Staff Picks: Our Favorite Designs & Graphics Right Now

Overheard at Envato HQ: “Hey, have you seen this [insert awesome design/graphic/portfolio here]?!”

Image: Mayhem poster

Here’s something we hear at Envato HQ often: “Hey, have you seen this [insert awesome design/graphic/portfolio here]?!”

Our library is full of incredible design assets, but every day, we see items that we get particularly excited about. From useful presentation templates to stylish poster designs, there are a lot of designs that we use in our everyday work – and just for fun. I asked 6 people at Envato to show & tell their favorite item on Envato Elements right now, and how they use it. Here’s what they said:

Name: James

Title: Author Engagement Lead

Favorite Elements item right now: I’m a huge Sketch fan and love that Elements has a wide variety of native sketch assets as well as other vector assets I can play around with. One category I keep coming back to are the Sketch UI Kits. I’ll often repurpose assets for reports and presentations I make around the office.

Honorable mention: I really do like the posters that are on Elements too. I tweak them and convert them into slides for presentations.

Hello UI Kit (left) and Inception UI kit (right). 

Name: Brittany

Job title: Editor, Envato Blog

Favorite Elements item right now: This halftone screen texture pack. I make a lot of feature images for articles on the Envato Blog, and graphic packs like these make it super easy to put something together quickly!

Honorable mention: I think the pillow mockup is the most fun thing. It literally takes 10 seconds to use, and you can put any pattern, illustration, or photo (or, photos of your friends) on a pillow mockup.

Pillow mockup. Image made with halftone screen texture pack.

Name: Carl

Title: Social Media Specialist

Favorite Elements item right now: I’ve recently discovered WebDonut’s Social Media Quote Creator, and it comes with so many different options already built in that it’s a great way to get inspiration and create custom content. I’m also a big fan of being able to truly customize things, so having everything in Photoshop instead of a third-party site makes this much more useful for me.

Honorable mention: The abstract backgrounds available are really versatile, like Abstract Ink Backgrounds V2, which I’ve used for our Facebook and Twitter cover photos. A well-chosen quote on a visually appealing abstract background’s the perfect simple option for an eye-catching cover.

Ink backgrounds (left) and social media quote creator (right). 

Name: Monica

Job title: Email Marketing Specialist

Favorite Elements item right now: HALP! I can’t pick just one…here are my top three.

1. Russian Space Suit Sokol KV2 – the 3D items are so fun to play around with and I’m obsessed with mostly anything 3D/that looks quite realistic and can provide an overlapping or moving element in emails, or design in general. I’ve used the astronaut and the rocket ship for my email banner, welcoming new users in our Envato Market emails.

2. Pool Party Flyer – an item that I recently featured in email, for the same reason as above. It’s got a 3D look to it.

3. Mayhem Poster / Flyer – I had the hardest time picking which of samnivala’s posters was my favorite. These designs are absolutely incredible, true art, and I hope to be able to create like this one day.

Image: Russian Space Suit Sokol KV2 3D item (left) and in email (right).  

Name: Eric

Title: Content Insights Manager

Favorite Elements item right now: Well we all know it’s not just about the quality of the content, it’s about having access to the right content at the right time. Recently my wife was looking for a visual to spice up her research poster being presented at an education conference, and I thought hey I bet there’s something on Elements, and of course found the perfect graphic — a great illustration style with some fun and interesting variations perfect for conveying the concept.

Honorable mention: Let’s face it, with Elements there’s no reason not to make everything you do look awesome. I used a customized version of this illustration at the start of a recent presentation to help grab the audience’s attention — what’s also great is the designer has a number of related illustrations using similar animal characters & styles, so there’s lots of variety to choose here too.

Image: Happy brain character

Name: Ben

Job title: Elite Program Manager

Favorite Elements item right now: I really like Artmonk’s Reddo Keynote template, and used it for a recent presentation in Envato HQ. It’s a nice clean, minimalist slide deck, with plenty of options available in the file.

Honorable mention: The items I use most frequently from Elements tend to be backgrounds. This Polygon Geometric collection came in handy for a talk about social networks, helping to quickly establish the tone for the rest of the presentation.

Image: Reddo Keynote template


What’s your favorite design item right now? Let us know @envato.

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