Update Your Stock Photography Library With These Stunning, Authentic Images

A collection of some of the best stock photos in our library this month, hand-picked by our content specialists on the Envato Elements team.

Authentic stock photography is the trend of 2018

In the world of stock photography, there once was a time where the staged photograph was the apple of every digital creative’s eye. Where the image of a businessman on a white background looked slick. Where a story about technology required a matrix style image of an animated head surrounded by 1s and 0s. And, of course, where a group high-five looked normal. 

Now, today, many digital creatives are wanting something different. 

“Authenticity” is now the word of the day, and people are looking for high quality photography that speaks true to how people and places look and feel. 

So, with that in mind, here’s a curated list we’ve put together of some of the best authentic stock photography of 2018. 

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Dom Hennequin

About the Author Dom Hennequin

Dom is Envato's Video & Content Marketing Specialist. He previously worked as the company's Community Content Coordinator, and as the founder and host of the Envato Famous 5.