A Collection of Stunning (and Royalty-Free!) Stock Video Backgrounds

Whether you’re creating a corporate video presentation, building marketing or education materials, editing wedding videos, or working on a personal project, you’ll be able to find video footage to compliment and elevate your work.

Image from Sunrise- Nature (#30 on this list).

Looking for video backgrounds for your motion graphic projects? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re creating a corporate video presentation, building marketing or education materials, editing wedding videos, or working on a personal project, you’ll be able to find video footage to compliment and elevate your work.

Below is a list of the best selling and top trending backgrounds for your multimedia projects, and we added some of our favorite abstract, romantic and nature themed backgrounds so you have a great collection of stock video to choose from.

We’ve sorted this list by:

  • Top 10 bestselling stock video backgrounds
  • Trending & new
  • Abstract footage
  • Romantic backgrounds

Top 10 bestsellers of all time:

1. Clean Backdrop Loops- 10 Pack

This pack includes 10 ultra clean backdrop loops. Use them to enhance any video presentation or motion graphics project. These neutral stylish backgrounds are ideal for displaying your logo and titles.

2. Lights Flashing

Lights Flashing includes 30 looped animations with glow and lens effects. There are 15 different light blinking loop animations and 15 loops showing off a solid glow that dims at the end.  Each loop lasts for about 2-3 seconds.

3. Earth Zone

Earth Zone highlights our beautiful earth with footage that zooms through layers of clouds.

4. Countdown

Check out this high tech futuristic countdown, perfect for any number of video projects.

5. Neon Light VJ Backgrounds

This pack includes 21 background loop elements perfect for nightclub and house party projections. The LED screen, techno music display, edm music video are included as well.

6. Blinking Lights VJ

Add some glitz and glam to your project with Blinking Lights VJ.

7. Fireworks

This pack includes 5 variations of fireworks guaranteed to light up your motion graphic project. The files are easy to use and completely customizable too.

8. Through the Clouds

Through the clouds offers stunning and serene full HD loop footage, great for a variety of creative projects.

9. Logo Backdrop Corporate

This package contains 5 seamlessly loopable backdrops, each with a bright center area so you can highlight your logo or text in the center of the screen. The easy-to-edit package allows you to change the colors with hue/saturation effects.

10. 3 Slick Tranquility Blue 

Slick Tranquility Blue includes 3 rendered loop clips, each 10 seconds long that can be used for DVD, broadcast and web projects.

Top 10 Trending Right Now:

11. Star of Light

Star of Light is the top trending background of the moment!

12. Particular Background 101

Particular Background includes 101 full HD seamlessly loopable background animations. With this package you’ll never run out of background options.

13. Up in the Clouds

Up In the Clouds offers stunning video footage soaring through an orange sky.

14. Psychedelic (blue)

Psychedelic is a far out blue and green floral pattern on loop that will take your audience on fun, funky trip.

15. Lightning Beams- Yellow

These yellow lightning beams will add sparks to your project.

16. Firework

This background video highlights a flashy red firework loop.

17. Color in Space

Color in Space animation loop is great for a variety of production and web based projects.

18. Ocean Loop

Ocean Loop includes one daytime animation loop and one in the moon shine.

19. Portalage

Portalage is a mildly trippy background meant to give the effect of traveling through an endless tunnel.

20. HD Cube 1

HD Cube 1 is a high resolution QuickTime loop movie. The simple yet quirky animation can be used for a number of different video projects.


21. Modern Abstract Triangles

Modern Abstract Triangles includes 4 HD color versions. Each one lasts for 20 seconds.

22. Abstract Background Loops Pack 

This abstract motion background pack includes 6 different seamless loops that are colorful, but elegant and ready to be added to your creative project.

23. Abstract

Abstract is a vibrant animation. The simple, bright design works for a variety of multimedia presentations and video projects.

24. Abstraction

This psychedelic neon blue animation is sure to catch your audience’s attention.

25. Abstract White Nebula

Abstract White Nebula is a mesmerizing animation would elevate any creative project.


26. Ocean Water Pack

This pack includes 3 seamlessly looped videos featuring gorgeous ocean footage. The fluid, dynamic video serves as an excellent background, as it won’t overpower any text or graphics.

27. Sunrise- Nature

Sunrise – Nature is a full HD animation video clip that lasts for 11 seconds.

28. Moving Clouds

This lovely Moving Clouds animation comes in full HD. The simple, serene video is an ideal background for a variety of projects.

29. Sun and Nature

Sun and Nature is a full HD video. The high quality nature scene includes sound effects.

30. Sunrise- Nature

Sunrise – Nature animation is another Full HD video featuring a beautiful sunrise. The clip is 10 seconds long and can be used for a wide range of multimedia endeavors.


31. Hearts

Introducing, Hearts a dazzling romantic animation.

32. Love Waves

Love Waves showcases a bright pink abstract surface moving through a bright lit space. Great for love strories, weddings or Valentine’s Day backgrounds.

33. Love Kaleidoscope

Love Kaleidoscope is an ultra HD pink neon pattern that loops endlessly.

34. Heart

Heart is a full HD background that works for a variety of romantic projects. The simple, bright, bold graphic loops seamlessly and endlessly.

35. Fiery Heart

Fiery Heart is a motion video of a beating heart in flames. This animation is guaranteed to light up your project and captivate your audience.

36. Romantic Hearts 

Romantic Hearts features small bright hearts flying over a meadow. Great for any romantic video project.

For more stock video backgrounds browse Videohive! And if you’re looking for the perfect overlay for your motion picture graphics, look no further. We curated a list of the best selling, top trending, newest overlays on the market.

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