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How Stock Footage and Motion Graphics Can Enhance Your Video Workflow

A look at the advantages of using stock video assets for everyday production.

It’s no secret that video is becoming the primary medium for web marketing. You can look at statistics or open any of your social media feeds and you’ll witness its strong growing presence. For companies, this hasn’t come much as a choice but rather a necessity. With competition increasing, reaching your customer base and engaging them with your content is proving to be an increasingly difficult task. That’s why video continues to grow. It’s seen, today, as the most effective marketing approach. A fast delivery medium that promises to keep customers interested without wasting too much of their time. Helping get the message across in the easiest, most engaging way possible.

The most recent data shows that on average businesses produce up to 18 videos each month. Creating everything in-house would necessitate budgets that aren’t usually available for these types of projects. Not only that, but the quick turnaround times make it a logistical nightmare, not to mention quite expensive.

This is where stock footage and stock motion graphics can help. They’re cost effective and offer great quality with a lot of variation.

The Power Behind Stock Items

Right now, the demand for stock footage is rising in pretty much every market. VideoHive now features a library of over 370,000 royalty free stock items that start as low as $1. With almost a hundred new stock footage videos approved every day, it’s one of the fastest growing libraries on the web.

But stock footage isn’t just growing in sales. Technological advancements have made it possible for cinematographers to keep producing better content faster than ever. Providing more variety and originality, in order to satisfy the growing interest of the video production and marketing industries.

This growing interest can be seen on other platforms too. We have a lot of great stock footage examples, all created by our global community of creatives. Their items have been featured in music videos, late night TV shows, scripted series, commercials, and movies, just to name a few.

From a production perspective, finding stock items that perfectly match your needs can feel like striking gold. The value and ease of use of such items can be very helpful. They can be a serious competitive advantage for any producer. Unlocking the value of stock items doesn’t always mean finding something perfect or ready to use for your project. Instead, it’s mostly about how you integrate it into your workflow, customize, and adapt it to fit with your brand. Any creative who is able to achieve this goal will be sure to thrive in what is an increasingly competitive market, where quality and quick delivery are crucial to success.

If you haven’t yet considered using stock footage as a means to help you deliver better results, below you’ll find some amazing examples of where Envato items have been featured, courtesy of the Famous 5. They have all been created by our community of talented VideoHive authors.

Kanye West

Item used: Moving Under Trees With Full Moon At Night by RockfordMedia

The Daily Show & DJ Khaled

Item used: American Bald Eagle,Running Cheetah,Little Hippo UnderwaterPolar Bear,White Fairy Tale Unicorn WalksBig Black Hippopotamus Open his Mouth,Komodo DragonEuropean Hedgehog by Multipedia

Doctor Who

Item used: Big Bang by SpaceStockFootage

The Circle

Item used: Satellite in Orbit by SpaceStockFootage


Item used: Clouds Over Singapore Skyline Timelapse Fisheye by Rickyloca, Sunrise Over New York by timemediafilm


Item used: Underwater Coral by maui, Bubbles Underwater Background by kastomazer, Underwater Bubbles by Coopercustom,Aquarium  Treasure Chest by Dexikoz, Island by Elallamy

Bolier & Redondo ft. Dana Sipos

Item used: Mountains by Rickyloca

Fifth Harmony

Item used: Stock Market Ticker 2 by Puk


Item used: Neon Snake Lights 3 by Gesh-tv

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