Stars and Stripes: Designed for the 4th of July

The United States is an enthusiastic country, known for being super-sized in its celebrations and festivities.

With summer kicking off, buckle up your cowboy boots and get ready for the biggest rodeo of them all: July 4th. While most Americans might not see the founding fathers or a Revolutionary War reenactment on Independence Day, they will likely be celebrating with barbecues, fireworks, and maybe even some shopping. No matter what the 4th of July is a kickoff to summer and at the forefront of the minds of all Americans. Join in the spirit by decking out your online presence with stars, stripes, and all things red, white, and blue!

To celebrate, we’ve curated 13 of our favorite July 4th-themed design items to honor the 13 original American colonies and stripes on the flag:

1. Watercolor Texture 4th of July

The trend of watercolor illustrations has definitely sparked, so apply this handmade and artistic touch to your Independence Day decoration. The download includes 21 PNG files in various shapes and sizes for your creativity to work its magic.

2. 4th of July Flyer Template

Say it loud and say it proud with these vibrant and information-packed Independence Day flyers. With easy to edit text, font, and colors, you can modify or keep as much of this design as you wish to create the perfect invitation to your community or backyard bash.

3. 4th Of July Banners

There’s nothing like a physical or social media banner to display your patriotism with the U.S. of A this July. These 16 versatile vector banners available in AI, EPS, and JPG files are a perfect download for all your holiday uses.

4. 4th of July Desserts

Americans are known for their desserts when it comes to cookies, cupcakes, pie, and ice cream. Independence Day is no different than any other sweet tooth-filled day with these adorable vector illustrations of red, white, and blue.

5. USA Patterns

Pinwheels and spirals and Statues of Liberty, oh my! This pattern package of Adobe Illustrator files is perfect as the backdrop for any party or marketing materials you design and is resizable to match your exact specifications.

6. Independence Day Pack

With 5 Independence Day and 5 Barbecue packs, Scredeck has your July 4th cooler of resources stacked with plenty of logos to illuminate your designs. With a flat, simple aesthetic, these graphics are sure to enhance any flyer, invitation, or banner you’ll be creating this summer.

7. American National Holiday

Almost anything can fit your July 4th design with a little bit of red, white, and blue. This vector illustration shows all the joyous aspects of an American celebration amidst other designs that evoke all the spirit of American life.

8. U.S. 50 States Map Shapes

Although Independence Day is a national holiday, there’s nothing like a little local rivalry and pride in the United States. Add some state-level vintage flair to your design with these hand illustrated silhouettes of the great 50 states!

9. Vintage American Flag

Americans love to wave their stars and stripes on all days of the year, but Independence Day calls for an extra amount of flag-waving. Evoke some authentic Americana with this vintage vector illustration, available as an EPS and high-resolution JPG file.

10. Stars 4th of July Flyer

While this invitation keeps it simple and classy with a star-studded, patriotic design, that doesn’t mean your event has to be too proper! However you choose to celebrate American independence and freedom, this invitation is a clean and clear choice for your design.

11. Waving American Flag

Bring your design to life with this 360-download of a waving American flag. Drag to rotate the flag in the position you choose before downloading and watch as this design appears to flap off of the screen.

12. American Scribe

Throw in a bit of historical accuracy to your design with the swift, swish of the quill of Thomas Matlock, the official scribe of the Declaration of Independence. This download is ready to record whatever you’ll write in celebration of Matlock’s hard work with 560 glyphs and full Latin language support.

13. Patriotic Badges

Stamp your support for America boldly with several takes on the classic motifs of stars and stripes. These USA badges with messages of Independence Day and economic patriotism are available in both AI and EPS versions.

Download all of these designs (and more!) on Envato Elements.

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