after effects – Envato Design & creative inspiration Fri, 20 Apr 2018 07:55:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 after effects – Envato 32 32 Top 20 Adobe After Effects Photo Slideshows Mon, 12 Mar 2018 23:19:38 +0000 After Effects is one of the most used visual effect applications out there. It's full of useful features to animate things from scratch. But you don't need to be a motion graphics designer to get some use out of it. It has great tools for photographers too. Bring your photos to life easily with these great templates.

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After Effects is one of the most popular applications for Visual Effects out there, and that for good reason. The flexibility it offers, makes it the go-to tool for creative professionals, motion artists and hobbyists alike. Its impressive tools and functionality, reliability and wide adoption allowed it to remain popular among industry professionals.

Having said that, with great flexibility, comes an every-increasing level of complexity, given the immense number of things this program enables you to do. Thanks to a huge number of readily available templates, you can speed up your workflow, increase quality or even learn new tricks in no time, all while delivering incredible projects to your clients!

Best feature(s): You get an amazing music tracks included for free!

Exquisite beauty class and elegance are what make this item stand out. Pair that with the high design quality, the flexible modular structure and the not one, but two magnificent cinematic music tracks. Truly inspiring work by this author!

Best feature(s): Uniqueness

This item was a ‘game-changer’ when it first came out. Possibly the first slideshow to incorporate the content live action footage, bringing a unique and well thought out approach that defined a trend attempted by many, but not quite surpassed just yet.

Best feature(s): Design, Customization

The template features a clean and minimal look, following the recent tends in design. Offering a wide range of variation & customizability, it ensures a high quality result. The final look is improved with overlaid subtle effects, including an original light leak footage. The Modular Timeline, two Logo-Ending versions as well as the two different 2D and 3D Styles that are included, make this project one of the most versatile templates on the market.

Best feature(s): Originality

Originality has become a major challenge for creatives. Finding unique projects feels almost impossible at times, due to the sheer number of creative heads fighting for exposure.

Thanks to the features & customization options that add value to the project, this one certainly scores high on that front as well. Some features worth noting: light leaks, different ink footage, adjustable background, plus over 8 kind of border designs.

Best feature(s): Design, Simplicity

This one stands out thanks to the simplicity and ease of use. It allows you to use both photos and videos, and is perfectly suited for family and wedding photo slideshows.

Best feature(s): Design, Customization

Professional, easy to customize and reliant on a design language with a slight vintage signature, this project is equally suited for novices as well as experts looking to present image colections in a stylish way.

Best feature(s): Easy to edit, modular structure,100% After Effects, No plugins required

Clean & modern design, amazing atmosphere, ready to use in quite a number of different scenarios.

Best feature(s): Easy to edit, comes with 49 Scenes for your images

Standout details include the atmosphere and dynamics, which seem to be prevalent among the other items produced by this particular author.

Best feature(s): Stylish look, modular structure, easy to customize

This one is a rather stylish project, with premade designs. It’s very easy to add images or more placeholders, if need be. It also allows you to combine photos and/or videos with powerful text and then choose the perfect musical background, to enhance your message. Premade transitions keep your presentation flowing seamlessly, while your words and music help add depth and direction.

Best feature(s): High Accuracy Music Synchronized Design

A really dynamic, driving and slideshow. I just makes you want to move!

Best feature(s): Visually Appealing Design, Simple and Easy to Customize

This item was previously featured on Videohive, thanks to some exciting effects such as particles and light streak with particle trails. Make your next slideshow or presentation that bit more interesting and engaging, by using this template together with your images or videos.

Best feature(s): Unique design and Animation

The design and animation helps convey the feeling of love and the title animations also look very elegant.

Best feature(s): Perfect marriage of modern handcrafting typography and minimalistic design.

A warm and romantic, very touching and honest mood wrapped up in the minimalistic design and motion. It’s simple, yet striking!

Best feature(s): Your photos will be looking super cool.

This template points through its elegant simplicity, as well as the great mood and vintage handcraft feel.

Best feature(s): It’s a classic retro slideshow! An easy customization process and a great stylization.

Make this slideshow for a wedding of your friends and all guests will smile and cry by the overwhelming feelings! Author can confirm: “I’ve checked – it works!”

Best feature(s): 17 powder footages are included!

This item simply looks fantastic!!! Perfect template for an awesome slideshow or perhaps for an opening title sequence of a Hollywood movie!

Best feature(s): Choice any total duration (just tell me how many images you need to use)

It’s a high quality, well organized and easy customizing template. Just drop your image or video, edit the text, add audio and enjoy result!

Best feature(s): Smooth paint stroke effects with elegant transitions

A really beautiful and impressive After Effects template, which features 30 media placeholders and 32 text placeholders. It’s a well organized project with a modular structure. Just drag and drop your images or videos, change the text and hit render.

Best feature(s): Original stylish look, easy to edit

Minimal design and original look. We particularly enjoy the jelly-like distortion transition effects!

Best feature(s): Clean and stylish look

Cool synchronization with music, clean and simple design.

These are just a small selection of the amazing content you can find on VideoHive. For more slideshows, head on over to this thread on our forums. 

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10 After Effects Templates That Are Taking Our Breath Away

Over the course of the last twelve months, we’ve seen a huge emphasis on onscreen text, catering to the growing audience watching videos without sound. From bright, pixel popping templates that command attention, to minimal fast typography templates, these are 10 After Effects templates that are taking our breath away.

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20 Stellar Science Fiction After Effects Templates Wed, 21 Feb 2018 05:42:54 +0000 We’ve assembled a collection of sci-fi After Effects templates most likely to induce awe and wonder and tried to pick ones that show a wide range of visual styles.

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2017 was a banner year for science fiction and its popularity is at an all-time high. As a genre, it’s no longer niche and is now entirely mainstream. TV shows like Black Mirror and Electric Dreams play into contemporary culture’s technological issues and fixations. And movies like Blade Runner 2049 and the Last Jedi are like futuristic allegories for our time.

People like science fiction more than ever in part because it hardly seems like fiction anymore as it becomes more real each day when news stories like this and this are published.

The science fiction aesthetic is so diverse and creatives working with the genre have a lot to explore. Some geek out to sci-fi with iridescent aliens, transforming spaceships, glowing technological interfaces, shimmery star fields or dark and dystopian landscapes.

Motion graphic designers working in After Effects, in particular, really know their sci-fi stuff. On Envato, the science fiction inspired templates are entirely epic, and in addition to just being so eye-mazing, they also demonstrate a high level of technical wizardry on the part of their authors.

We’ve assembled a collection of sci-fi After Effects templates most likely to induce awe and wonder and tried to pick ones that show a wide range in visual style too. These templates would work for a variety of project types like movie trailers, presentation introductions, transition sequences, and as clips in music videos.

Now go grab the popcorn (or light saber) and get ready to explore new worlds with this list of Science Fiction After Effects templates.

Dreamland is a cinematic film title sequence that’s like an epic journey through the Milky Way and nebulae. Like a passenger in Tesla’s car, the viewer is propelled through strange new celestial lands. The sequence has nuanced and rich color and the animation is quite smooth. Dreamland is accompanied by a grand score by talented composer Jeffrey Peterson. The project includes a pre-render version and original version and is in both 4K and Full HD.

Can a sci-fi intro be luxury? Epic Galaxy Titles appears so. Filaments of liquid gold rain out on a dark charcoal space backdrop. Epic Galaxy Titles also has a retro vibe and seems a bit 90s. The sequence has some interesting pacing tricks too, with variable time rates and some glitch effects.

The HUD Cinematic Titles take you on a tour of a smartly designed futuristic interface. The interface is nicely colored in bright red and blue and the interface is clean and modern. The HUD cinematic titles don’t overdo the sci-fi aesthetic and would be a good choice for a quality title sequence. The HUD Cinematic Titles are in HD and require no additional plugins.

Cinematic Titles is another choice title sequence by Treedo. The interface in this intro is more minimalist. Glowing light blue bands softly fade in and out alongside elegant widely-spaced type. The interface resembles a DNA sequence a little. Cinematic Titles would work for a film project and also for a science documentary or even a music video.

Titles Macro takes a trip to inner space. Dark, gritty, amorphous and entirely biological landscapes glide through view. If you are looking for an intro that Sigourney Weaver from Alien would love then this might be the perfect choice. Titles Macro would work as a sci-fi film titles sequence and also as a moody intro for a medical, non-profit, science, or tech presentation. Titles Macro includes a version with pre-rendered effects and one with plugins that you can customize yourself.

Cyberpunk Intro is a h-nrg retro 90s intro with lots of visual fx sci-fi fans love like glitch, typing text and floating abstracted interface elements. The project vibes like the sequel to the iconic Seal and Adamski cyberpunk video Killer. Cyberpunk Intro requires no plugins and is designed with a modular structure making it easy to customize.

DNA is the perfect project for biohackers and their ilk. A slowly rotating DNA sequence is layered with masked macro views of chromosomes and genes. The entire intro is colorized in a watery bright blue. DNA is in full HD and requires the Element 3D plugin.

Calling the Matrix! The Sky Technology trailer presents a visual field of layers upon layers of ticking numbers fading out into the blue. The design is finely done with much attention paid to crafting the perfect 3D text element and glow effect. The film trailer is designed with universalized expressions so it will work with any language.

Technology Titles is a contemporary choice with a visually advanced and high tech design. Compound geometry is used to create the visual effects and the end result appears like a very highly-detailed technological wormhole. Expressions are universalized, no plugins are required and a Plexus version is included.

Trailer Studio 2 is an intro sequence as at home in a DJ booth as it is in a science fiction movie. Stylish, with an evocative geometric design, it appears ripped from the movie The Neon Demon. Trailer Studio 2 boasts 25 text placeholders, 10 transition effects, 15 color presets and 20 backgrounds.

Discover new worlds like Matt Damon with Interstellar Journey. This intro sequence has artistically rendered planets with colorful textures and just the right amount of realism. It’s like you are travelling through outer space and a highly detailed diorama at the same time. Interstellar Journey also zooms in and out giving the viewer a sense of space and depth. Fun and effective plugins like Optical Flares and Trapcode Particular are utilized.

Soloar System 2 is a fantastical sequence that has a retro 80s look. The color is vibrant and saturated in a hyper-real way. The visual style is a bit over the top and wacky. One could see this working in an episode of Red Dwarf.  Solar Systems 2 is in 8K resolution and includes 14 unique planetary scenes.

Floating in the Sky is a contemporary sci-fi template that captures the mood of the great expansive aloneness of space. Floating in the Sky is thoughtful and also artful and even pretty. Rainbow washes like the aurora borealis glimmer across the screen and halos of light soften planet’s edges. The text animation is also notable as it appears to both wave, float and blur into view. Floating in the Sky would work as a science fiction intro sequence and also for motivational and new age presentations.

Underneath the city there is a vast network of tunnels… Dark, gritty and bold Epic Trailer Titles 8 is a subterranean sci-fi tour. The 3d type is well done in a textured and condensed sans serif. The template is entirely customizable and the Element3D V2 and Trapcode Particular Plugin are required.

Digital Corporate Promo is a layered and visually detailed intro template with lots of moving parts. The sequence uses color overlays effectively and includes 90s style bold and tech fonts. Video is overlayed within an abstract visual interface. The project would be a good choice for a futuristic game promo or to create a sci-fi inspired video album.

So many metal doors! If you enjoyed the trash compactor scene in the original Star Wars then you’ll love this mesmerizing collection of textured safe doors and gates. You can choose from three animation styles: simple, slow zoom and zoom at the end. Each door and gate is simple to use with the alpha channel already set.

This intro sequence boasts the best big rocks of any of the templates. The chunky meteorites float slowly through the scenes at different angles and scales. The template is very easy to use and a good choice for anyone new to After Effects. Eight text holders and media holders are included.

Poseidon is a high quality and contemporary science fiction template. Cinematic, powerful and professional it’s a solid choice for a movie or gaming project introduction. The 3D text is beautifully styled and cool distortion effects are used to add atmosphere. No plugins are required and it has a modular construction making it easy for beginners to use.

Digital Form Trailer is a flexible and feature rich classic sci-fi trailer template. It includes glitch, particles, scan lines, and shiny glowing 3D text. The prerender version is included so the Plexus 2 plugin is not required. Twelve media and eight title and logo placeholders are included.

Modern slideshow is an on trend template that has sci-fi inspired design elements plus geometric masking. The slideshow is adaptable and could work as an intro for a fashion or lifestyle brand, as a template for a motivational presentation, or as a sci-fi trailer. The project is drag and drop making it simple for anyone to use.

This list just scratches the surface of the amazing sci-fi templates available on our marketplace. For more, check out our forums.


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Best 15 Awards Ceremony Broadcast Packages & Titles Mon, 19 Feb 2018 00:52:56 +0000 With the Academy Awards around the corner, the time is ripe for awards season content. Whether you're shooting a video from the red carpet, interviewing Oscar nominees, or reviewing nominated movies from your bedroom, here are some fantastic broadcast packages and titles you can use for your project.

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Award ceremonies, as the name implies, are special events to celebrate stand-out work and achievements.

While the event itself is sure to be organized impeccably, the PR efforts behind it play just as big of a role, in whether it will be a roaring success or turn into an extraordinary flop. Of course, you can’t have steady and ample buildup only to deliver an underwhelming experience once the event actually starts.

Event flyers, skilled copywriting and ample media coverage are key differentiators between a simple gathering and an award ceremony. Television and Internet Video platforms is where things really tend to get exciting however.

In a sense, a good award ceremony clip is not very different to a movie trailer! It allows you to give your audience just a taste of the excitement that is soon to follow, drum up interest and make everyone count down to when they need to prepare their cocktail dresses and tuxedos.

These templates can help prepare the attendees for a memorable evening, even months in advance.

Play Video

This template is sold both as a Cinema4D, as well as an Adobe After Effects template, allowing you to get additional flexibility in customizing all 3D scenes and set up everything just as you need it.

Ultimate Awards Package is created specifically for customers who need practical, usable elements for a broadcast, or perhaps an in-house awards presentation. The package captures the splendor and magic of a Hollywood-style awards ceremony with over 20 of the most requested broadcast graphic elements. It’s sure to make your event shine as bright, as if you’d have hired a big-budget production agency for your visuals!

Cinema Awards Package is a Hollywood-style awards ceremony presentation template, perfect for awards shows, corporate presentations and any special event presentation of your choosing.

This template contains all the necessary modular elements needed for a striking presentation. It supports looping playback and allows you to create your own awards show video, while a useful expression control will help you to change all colors easily with a single click.

Awards After Effects template is an elegant and versatile project featuring a royal blue color scheme (+ 5 additional color schemes). It’s perfect for awards shows, spectacular ceremonies, elegant opening trailers, stylish fashion shows, anniversary celebrations, special events, wedding stories & as well as fashion/photography slideshow. Quite a few usage scenarios there!

A complete package for all Award Shows. It features a unique design, is simple to edit and really easy to use. All essential elements are available, allowing you to highlight any segment from your program.

What better way to guide your audience’s focus than through shiny, glossy black and gold circular elements, swiftly gliding across the screen? The template is complete with an opener, lower-thirds, bumper, split windows as well as the mandatory end credit screen.

Perfect for opulent awards ceremony, this template really shines. Original design and a package offering full flexibility make this one stand out. As the title says, you can have your winners displayed across the faces of a spinning cube, seemingly made of solid gold, much like their performances!

Continuing the trend of shimmering, glittery goodness, this template may be one of the most realistic renditions of the gold effect out there. With a smooth glittering stars effect to complement the shiny text and soft transitions, the viewer is easily transposed into a state of dreamy enjoyment.

Awards Show is an exclusive and professional pack for After Effects, with a modular structure. This project can be used to create videos for your events, weddings, parties, shows or awards ceremonies. Bonus points for its ease of editing.

This template features flying golden stars, with pronounced trails & metal extrusions. These elements allow you to create typography that merges and flows into the presentation. The effect reminds us of dot-grid displays, with an added bonus of dynamic transitions and clean renders, that are missing from the counterpart.

An excellent template featuring velvety smooth transitions, perfect integration of photographic & typography placeholders. It’s complete with all necessary elements for a striking ceremony presentation: opener, bumper, best actor sequence, two/four screens, video frame, and many more.

Strong pre-rendered elements with a number of particle effects help set the mood for video elements as they transition into the view. The Awards features everything you need to a professional awards show package, all presets are pre-rendered no extra plugins requried After Effects CS6.

A well organized and easy to customize template, featuring all necessary elements such as opener, slideshow, bumper, closing credits, lower third, overlays and background. It’s ready to render in both HD and Full HD resolutions, without requiring additional plugins for the pre-rendered version. The native version, which does allow for more customizability, also needs Trapcode Particular and Optical Flares plugins.

Featuring 14 Categories, this template offers you just the right mix of flexibility and ready-made elements, for a successful awards ceremony presentation, irrespective of award category and scope. It’s ideal for awards celebrating: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Comedy, Best Drama, Best Movie, Best Music, Best Picture, Writing, Cinematography, Costume Design, Directing, Film Editing, Production Design. The package includes all necessary elements, 14 different bumper versions, 11 image placeholders for the opener, 3 different overlays and many more.

This is just a small list from our huge selection of incredible After Effects templates you could use to promote your event. Stay tuned for our next list! You can also dive into the forums to see which other templates our community suggests.

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30 Best After Effects Templates for YouTube Intros, Titles and Openers

People’s appetite for video content continues to grow. They expect videos from their favorite creators to drop more often, while also expecting the quality of both the content and presentation to be very high. This list of the best After Effects templates for YouTube intros, titles, and openers aims to help them out.

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14 Best After Effects Templates to Make Your Videos Pop on Social Media Tue, 13 Feb 2018 02:38:27 +0000 With the continuing rise in popularity of video online, and on social media, we explore some of the best after effects templates to help you deliver a better user experience and create the perfect video.

The post 14 Best After Effects Templates to Make Your Videos Pop on Social Media appeared first on Envato.


With the continuing rise in popularity of video online, and on social media, we explore some of the best after effects templates to help you deliver a better user experience and create the perfect video.

Quite often on the Envato Blog, we discuss the importance of video to online marketing. As proven by stats and data, video outperforms other methods in user engagement and efficient message delivery. Today almost all Social Media platforms have focused their resources towards some form of video or animation. This includes standard newsfeed videos, stories, live streams, GIFs, and so on. The trend doesn’t seem to show any signs of stopping, at least not anytime soon. With the addition of VR, AR, and 360 degree videos, companies are looking for innovation both in technology and distribution.

In such a competitive landscape, the importance of the designs that house the content in these videos has never been more important. The goal is to convey the message quickly without feeling intrusive to the end user. This is something that a lot of social media platforms know very well. Twitter, for example, as well as many other websites, includes an option in its settings videos automatically playing in your timeline. Even on other platforms, where videos do autoplay, almost every one of them will be muted. It’s not difficult to understand why this happens, and that these types of “in-your-face” intrusive videos rarely generate any interest.

Yet, brands are still desperate to get their message across. So, how do they do that without frustrating customers?

Rise of the Titles

In this state “Box Titles” have come to play an important role in video production. Particularly simple designs featuring text over solid shapes that cover the areas occupied by titles. These designs vary in shape, size, and color. They can go from simple subtitle form, to big blocks of text covering half, or more of the screen. The latter option is much more popular, and practical because it better serves this design purpose. It’s a convention that allow videos that are easy to notice, and understand on any type of platform, or screen size, with or without sound. This design style also makes video more engaging in cases where words are more interesting, and more important than images.

You will find this type of Title Design everywhere online: on social media, web-news outlets, YouTube, and more. They’re even making their way into other more traditional platforms like Broadcast TV. Title animation, and design complexity can also vary a lot from one usage to another. Depending on the message being delivered, these titles can be used as lower-thirds, subtitles, annotations, comments, or even kinetic typography. They can also serve as a simple intro, with an eye catching phrase that you can use in your thumbnail. In other cases they can be the only thing in the video, delivering a bold and powerful message in a simple, minimal format.

Box Titles on VideoHive

On VideoHive, you will find a great selection of Social Media, and Box Titles. These templates have been designed to help you deliver the best possible results in the least amount of time. With a big range of styles, and different type of animations, you’ll be able to find something that perfectly fits your video, and brand.

One of the simplest and very minimal implementations of this design. This template offers a few options including: titles, lower-thirds, descriptions, news cards, and more. Featuring a few different animation styles, as well as clever self resizing boxes.

This template also offers many different design options, a fully editable setup, and super fast rendering. Not only useful for social media videos, but also lower-third design for news, sales, promos, listings, intros, and more. Check out the preview video to see every design included.

If a simple After Effects template is not enough, checkout this next item. This After Effects Script will help you automatically create as many titles as you need. It comes with a very handy user interface window that includes a lot of options for customization, and animation. Although it doesn’t provide the same amount of design variation as the other templates, it’s still the best option for simplicity, and fast workflow. It also gives you the advantage of using a tools license, and the Script on as many projects as you like.

For a few more format options, like vertical, or square versions, take a look at this Social Media graphics package. Featuring a number of different designs, as well as multi colored, and highlighted text functionalities.

Similar to the previous templates, this one from doomodesigns gives you another set of 20 different animated titles. Including, also, a few more unique versions like the 3D box reveals.

Adding some more unique options to text animation, and box transitions, this next item appeals to people who are looking to get more out of their titles. Aside from the text animations, which can be used as intros for your social media videos, you will also find included logo intros, glitch transitions, bounce titles, and photo description designs.

Packed with 60 titles, lower-thirds, logos, and quotes, it’s going to be difficult to run out of options using this template. Featuring a slick design, and fluid animation on all titles, this minimal pack it’s built to impress.

As minimal as possible, this template gets right to the point. With a quick setup, and a lot of customization options, you can create some simple lower-thirds, or subtitles in no time. And, for those who don’t feel like doing any customizations, it also includes 19 design presets.

Bored with the standard box design? No problem! This one will add some life, and color to your social promotions. No matter the type of product, or service you’re trying to advertise, you’ll surely find something perfect in the 19 animated packshots included with the template. This bundle also includes vertical, square, and the standard 16:9 aspect ratio formats.

If you’re only after lower-thirds, consider this minimal project by therealist. The simple execution, and clean animation will bring your text to life in the most elegant way possible.

Fast Titles II is perfect for creating fast promos, and slideshows. The dual tone boxes, and quick animation will grab viewers attention, and keep them engaged throughout the entire video.

Featuring 30 unique and modern title designs, this is another template for those who want more than just simple box titles. You will find a lot more variations in shape, size, and animation. The project also sports a modular structure, as well as in, and out transitions on all animations.

Keeping the box design, but bringing some variation to the reveal animation, Text Box Tool gives a new look to the standard style. With the help of a delay effect you can add some additional detail to the transition, and create eye-catching title animations.

This attractive looking template is purpose built for social media. It includes three post sizes, 1080 by 1920, 1080 by 1350, and 1080 by 1080 pixels. This means it’s easily adaptable to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, including for square videos. It’s also ready for verticle video – think Snapchat and Instagram stories. Its color palette and animations are perfect for a young, millennial audience. And it’s got everything you need to take advantage of the automatic autoplaying that most newsfeeds allow for.


30 Best After Effects Templates for YouTube Intros, Titles and Openers

People’s appetite for video content continues to grow. They expect videos from their favorite creators to drop more often, while also expecting the quality of both the content and presentation to be very high. This list of the best After Effects templates for YouTube intros, titles, and openers aims to help them out.

The post 14 Best After Effects Templates to Make Your Videos Pop on Social Media appeared first on Envato.

10 After Effects Templates That Are Taking Our Breath Away Thu, 21 Dec 2017 02:50:18 +0000 Over the course of the last twelve months, we've seen a huge emphasis on onscreen text, catering to the growing audience watching videos without sound. From bright, pixel popping templates that command attention, to minimal fast typography templates, these are 10 After Effects templates that are taking our breath away.

The post 10 After Effects Templates That Are Taking Our Breath Away appeared first on Envato.


People are getting serious about video. Our After Effects templates library certainly reflects this. Over the course of the last twelve months, we’ve seen a huge emphasis on onscreen text, catering to the growing audience watching videos without sound. We’ve had templates that push the boundaries of excess, whose main objective is to be eye-poppingly bright and command attention. And then we’ve had packs that simply take our breath away with their creativity. This list has a bit of it all. Some of them are best sellers, some of them are editorial choices, and all of them were released in the last twelve months.

So, sit back, watch, read and enjoy our list of the 10 After Effects Templates That Are Taking Our Breath Away.

Big Pack of Elements by Motion-Land

Big Pack of Elements is the result of a two year collaboration between a couple of already successful Envato authors. Dmitriy part of recarto, and Alex the man behind A_White, joined forces in 2015 to create a versatile pack of useful After Effects elements. The final product is something that impressed our reviews team here at Envato, delighted customers, and stormed our video marketplace, being sold more than two thousand times.

Transitions by RoyalPixels

Transitions is a pack of, you guessed it, transitions that are really slick and creative. There are options for “Camera Transitions” in which the frame pans around the corners of your footage as you transition from one shot to another. There’s are gorgeous “Brush Effects” that are extremely elegant. And, there are a number of “Shape” transitions, which look truly luscious. This pack only came out in June, yet it’s made quite the impression.

Titles and Lower Thirds by flikmotion

Honestly one of the most straightforward and contemporary items of the year. “Boxd” Titles and Lower Thirds is a pack of titles and lower thirds in boxes (get it?). It’s a ready to go pack with boxes around your text resizing automatically, and a number of style variations that are minimal enough to fit almost any brand, but bold enough to catch the eye. So many videos these days are watched without sound and a pack like this ensures yours will still be engaging, even on mute.

Rhythmic Opener by levmotion

Rhythmic Opener is part of the “fast typography” trend we saw absolutely explode this year. As mentioned, people are watching more videos than ever without sound. So, templates like this one are using typography in interesting, eye catching ways to capture the eye of those promiscuous scrollers perusing a web page or social media newsfeed. Make the most of Facebook and Twitter auto playing videos by grabbing their eyes and keeping them.

Particle Builder | Sand Pack: Dust Sand Storm Disintegration Effect Vfx Generator by Pixflow

Photoshop Actions continue to be a best selling category on our graphic design marketplaces, and 2017 brought us a bunch of items that allow you to bring them to life in a video. The Particle Builder series of items by Pixflow works much the same as Photoshop actions, where you take your picture, graphic or a piece of text, mask the section you want to animate, and automate it using one of six options. Sand Pack was only released in December, and is already pretty popular.

This is Slideshow by D-Music

This is Slideshow is a fresh template pack that will turn a set of images and text into a truly compelling video. The animations are smooth and quick, and they’re also very detailed. Take a look at how the photos in the background animate subtly with a tile effect or something of the like. And the colors just pop.

Titles by motioncan

Motioncan’s Titles is ultra modern. It’s filled with simple, bold typography that animates in a way that’s almost jolty. It offers a number of great options to show off your text, logo, captions and lower thirds. And it’s one of the newer items on the market, having come out in December, which means it’ll be something fresh for 2018.

Promo Intro by 7Roads

Promo Intro by 7Roads is quick! It packs a lot into 7 seconds, including photos that animate under semi-transparent gradients, text and a final logo. It’s a great bumper that commands attention.

Cinematic Parallax Slideshow by cowardrobertford

This one by cowardrobertford is breathtaking. A great option for an opener of a video or tv show, it uses a parallax effects to add depth to still photography. That, mixed with the way the text animates, makes it truly unique.

Typography by motioncan

Motioncan’s second entry on this list is eye-poppingly beautiful. Typography features a whole grab basket of stunning templates in which to insert your text and have it be the star of your video. With vivid pinks, royal blues, and a great variety of modern design options, this pack should have at least one thing you can use, if not more.


As we head into the future, these items are setting the tone as to what we can expect. Eye-catching animation, eye-popping color, and lots more text. So, buckle up, because this is only the beginning.


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