCopper

Anyone else hearing X-Files? No doubt suspense would be built up in any scene that would use this audio to assist it.

Sci-Fi Trailer (2) by SoundCreator

Once again music that builds intrigue or suspense. You could easily see someone discovering a new alien species to this backing track.

Action Trailer by KR_Music

This truly does scream out action sequence. Whether it be battling starships, or fighting aliens/mutants, KR_Music’s piece really hits the spot.

Sci-Fi Background by Electrokid

Definitely a bit of a Doctor Who feel given off by this one. Slightly hypnotic and mystical with heavy synth.

Space by FankiMankizProduction

Dramatic to say the least, but powerful when it reaches its crescendo. A character taking a risk and succeeding is one of the things that I picture.

Power Trailer by Igor_Shcheglov

It’s really all in the title for this one. Perfect for something strong and powerful and also the potential unveiling of an evolution or change (e.g. Iron Man appearing for the first time in a new suit). Also feeling some serious Guardians of the Galaxy vibes.

As we discussed earlier, music is so crucial to television and movie. The sci-fi genre opens up more options for incredible creativity, depth, and drama.

This is not the first time we’ve had a look through some epic media: we’ve been through scary videos as well as spine-tingling audio. Our Envato community always dishes up truly magical things.

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