Start the Presses! Stationery Is Making a Comeback

Don’t send that e-card.

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There was a phase recently where the trend was to trade in your Filofax for Google Calendar, your business card for a LinkedIn invite, and post-it notes for Pinterest boards or Stickies. These new inventions have their purposes, but for some, stationery never quite went out of style.

It’s pretty hard to replace the open-ended possibility that an empty page represents, whether it’s in the form of a scratchpad or a greeting card. For the written word, stationery offers permanence and is an important form of both expression and memory for those who are more visually-minded.

With the return and spread of chic paper boutiques like Paper Source or Papyrus in the USA, Paperpoint in Melbourne, and Papier d’Amour in Sydney, stationery is making a comeback with a revival of uses in all aspects of your everyday (and not-so-everyday) routine. In case you weren’t sure how to get all this awesomely-designed stationery back into your life, here are some ideas for how stationery can encourage you to:

Be Organized

Wild Feathers Business Card Template

Buying a cute planner or notebook is the perfect inspiration to get organized and stay organized, whether at work, school, or just in life. Especially for freelancers, planners are a must to stay on top of all of these at once! Your planner should make you smile and motivate you to be proactive as you stay on top of the numerous tasks on your plate everyday. Therefore, choose a design that appeals to both your rational and emotional sides, whether that means a classic, lined pages or cute kittens dancing across the cover. Once you deep-dive inside, try using one of these refined analog systems to make the inside of your planner as well-designed as the outside.

Be Social

In the words of Fergie, “a little party never killed nobody,” so why not use some fun and funky stationery for the invitations to your next big bash? Evites and Facebook events make it simple, but paper invitations make it personal and meaningful when planning an event.

Watercolor Birthday Card

Especially for weddings, graduation parties, or even birthdays, sending paper invitations or even making a well-designed flyer both shows your intention to throw an awesome party, as well as creates the beginning of a memory that can be saved for years to come. Look for fully editable designs that can be easily customized in high resolution and even printed at home for easy designing and distributing. Some of our favorites include invitations and flyers by Squirrel92, Guuver, and Vynetta.

Be Thankful

Greeting cards have long been the norm when it comes to sending well wishes, condolences, and congratulations for the big events in life. However, even for the small things in life, sending a handwritten note is always warmly received– especially when it’s delivered on super cute stationery. Show your gratitude for your friends, family, business contacts, and even acquaintances in the form of stationery cards that you can personalize or that simply reflect your personality.

11 Hand Drawn Card Templates

While the typical rectangular card remains in style, trendy square cards, like this basic template, are a bit more casual and are easy to tuck away for safekeeping. Plus, they’re a bit more friendly for those who feel short on words or are a bit more hesitant to poetically express themselves!

Be Professional

When was the last time you updated your business card? Even if you have some from your company, think about all the connections you make outside of work– for your side gig, passion project, or when thinking of making a career change. Start defining and representing your personal brand with an unforgettably memorable business card that expressed both who you are now and who you want to be.

Business Card

Whether going vertical or staying traditional, get creative with both the layout and the graphic design of your business cards. Look for geometric patterns, add images, or simply a personal monogram to distinguish your style from the others being traded around between handshakes. While a follow-up LinkedIn invitation is always a good idea to stay in the social loop, solidify the memory of a professional meeting with tangible stationery.

Be Thoughtful

The reason so many stationery stores still make it today is because of their recognition of the fact that because of the above reasons, stationery makes for great gifts. It’s hard not to go into a paper store and come out empty-handed when there are so many cute notebooks, inspiration journals, and organization systems that can be put to good use. For the creatives out there, try using a notebook mockup to design your own that is specially customized to the interest of your friend or family member. At the end of the day, giving the gift of a stationery set, planner, cards, or a gift certificate to a paper store is a great way to continue the cycle of productivity, creativity, sincerity, and innovation that comes along with these products.

Colorful Squares Pattern Stationery

Stationery is making a comeback in all forms, shapes, and sizes, so get in on the action by going to a chic paper boutique near you or using a template to design something that is uniquely you. Ultimately, stationery is most used when it inspires and speaks to your inner organization master. While paper weight and quality are always important, when picking the right stationery for yourself, or a friend, it’s the perfect time to let your creative side dominate (it’s ok if you just want that pocket-sized puppy notebook, even though it’s wide-ruled). Let your stationery guide, inspire, and represent you as you take on that next project, party, or phase in your career. Who knows where that next beautifully designed piece of paper might lead you…

Do you use stationery? Share your favorite template or stationery store with us!

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