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List the Correct Files on AudioJungle

Howdy talented authors! In an ongoing quest for transparency, we bring you another submission tip. These are regular juicy tidbits about our review process, and address issues that can trip up authors. This tip is aimed at AudioJungle authors, but may be relevant to authors in our other marketplaces.

Today we have a brief look at the files you need to list.

You should be aware of the files we do and don’t need list to avoid unnecessary rejections. You can find these listed on  the AudioJungle Wiki. Here is a summary:

Files we do need:

Files we don’t need (sound):

  • Birds / Nature Field Recordings
  • Bleeps, Blips and “Computer” Tones
  • Button Clicks
  • Clocks: Ticking
  • Doors Opening or Closing
  • Guitar Sounds/Chords. Examples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
  • Telephone: Rings, Dialing, Tones
  • Water: Flowing, Drips, Drops, Waves

Files we don’t need (music):

  • National Anthems
  • Tracks using only one instrument and only one note played at any time.
  • Tracks demonstrating excessive dissonance.
  • “8-bit” computer/chip music.
  • Basic drum/percussion loops.

Chime in at the comments if you have any questions and thanks for reading!