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The bespoke font trend is spreading.

With the way things are going, we won’t see much of Helvetica, once the world’s favorite font, anymore.

There was a time, only a few years ago, where you’d be hard pressed to go an hour without bumping into it. Used as Apple’s system font on iOS and Mac OS (formerly OS X) until 2015, and the default font for much of the web and world of design in general, it was, for a long time, simply unavoidable.

But such use of a font that, if we’re honest, lacked any overly noticeable characteristics, meant that companies using it were missing an opportunity to make an actual impression.

Add to that the fact that those companies, in some cases, were paying millions of dollars a year to license it, and that it didn’t render particularly well on mobile devices, and it seems the fate of Helvetica was sealed.

But rather than just selecting something from the pile of other standard fonts, lately, brands have been purpose building their own. 

And so has begun the rise of the bespoke font.

Bespoke fonts


One of the first notable bespoke font of recent times was Google’s Roboto.

Launched in 2011, Roboto is a neo-grotesque sans-serif font described by the company as “modern, yet approachable” and, “emotional”.

It rolled the font out on its stock Android ecosystem. Then, in 2014, to go along with the launch of its new design language, Material Design, it updated the font to be more friendly, and perform well in a large range of contexts.

It uncurled the capital ‘R’, and rounded the dots on the lowercase ‘i’ and ‘j’, as well as periods (.) and other symbols. Now it’s a widely featured system font, appearing across almost all of Google’s products.

It’s been free to download, since 2012, and many companies, including Envato, make use of it.

San Francisco

To go with the launch of the Apple Watch, Apple developed a new bespoke font, built for small screens, called San Francisco.

After years of using Helvetica as the system font for the iPhone, iPad and Mac operating systems, it had finally hit the limit of what the popular font could do. They found that Helvetica was hard to read on smaller devices, with letters blending together if the spacing was too tight, and the font size and resolution was too low.

The company needed something more versatile, and purpose built for their products. So, they developed San Francisco, which I’m sure to many looks very similar to Helvetica.

They use two main versions: SF for iOS and MacOS, and SF Compact for the Apple Watch.

They’ve now rolled out the font across most of their products.

IBM Plex

At the end of 2017, IBM announced its new bespoke font, IBM Plex.

After using Helvetica, basically since it started making computers, the company decided it needed a font that felt more a part of their brand.

Drawing inspiration from the Paul Rand designed IBM logo, IBM Plex is clear, modern and playful – a characteristic that wasn’t always associated with big blue.

On top of all of that, it will save the company over a million dollars a year in licensing fees for Helvetica Neue it was paying to Monotype. Previously, due to the licensing, not all of the company’s 380 thousand employees had a licensed version of Helvetica Neue on their devices. Now that the company owns their new font, it can remain certain every business card to PowerPoint presentation its employees put together can use the same font.

CNN Sans

In 2016, CNN unveiled a new brand font, CNN Sans.

While the company admits it’s pretty shamelessly modeled on Helvetica, the new font offers a lot of versatility, with various weights and condensed options to fit everything from headlines on their app, to the lower third graphics at the bottom of your screen.

It’s been rolled out on the air and online. But one must admit that the font itself doesn’t exactly scream CNN.

YouTube Sans

Inspired by its play button logo, which was refined along with the creation of this font, YouTube Sans was announced in 2017.

It’s a quirky font, designed to radiate YouTube’s bright and unique style. The lowercase ‘i’s and ‘l’s feature curves. The angled choppy ends of letters like the uppercase ‘H’ are cut in line with the angle of the logo’s play button. And the logo itself is a part of the font as a glyph.

The bespoke font is mostly used in YouTube’s marketing material, assets like PowerPoint presentations for its staff, and in certain parts of its interface.

TCCC Unity

In 2018, the Coca Cola Company announced a new bespoke font called TCCC Unity (the TCCC stands for “The Coca Cola Company”).

Designed by well regarded typographic agency, Brody Associates, it is described by the Coca Cola Company’s vice president of global design, James Sommerville as, encapsulating “Coca-Cola’s past and it’s American modernist heritage.”


It’s a familiar and very friendly design, whose circularity makes it stand out.

Why brands are saying goodbye to fonts like Helvetica

It’s beyond a trend at this point and becoming a standard part of branding to have a bespoke font.

Although until recently standard fonts like Helvetica held up as “good enough” options, the limits of using fonts that haven’t been meaningfully updated in half a century have become apparent.

Beyond the technical limitations that prompted Google and Apple to strike out with their own bespoke fonts, IBM have shown us that typography is a great opportunity to extend your brand identity.

Think about how many brands are trying to engage with us online. Think of how many brands make video content, or run blogs designed to bring us into their ecosystem. Think of how marketing and advertising has changed.

No longer should brands need to show you their logos to have you know it’s them. It should be in their colors, in their copy and in their typography. 

Bespoke fonts offer brands more control over their identity, and in some cases can even save them money in the long run.

With brands extending themselves in ways that weren’t imaginable a decade ago, it’s never been more important to have your brand’s identity ooze out of every asset you use – from your color palette, to the way you dot your ‘i’s and cross your t’s.

Stand out with a distinctive font of your own

Not every brand is going to be able to afford to have a custom font created for them from scratch. But that doesn’t mean you automatically have to default to standard fonts like Helvetica. 

Distinctive typography that aligns with your brand’s identity can be found more easily than ever. 

Here are a few great options to pick from.

A modern angular typeface, Abside by hederaedesign focuses on clarity and minimalism. It’s clear to read, even from a distance, thanks to its spacing and the simplicity in each letter’s shape. But its also easy on the eye thanks to the subtle rounded edges of each letter.

Including seven weights, plus italics in each weight, Metrisch by formikalabs is based on traditional geometric construction, with its letter size wider and x-heights taller than average. It features clean vertical cuts on the terminals, and sharp corners that strike a balance that is smooth and refined. 

The weights range from extra light to extra bold. It can make for a great logo or headline, as much as it can work well as a body font. 

Alma Mono by dafeld is striking. It comes in five different weights, looking stunning in both extra light and extra heavy renders. Its rounded corners give it a soft, friendly feel. While the stark simplicity of each letter’s shape makes the font look minimalistic and modern.

Reef is a simple sans-serif font. Its rounded corners and terminals make it appear smooth and clear. And each letter is contained in a small amount of space, making it great for fitting lots of content on a small screen.

It’s a distinctive font that would work well in logos and headings. 

Inspired by classic fonts like DIN, Eurostile and Futura, Frank is perfect for the 21st century. With characters that suit a wide array of languages, and its unapologetically clear and, if you will, frank design, it’s distinctive and functional. 

Inspired by industrial signs, Martian B by crftsco is tidy and straightforward. Available in nine weights from thin to extra black, it’s perfect for signs, logos and headings. It’s strikingly modern, featuring purposeful curves within this mostly rectangular font.

Beautiful and minimal, Cebo Font by khurasan includes a number of different weights and an option with a drop shadow. It’s a great logo typeface for brands wanting to look extremely modern and futuristic. 

Script fonts are rising in popularity for some brands. And while it won’t suit all types of content, it’s great for headlines, slogans, logos and simple marketing messages. It will give things a personal touch. 

Another handwritten style of font, Ready by sunnytudu feels really modern and clean, two words not always associated with script typography. Each stroke making up the letters feels purposeful, but the narrow flicks like on the capital ‘F’, or between the two stems of the capital ‘H’, and the area on the lowercase ‘a’ where it looks like the marker has brushed past, give it an authenticity that’s impressive. 

A great display sans font, Glorynight Tall by yipianesia follows the octagonal form principle. It’s built to stand out and make a forceful impression. It’s great if you’re looking for something punchy and modern.

Turn that cap backwards and try and appeal to the youth demographic with this graffiti inspired font. Skylight Graffiti by RVQ is a clean, modern looking script font that feels fresh. Create a distinctive logo, or share brand slogans with a font that will be sure to catch the eye. 

Porter is a beautiful sans-serif font that comes in three weights and matching italics. While it’s extremely sleek and modern, the roundness of some characters and even proportions of each letter make it feel simple and friendly. 

Make your logo or marketing material look not only like you’ve written it with a market, but also, that you have beautiful handwriting with Amber Queen – Signature Font by maulanacreative. Its weight is elegantly narrow, its capital letters are slim and tall, and the cursive letters are clear and tidy. 

And finally, if your brand is all class, Astronout Signature by maulanacreative could be perfect for you. Aiming to give off the handcrafted feel of a signature, the typeface is well suited to stationary, logos and more.

I can picture using this on the poster for a cabaret at the Carlyle Hotel in New York. I’ll be sure to let you know where to get tickets. 


Whether it be because they look good on all sizes of screen, can be exclusively associated specific brands, or companies from paying yearly licensing fees, some of the biggest brands in the world are adopting bespoke fonts.

And although Helvetica is far from broken, typefaces specifically built for this moment in digital design are gaining popularity, and could become a standard part of branding.

We’ll be watching to see if this trend continues as the year unfolds.

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Why Is Blue the Internet’s Default Color? https://envato.com/blog/blue-internet-default-color/ Tue, 09 Jan 2018 01:11:41 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=64524 There is a lot of blue on the internet. Why?

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There is a lot of blue on the internet. Why?

Go Google something. Okay, now, go and check Facebook. Great, okay, now, pop onto Twitter. And, just to seal the deal, take a peek at your LinkedIn.

You know what you just saw a lot of? The color blue.

Blue is the most popular color on the internet by far. But as to why, well, that seems to be up for debate.

The atmosphere is blue

One reason might have to do with the atmosphere of the actual world. You know how the sky is blue? That’s a lot of blue we’re seeing every day. And you know how 71 percent of the earth is water, and water is blue? That, too, is a lot of blue we’re seeing every day.

It may, therefore, be argued that although we don’t acknowledge it, blue is a color we’re naturally acclimatized to. And because people want the experience of the internet, and technology to feel familiar, it’s not surprising that blue is so prevalent in digital design.

The next darkest color to black is blue

This is the blue Google uses for links on its search results pages.

Blue has long been the go-to color for links. But no one can seem to agree on exactly why, and who made that decision.

Internet folklore traces the popularity of links back to the father of the internet, Sir Tim Berners Lee. Some of the earliest pictures of him that feature links on his computer screen show links colored in blue.

But, Berners Lee, himself, has no memory of deciding on the color as the preferred choice for them. Mostly because when he popularized the practice of hyperlinks, he did it in the era of grayscale screens.

The path, therefore, leads us to Mosaic, an early internet browser, whose creators apparently decided to make blue the default color of links, because it was the color closest to black in its contrast to white, thus making it the next most legible color choice for web pages.

Since then, some shade of blue has been a staple of search results pages, and a color most of us probably see on a daily basis.

The only color he could see all of was blue

When Mark Zuckerberg was building Facebook, in the days when he was still working out of a college dorm, the choice to make blue its main color was a no brainer. Mainly, because it wasn’t really a choice.

Zuckerberg is colorblind, unable to see red or green, and so blue is the only color he can fully interpret, which made his decision to make Facebook blue a pretty easy one.

The social network being one of the most popular sites in the world, and surely something most of us look at multiple times a day, has continued the trend of blue being the color we see most often online.

41 shades of blue

Apparently this is your favorite shade of blue. How do I know? Well, nearly a decade ago, Google, which was not exactly considered a purveyor of design, had an inconsistency.

Its homepage featured a button that used one shade of blue, and Gmail featured a button that used another.

They decided to standardize the shade they were using, but which blue were they going to choose?

To find out, they ran a bunch of user tests, testing a number of shades of blue that were almost imperceptibly different. How many blues? 41 to be exact.  

As is talked about in the biography, Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!, this story has become something of a legend. A tech company, and a manager, who, rather than trusting the gut of their designers, used data to make a design decision.

I’m not saying it’s good or bad. But, what I am saying is that the winning blue has been one of Google’s main colors ever since.

The Most popular color on the internet

In 2016, designer Paul Hebert did an analysis of the ten most popular sites on the internet, according to Alexa.com, and scraped data about the colors they were using. What he found wasn’t super surprising. The most popular color by far is blue.

So, why?

Perhaps it is because the sky and sea are blue. Perhaps it’s because one influential person just decided he or she liked the color blue. Whatever the truth is of its origin, blue is the internet, and indeed, the entire world of design’s default color.

It can be inoffensive.

In your face.

Buttoned up and professional.

Warm and inviting.

Cold and alienating.

Vibrant and fresh.

Neutral and not distracting.

And, algorithmically correct.


The color blue is many things. But more than anything else, it is the most popular color on the internet.

Find your best blue

Here are ten beautiful blue backgrounds you can download right now with Envato Elements, our curated subscription to the best assets in design.

Using the generative art style, this set of 3D geometric backgrounds uses a rich royal blue that’s warm and inviting. 

Hexagon Backgrounds | Blue features sixteen futuristic designs using the shape and different tones of blue.

A collection of beautiful space themed backgrounds featuring different shades of a blue night sky, and glistening stars.

A wider, darker collection of illustrations of deep space. This features deeper blues, purple and a range of other colors.

This pack of corporate geometric backgrounds includes this inoffensive, professional blue. 

This beautiful collection of flat bubble backgrounds gives you delightful options like this one, featuring friendly, or bubbly, if you will, shades of blue.

A set of unique, tiled swirls in different colors including this understated, earthy blue. 

A fresh design following the concept of an explosion of particles. It features an understated, but warm blue in the background, with a lighter blue coloring the particles. 

A really slick, abstract pattern. Featuring, dark and light tones of blue, against a navy and black background. 

And finally, some bright, friendly blues in the form of playful waves make up this pack of inviting backgrounds. 

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Authentic stock photography is the trend of 2018

In the world of stock photography, there once was a time where the staged photograph was the apple of every digital creative’s eye. Where the image of a businessman on a white background looked slick. Where a story about technology required a matrix style image of an animated head surrounded by 1s and 0s. And, of course, where a group high-five looked normal. 

Now, today, many digital creatives are wanting something different. 

“Authenticity” is now the word of the day, and people are looking for high quality photography that speaks true to how people and places look and feel. 

So, with that in mind, here’s a curated list we’ve put together of some of the best authentic stock photography of 2018. 

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38 High-Quality Apple Keynote Templates You Need to Be Using for Your Next Presentation https://envato.com/blog/38-high-quality-keynote-templates/ Thu, 28 Dec 2017 06:50:42 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=64064 Since its inception as a program purpose-built for Steve Jobs to use during his product presentations, Apple Keynote has come a long way. Now, next to Microsoft PowerPoint, it’s one of the most popular presentation programs in the world. But with its popularity comes a challenge for us users: how to make your next Keynote […]

The post 38 High-Quality Apple Keynote Templates You Need to Be Using for Your Next Presentation appeared first on Envato.


Since its inception as a program purpose-built for Steve Jobs to use during his product presentations, Apple Keynote has come a long way. Now, next to Microsoft PowerPoint, it’s one of the most popular presentation programs in the world. 

But with its popularity comes a challenge for us users: how to make your next Keynote presentation stand out? Easy. Use a pre-made template. 

We’ve gone through the library of our subscription service, Envato Elements, and picked the most stunning high quality Keynote templates to make your next presentation pop.

Looking for a modern business template? Take a look at this one by SimpleSmart. Martin Keynote Business Template mixes a refreshing white canvas with three color schemes featuring stylish grays, blues and purples highlights in its color schemes. It’s very clean and minimal and comes with 120 slide templates, over a thousand customizable vector shapes, infographic, data chart, portfolio and timeline templates. 

Very clean and corporate, Startup Keynote Template by SlideEmpire is a great choice for a good looking, professional presentation. Featuring four fresh color themes, 70 unique slide templates, 450 vector icons and more, this one’s a solid choice for many in business.

This template is slick in its use of a dark gray background, white text and light blue highlights, but its use of bold headline fonts, animated infographics, and clever layouts make it accessible and inviting. It features 58 unique slide layouts, 4K resolution, light and dark versions of the color scheme, and image placeholders that are drag and drop functional. 

With a modern color palette and minimalistic layout, Pitch will lift your presentation into something bold. Featuring more than 120 unique templates, HD resolution, six ready made color themes, 500 easily editable fonts and icons, drag and drop image placeholder functionality, and an overall elegant look, you’ll hit it out of the park with this pack.

Company Profile is a popular corporate but fresh template. It features nice color options mixing a canvas of white with light blues and coral greens. Some of its layouts also feature lay the scheme out to elicit a gradient-like effect which is very in right now. It comes with sixty unique slide layouts, four color themes, 450 vector icons, as well as a dark version of the theme. 

Created for professional, ELFA gives you 170 clean, modern and creative slide layouts, over a thousand icons, custom animations for each element and more. Out of the box it has a very modern, versatile look. But more than anything, it’s ready to go to impress your boss, colleagues or your next client.

Wanting to hook in a younger demographic to focus on your presentation? Consider this fashion focused template by BOXKAYU. Featuring a minimal color scheme that makes great use of white space and elegant black text and shapes, this template is in vogue. It includes five color variants, unique layouts and will also suit presentations on photography, food and architecture.

A great choice for designers and creative agencies, Tormund by Slidehack features a very bold color scheme. With a base of charcoal gray, its highlight color, yellow, pops. It features extremely clean layouts, templates for data driven charts, company profiles, maps and more. It also comes with over 500 font icons, elegant transition animations, and all the slides are high resolution.

This one’s corporate with a capital ‘C’. Professional by SlideEmpire gives you everything you’ll need for a business focused presentation. Out of the box you’ll get a set of four fresh but muted color schemes, 60 unique slide templates and 450 vector icons to choose from. It’s a great choice for a straightforward, professional presentation.

This beautiful, bright template pack is bold but very accessible. The color contrast of a white base and bright colors will make your slides eye catching. And its 35 unique slide layouts that include business plan, annual report, investor pitch deck, proposal and more mean that you’ll be ready for pretty much any presentation.

If you’re a fan of gradients, you’ll be a fan of this. Granite by SlideFactory makes great use of the trendy semi-transparent gradient in its layouts here, giving the corporate keynote a bit of a taste of what’s in vogue. Things still look very professional in this pack that comes with 20 unique slide templates, 3 color schemes including blue, peach and green and light and dark themes. 

Yet another fashion focused template pack from BOXKAYU, this one has a bigger emphasis on photography. The layouts are more experimental, with text overlapping onto the image placeholders, meaning the success of this templates relies on how high quality your images are. Once again it features a mostly black and white color scheme, although the elements features are a little heavier than the light ones in their other fashion template. A great use of this template will make for a visually stunning presentation.

A very versatile pack, it includes 20 unique slide templates, dark and light background variations, 3 color themes (yellow, blue and green) and more. 

This truly stunning template pack is perfect for a comprehensive presentation. With a robust set of layouts and features including 98 unique slide variations, you’ll find everything you need to do a detailed and clear presentation.

Like its counterpart, Pitch, the sequel Pitch 2 contains much the same layout but with bolder colors. If you want a minimal but modern set of templates with pinks and blues that pop, then this one’s for you. Take advantage of the 95 unique slide options, the more than 500 editable font icons, editable charts, device mockups and more. And it’s all in high resolution.

An extremely contemporary template, Moksawa by Slidehack emphasizes high quality photography and bold typography. It uses a lot of white space and minimal color. It’s a refreshing alternative from a lot of other templates that stick to the long held conventions of a slideshow presentation. This will make your Keynote look more like the inside of an indie magazine. It features over 120 unique slide layouts, 6 color themes, drag and drop functionality with the image placeholders, maps and a whole bunch more.

Professional and visually stunning, Contact by Haluze has the potential to take your audience’s breath away. Filled with tons of elements including layouts, maps, infographics, vector icons and more, this pack blends exceptional functionality with exquisite design. 

Bright and slick, The Agency by Slidehack will help you make an impression. With layouts that provide a healthy balance between high resolution imagery and a focus on the content, you’ll get your ideas across in style. The pack includes fully editable shapes, colors, fonts and more. And it’s fit for a high resolution screen. 

What makes Cascada so breathtaking is its simplicity. The layouts included in this pack are incredibly functional, but the efficient arrangements of the elements in each layout, as well as the color options included, make it unique. There are 120 slide templates to choose from, vector shapes, chart, infographic, timeline layouts among others, and it’s all in Full High Definition.

Minimal Sale, as its title suggests, is great for product presentations. Features a pastel blue base with orange highlights and still a healthy amount of white space, this template gives off an airy ‘lifestyle’ sort of vibe. It includes a strong use of photography in its layouts, and provides iPad, and Apple Watch product mockups for you to display your content on. The drag and drop functionality it provides should make this quite easy.

X Note by Slidehack features a a welcome soft color palette. With a low profile dark gray canvas and a pleasant selection of coral greens, blues and purples, the pack looks modern but not overwhelmingly so. It features 4 pre-made themes, each with 40 unique slide templates, device mockups, image placeholders and more. It’s all fully editable, it’s all drag and drop and it’s all in high resolution.

Az features soft colors on a timeless white background and provides 20 pre-made color variations, bright and dark variations, 130 unique custom slides, fully editable shapes, icons and mockups and more. Great if you want something modern yet inviting. 

Featuring a white canvas and gray text with subtle highlight colors, Nova will give your presentation an almost heavenly injection of minimalism. The slide layouts are very clean, bordering on sparse, and when color and imagery is added, the layouts provide a welcome balance between the two. 60 creative unique slide layouts are included, there are 4 color themes, 450 vector icons and a dark version included. 

With dark and light versions included, ATULAH is bold but clean. It has a strong focus on images, so you’ll want to have some high quality ones at hand and its color scheme features a teal highlight color that’s very modern. 

Featuring a signature pastel blue as its main highlight color, this light theme is very soft and inviting. It’s a very polished set of slides that offer a lot of customization. You can drag and drop your images into the placeholders, add or remove text boxes, change colors, add gradients and more. It’s beautiful as is but it’s also versatile enough for you to make it whatever you want it to be.

This striking set of slide templates looks inspired by European fashion magazines. The bold use of its feature color, mixed with the creative layouts draw the eye to what matters in really unique ways. This is one to consider if you want to make a statement. A really good choice for creative agencies. 

Clean and friendly, Sapphire features 30 modern and elegant slides, 5 color variations, infographics, illustrations and more. Great if you need a versatile collection of slides that will look good no matter the context. 

This stunning set of grayscale slides will make your presentation truly elegant. Featuring 80 unique slides, photo and project galleries, easily editable charts, timelines, free fonts, vector icons and more, it provides all you’ll need to create a truly beautiful presentation. 

Ultimate provides a welcome freshness that is much needed in corporate presentations. It’s versatile enough to suit a wide variety of needs, but in a corporate setting, with its use of white space, a fresh color palette and gradients – which are very on trend – it’ll add an energy to your presentation that will turn heads. It includes 60 unique slide variations, 4 color themes, 450 vector icons and a alternate dark version. 

Sella features an extremely sleek mix of photography and text. Each slide layouts features at least one element that jumps off the screen and captures the eye. But its counterbalanced by the layout of the rest of the content, and that’s the genius of this theme by Levato. There are 40 multipurpose slides included, infographics, iPhone, Macbook and iPad mockups, charts and more. 

Great for presentations from a live events company, Madness by dirtylinestudio feels very modern and really just very cool. Feature a number of semi-transparent gradient overlays covering high quality images with text and icons on top, as well as a number of other contemporary layouts, it resembles the style of web design that’s very in vogue today. It’s bold, exciting and will leave a striking impression. 

Tech by pulsecolor is a very popular presentation template. It features bright colors on a fresh white background, clean layouts and it’s really easy to edit and customize. 15 color variations are included, handmade infographics, vectors and other easily editable elements. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something fresh and professional. 

Agio is a minimalist Keynote template pack by punkl. While featuring a lot of white and gray, it features a beautiful blue highlight color by default that makes it seem friendly and modern. 70 unique slide layouts are included, 9 color schemes and images can be added by simply dragging and dropping. 

This template pack is extremely simple and elegant. It uses color sparingly, allowing for your text and images to speak for itself. It features 41 unique slide layouts, the ability to drag and drop images into placeholders, it’s fully animated and it can suit a variety of different needs. 

Listen up hipsters, the image of a pineapple probably already tipped you off but this one’s for you. In all seriousness though, Be. is a kooky yet very tidy template best suited for creatives. Designers should like the focus on bold images, and headings that draw the eye. The layouts, text hierarchy and sparing use of color should be pleasing to most with an eye for design. With with 125 unique slide variations, it’s versatile enough to suit whatever kind of presentation they’re aiming to put on. 

StartUP is perfect for a presentation to investors or for a conference. The slide layouts are very clear and professional, and the color scheme lends itself to that crossover of business and technology. It comes with 23 unique slide templates, easily editable colors and shapes, and an iPhone mockup. 

This template is fresh but very suited to a corporate. It features a very clean design with some colorful elements. But mostly its design is very restrained and purposefully professional. There’s a light and dark version, it comes with 20 color schemes, 100 unique slide layouts, drag and drop image insertion in placeholders and resizable and editable vector icons. 

And finally, this uber creative template from dirtylinestudio makes a remarkable statement. Suitable mostly for a creative studio, it features some really modern design elements including striking rectangle outlines colored with a gradients, pink/red accents on the boarders of slides and under headings and really creative layouts incorporating photography and product mockups. And result isn’t alienating as some ultra creative templates can be. Instead the color palette that’s here by default is warm and inviting. So is the choice of font. Therefore, while it may be best suited to a presentation by a creative agency, it could well work for most professional presentations. 


Well there you have it. A sensational selection of high quality Apple Keynote templates you can choose from to lift your next presentation into something memorable. 

If you have any suggestions for templates from Envato you’ve used in Keynote presentations, be sure to let us know on the Envato Forums. 

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The Top Design Trends of 2017, and Envato’s 2018 Predictions https://envato.com/blog/the-top-design-trends-of-2017-and-envatos-2018-predictions/ Mon, 18 Dec 2017 05:45:20 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=62343 Top trends in web design, audio, video, graphics design, and more - all picked by the Envato team.

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It’s been a big year. 

To recap, we’ve put together this list – curated by the team at Envato – of our top ten trends of the year, and predictions for what will be popular in 2018. Of course, there’s a lot more that happened in 2017 than what’s in this top ten.

A few honorable mentions for trends this year:

Here’s the list of our top ten trends of 2017:

#1: Geometric shapes

"Geometric and polygon art was big in 2017. Backgrounds, textures, and more, all with regular lines and repeating patterns."
David Appleyard
Editor, Envato Tuts+

From zig-zig geo patterns to retro triangles and designs, we saw geometric patterns everywhere this year. It’s also a simple style to try some DIY design – you can learn about it in 60 seconds, or try your hand at creating your own simple geometric pattern.

Pop 3D Geo Patterns by hughadams
Geometric Patterns by WildOnes
Winter Geometric Seamless Patterns by Wutip
Color Blocking Patterns by Youandigraphics

#2: All tropical everything

"2017 had us dreaming of luxurious holidays, complete with lush palm trees, exotic fruit and beautiful wildlife. It was a real feast for the eyes."
Kate McInnes
Quality Media Specialist, Envato
Image: Tropics, GraphicRiver
Tropical Night Flyer, GraphicRiver
Tropical Summer Party Flyer, GraphicRiver
Seamless Tropical Pattern, GraphicRiver

Kate’s honorable mention in design trends: fidget spinners, which got so big this year that they made it into the stock graphics & photography scene. 

#3: Fast typography in video

"One of the biggest trends of this year is fast typography. In an era where we’re constantly overwhelmed by the amount of information being thrown at us, the popularity of templates that help deliver messages in fast, visually engaging ways has risen.
Dom Hennequin
Community & Blog Editor, Envato

Fast typography templates: 

Stomp – Typographic Intro by Mnemonick

Rhythmic Typography by blinque

Rhythmic Opener by levmotion

Urban Opener // Dynamic Open by makcinema

#4: Color fonts

"Color fonts are poised to take over the graphic design world in 2018... this unashamedly in-your-face trend promises to put the fun back into typography."
Grace Fussell
Writer, Tuts+

The Fiesta Color font (pictured below – available to download on Envato Elements or DIY with this tutorial) highlights a new trend of colorful, custom fonts. We think this trend will continue into 2018. 

Confetti Type by rhett
RibOne font by Sentavio
Circle Dot Alphabet by itefan
Oilvare Font by adamladd
Abstract ABC by Jim_LePage

#5: Future bass

"THE dominant 2017 audio trend on AudioJungle was Future Bass. While there've been a few noteworthy emergences, such as the SynthWave renaissance we're seeing, it's the contagious sub-lines, the slick sidechaining, and the catchy chopped vocals that have made Future Bass the big consistent winner this year, which is still non-stop exploding.
AudioJungle review team

What’s next in audio trends for 2018? The reviewers said that “we may expect to see a continued and rising interest in ’80s Synthwave (à la Blade Runner, Stranger Things), Hybrid HipHop tracks (sporty stuff!) and we also have the more subtle Chill-Step showing strong signs of proliferation.”

#6: Simplicity in email design

"I think email will become sharper, smarter and more simplified... there will still be GIF's, but they'll be subtle and interactive at times. Text and content will be more concise, and I think emails will be created based on that premise. I imagine we'll actually see more text-dominant emails with text links, and less overwhelming imagery."
Monica McCormick
Email Marketing Specialist, Envato
Email: Airbnb
Email: School of Life

#7: Return of the 90's (and 80's)

"2017 was big on bringing back loads of 90's design, especially early 90's American pop influenced design. We're seeing more nods to the 80's creeping in. 2018 could see us rehashing more 80's & 90's pop designs, as well as grunge, earthy tones being used in creative ways."
Sharon Milne
Editor, Envato Tuts+
Tutorial: How to Create a 90s Style Event Flyer in Adobe InDesign
Tutorial: How to Create a 90s Graphical Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop

#8: 2D + 3D design

"We're going to see a lot more of 3D and faux 3d effects, abstract & geometrical elements flowing into the designs to help enhance the visual impact of landing pages, hero sections and newsletters. This will naturally also expand into print and out-of-home advertising platforms. With the evolution of screen technology in recent years, motion graphics will be taking advantage of this design language and have a particularly strong presence in 2018."
Calin Teodorescu
Social Media, Envato

Can you tell the difference between stock photos and 3D designs?

Check out our side-by-side comparisons: How 3D Renders Are Being Used for 2D Artwork

#9: More microinteractions

"These small “product-related moments” add magic to sites, delighting and surprising users, while at the same time engaging users and enhancing user experience."
Jenni McKinnon
Freelance writer, Envato

A microinteraction is a small moment that accomplishes a single task. We’ve seen them everywhere from social media sites to our WordPress themes on Themeforest, and it’s a design detail that will only grow in popularity. 

Image: Surprise and Delight: How Microinteractions Can Bring a Boring Website to Life

#10: Print isn't dead

"Designers feel strongly and positively about print, and print remains crucial to how professional graphic designers make a living. Print lends itself to certain audiences and offerings where communication needs to be retained, contemplated, touched or trusted."
Eric Schwartz
Content Insights Manager, Envato

According to a study done by Graphic Design USA (GDUSA), 97% of graphic designers work on print design projects, compared to 36% who work on TV, film, or video projects. The top print project types include brochures, marketing materials, cards, and direct mail. 

Clean Proposal by RoyalBlackStudio
Movember Event Flyer by Guuver
Business card template with red design by PixaSquare
Vengeance Poster / Flyer by ninebrains

Agree or disagree? Let us know what your favorite trends of 2017 were, and what you predict will be big in 2018. 

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38 Best WordPress Themes You Can Download Right Now from Envato Elements https://envato.com/blog/38-best-themes-can-download-right-now-envato-elements/ Thu, 14 Dec 2017 21:24:03 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=62741 A round-up of the best business, eCommerce, creative and blog themes you can download right now from Elements.

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ICYMI, WordPress themes are now available to download from Envato Elements!

What does that mean? If you’re a designer, marketer or creative who downloads a lot of digital products, like photography, illustrations, icons, patterns, backgrounds, themes and plugins, then you probably fork out a lot of money to buy these things.

With Elements, you don’t have to think twice about what you download. Our subscription marketplace is like Netflix or Spotify and you download all the WordPress themes you want for one annual fee. How convenient is that!

To help you get started, I’ve put together this collection of some of the most popular theme you can download right now from Elements, including business, eCommerce, creative and blog themes.

New themes are being added all the time so be sure to check back often in case you miss anything!

Business and Corporate Themes:

Futurico – Business WordPress Theme

You’ll make a solid first impression with this dynamic business theme, which features modern fonts, strong iconography and parallax scrolling. Other features include a customizable pricing table, team slider and a great homepage showcase for your latest work.

KingMa | Creative Business One & MultiPage Theme

With its smooth scrolling, parallax design and CSS3 animations and attention to details, KingMa is a solid business theme that includes all the trimmings – a team carousel sliders, stunning icons, a pricing table, and 12 different homepage designs.

Apoa – Business WordPress Theme

Apoa provides a strong foundation for building your business websites. Built on Bootstrap v3.3.5, it comes with detailed documentation, custom shortcodes, support for post formats and a comprehensive theme options panel. Other nice features include Google Maps integration and Google Fonts.

Solicitor Law Business Responsive WordPress Theme

You know how some themes don’t feel like real-life? Okay, maybe it’s just me. But when I first checked out this theme I thought I was looking at a site for an actually law firm. The power of well-selected stock photography, maybe? Whatever the case may be, this theme is a great choice if you work in the legal sector.

A few more:

eCommerce and WooCommerce themes:

Cosi – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

This cute and colorful theme is hugely versatile. There are a bunch of different homepage designs to choose from, as as well as various header, footer, blog and portfolio layouts. It’s super easy to customize, too, with unlimited color combinations and 30+ shortcodes so you can change up how the elements look on the page.

Fashionist – WooCommerce WordPress Theme

With its gorgeous hero header slider, tight typography and beautiful design, this theme is ideal for classy stores looking to impress. It’s packed with features to help any store owner make the most of their online presence – drag and drop customization, MailChimp integration, mega menu and 25 PSD layouts included.

EOVO – Creative & eCommerce WordPress Theme

A stylish theme for the modern business if ever there was one. This theme will make great use of your photography with its abstract design and multiple layouts. There are 8 creative homepage designs and lots little extras like PSD files, lots of header and footer layouts, blog and portfolio templates, and an mega menu support.

Trendify – Fashion eCommerce WordPress Theme

This dapper theme is both easy to use and functional. It comes with 6 homepage design variations and lots of useful integrations for store owners who don’t want o mess around with code, including WPBakery Visual Composer (for drag and drop customizations), Slider Revolution and OWL Carousel.

A few more:

Creative and Portfolio Themes:

Oliver – Classic & Minimal WordPress Theme

Looking for a minimalist theme to showcase your writing? You can’t go wrong with this theme. Oliver does the basics well. It features post formats support, various blog layouts (including regular, grid and masonry), various header designs and a beautiful gallery (both lightbox and slider).

uCard – Animated vCard WordPress Theme

At first glance this portfolio theme looks very basic. But when you start clicking around you quickly realize it’s actually feature-rich and incredibly well-designed. For the curious eye, there’s lots to discover – a cute and quirky “About me” page, clean icons, a punchy portfolio and a functional blog.

MAMA – Creative Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Don’t be fooled by this theme’s seemingly minimalist design. It’s all in the scrolling, which is hard to explain, you really need to see it for yourself. I suppose it’s split-page scrolling? Whatever it is, it’s attention-grabbing and a great choice for agency’s and creatives looking for something a bit different.

Dropout – Creative Multi-Purpose Theme

From it’s parallax slider header to smooth scrolling and AJAX portfolio posts, this is a theme that has been designed and developed with form and function in mind. There are so many ways you could customize this theme – all you need to do is one-click import and demo and start using the drag and drop builder to change up how the designs looks.

Adios | Portfolio WordPress Theme

With its subdued color scheme and bold typography, Adios is a design-drive and sophisticated theme. It comes with 9 homepage layouts and a collection of portfolio options so you can showcase your work. There are also shortcodes for all kinds of things, including blockquotes, Google Maps, icons, image sliders and counters.

A few more:

Magazine and Blog Themes:

Richter – Creative WordPress Blog Theme

This no-nonsense theme covers all the blogging basics and more. It features simple customization, modern typography (and lots of options to change fonts), CSS3 animations, Font Awesome icons, and the ability to hide elements.

Koala – Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Ignore the tech speak placeholder text for a minute and imagine your own content in this theme. One of the best features of this design is the ability to feature a background image – ideal for food and travel bloggers. This theme is also hugely customizable, with multiple layout options, a stack of shortcodes, custom widgets and 585+ Font Awesome icons.

Slate – Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Slate is a flexible theme featuring a two-column layout – not something you see all that often in theme design. It comes with 80+ theme customizer options, infinite post loading and is fast – it achieves a score of 93+ on Google PageSpeed Insights.

Passion Blogger – A Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme is ideal for anyone who runs a small business and wants their website to reflect their individuality. There are 10 different homepage designs, so you’re bound to find one that resonates with you. There’s also mega menu support, unlimited colors, a widgetized footer and lots more customizations in the WordPress theme customizer.

A few more:

This is just a small collection of what you’ll find at Envato Elements. So if you didn’t see a theme you like in the list above, head over to our subscription marketplace for more stunning WordPress themes.

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Nature: The Best Photography from Parks, Mountains, and More https://envato.com/blog/nature-best-photography-parks-mountains/ Sun, 10 Dec 2017 22:42:51 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=58281 "Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads." Henry David Thoreau 

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Font: AutoRich Monoline Script

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” Henry David Thoreau 

Our beautiful planet is a source of inspiration for artists, writers, and creators, and a home for all living things. Respecting the power Mother Earth yields and honoring all of the natural wonders and exquisite beauty she provides, we curated a photo collected around the theme of Nature.

Victoria Falls Aerial by edan3
The beautiful Bruarfoss waterfall by elxeneize
Moraine lake by Galyna_Andrushko
Himalaya Mountain Peaks from Cho La pass, Inspirational Autumn L by blas
Sunrise landscape of foggy and cloudy mountain valley by Pilat666
American Bald Eagles by lowthian
Alps by ivankmit
Roe-deer in the morning mist by johan10
beautiful huanglong autumn scenery in China by chuyu2014
Waterfall of Krka National Park, Croatia by nblxer
Beautiful waterfalls by viki2win
Jungle Canopy by macropixel
Grizly Bear at Alaska by Gleb_Tarassenko
Lagoon In The Jungle by pawopa3336
Gunung Rinjani volcano by pawopa3336
Active Volcano of Kamchatka: Eruption Klyuchevskoy Volcano at Sunrise by Kamchatka
Spectacular Aurora borealis Northern Lights by pilens
Milky way at Sam Pan Bok grand canyon, Ubon ratchathani, Thailand by lkunl
Sunset at the coral beach by dibrova
sunset by porojnicu

Browse more photos on Envato Elements. And check out some of our other curated photo collections below:

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7 WordPress Plugins for Streamlining Your Workflow https://envato.com/blog/7-wordpress-plugins-streamlining-workflow/ Thu, 07 Dec 2017 21:08:24 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=59049 As a freelancer or agency, you know how tiresome and distracting it can be to field emails, schedule client meetings, and actively work to generate leads for your business.

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Typically, when a business considers automating their workflow, it requires a number of tools to cover all their bases. You’re likely already doing this with CRM software, finance management tools, and a collaboration platform. Of course, that’s not to say that utilizing multiple tools is inefficient; you’re simply using the ones that get the job done best for that specific task in your workflow.

When it comes to managing and streamlining workflows for the digital face of your business, though, there’s really only one tool you need and that’s WordPress. With thousands upon thousands of beautifully designed plugins to choose from, you can streamline a number of processes and save yourself the time and frustration of having to manually attend to them.

As a freelancer or agency, you know how tiresome and distracting it can be to field emails, schedule client meetings, and actively work to generate leads for your business. All you want to do is focus on doing your work and managing your business. So, if you’re not already taking advantage of these 7 WordPress plugins to streamline your workflow, then you should start right now.

Ninja Kick by looks_awesome

For: Contact forms

Without a contact form, your visitors would be relegated to calling, emailing, or finding another way to get in touch—and those contact methods tend to take up a lot of your time, too. With Ninja Kick, you can simplify the whole contact process between visitors and yourself.

The cool thing about Ninja Kick is that it’s not just a contact form plugin. Rather, this is a plugin that removes the additional friction that happens when visitors have to click on a CTA in order to find your contact form. With this plugin, your contact form slides or pops onto the screen, keeping visitors in one spot and giving them what they want right away.

Superfly by looks_awesome

For: Navigation

In another example of how you can remove friction from the user experience, there is the Superfly plugin. Similar to how Ninja Kick works, this one makes your website’s navigation easier to interact with by removing the need to click it open. It also creates a more attractive and engaging navigation animation, keeping your visitors’ focus trained on moving around the site and not off of it.

Email Customizer by cxThemes

For: Email marketing

Now, for those of you who have monetized your site with WooCommerce, you know how important it is to continue to foster a relationship with your customers. It should never end with the purchase. That’s why transactional emails are a crucial part in maintaining contact with them, even after the sale is made. Of course, those emails need to be composed and pushed out to your customers, so that requires work on your part. Right?

You’ll be happy to know that there is a way to automate this process with the Email Customizer plugin. And, not only that, this plugin will help you create beautifully designed transactional emails, so your automated responses won’t just be a simple “thank you”, but instead something more impressive.

Flow-Flow by looks_awesome

For: Social media

Marketing is one of those parts of your business that inevitably will require an investment of your time. However, that doesn’t mean that the sharing of content needs to be as cumbersome on your workflow, especially when you have a plugin like Flow-Flow that simplifies the integration of social media feeds into your WordPress website.

Booked by BoxyStudio

For: Client or customer registration

Registration plugins tend to be associated with websites for hospitality businesses like restaurants and hotels, so you’re likely familiar with them if you’ve built sites for those types of clients.

But what about for your own website? If you’re in the business of doing client-based project work, then you probably have a system in place whereby you schedule an initial call to meet with prospective clients, discuss their needs, and provide consultation on next steps. Using a registration plugin to schedule those initial feeler calls wouldn’t be such a bad idea then. You’d be able to spend less time watching the phone or your inbox and more time working.

Events Schedule by Curly Themes

For: Event calendars

One of the more effective and powerful ways to engage your audience is through “live” events: webinars, seminars, classes, and even local on-site events. If you’re offering this type of premium engagement for your audience, then you need a better way to organize it.

Using the Events Schedule plugin on your WordPress site, you can post a calendar of upcoming events, sell tickets, manage bookings, and secure payment. All of this, of course, will be automated, so you can spend more time creating your presentation or planning your event and less time managing the intake of signups or collecting payments.

Rankie by ValvePress

For: Tracking SEO

Google Analytics, of course, is an essential tool everyone needs to keep track of what visitors are doing. Wouldn’t it also be nice to have a plugin that pulls more comprehensive information about your Google ranking into the WordPress dashboard? Well, Rankie will do that for you. In addition to keeping you informed of your site’s rank, it also comes with a keyword research tool to help you continually work on improving that rank.

Each of these WordPress plugins will give you a more streamlined workflow, freeing you up from tedious tasks you don’t need to be managing from day to day. If you’re already subscribed to Envato Elements, you’re in luck as all seven of these are included in your monthly subscription. And if you’re not yet signed up, now’s a good time. There are hundreds of thousands of templates, fonts, and photos waiting for you!

WordPress Plugins on Envato Elements

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Free Design Assets and WordPress Themes for December 2017 https://envato.com/blog/design-creative-freebies/ Tue, 28 Nov 2017 21:00:22 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=53947 All the freebies from Envato in one place! WordPress themes and plugins, video project files, stock photos, and more.

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Free design files: December 2017 Edition

Here's everything that's free to download across Envato this month!

Items available for free download this month on the Envato Elements free files page

Jean - Landing Page Template
Fireworks Layered PSD Graphics
Arson Typeface
Conference - Unbounce Landing Page
Balkan Mobile UI Kit
Text Portrait Mockup
Cocktails Party Poster
The Litae - Creative Portfolio / Agency Template
Wolf in the cold winter Stock photo
Yaquina Head Lighthouse at Pacific coast
Confidence WordPress theme

Free files of the month (from Envato's marketplaces)

Free WordPress themes to download this month: 

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A Busy Designer’s Guide to Building Websites More Efficiently with WordPress https://envato.com/blog/busy-designers-guide-building-websites-efficiently-wordpress/ Sun, 26 Nov 2017 21:10:26 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=59587 Tips and tricks for a smarter web design process.

The post A Busy Designer’s Guide to Building Websites More Efficiently with WordPress appeared first on Envato.

Image: Envato Elements

One of the great joys of being a web designer is booking a new project. You feel excited about the potential of your new journey. The process of designing the look, layout and functionality of a new website brings a creative high.

But what if you have multiple projects to work on? The reality is that most of us can’t afford to handle just one project at a time. More often, we’re forced to juggle different tasks simultaneously. It can be stressful and also drain you of creative energy.

When you have multiple projects to get done, you need to find efficiencies wherever possible. Fortunately, building websites with WordPress provides many opportunities to get things done faster without sacrificing quality (or your sanity). Here are some strategies and techniques for utilizing WordPress to create websites at peak efficiency.

Take Advantage of One-Click Installs

Installing WordPress the old-fashioned way is fairly simple, but it takes up precious time. Many web hosts now feature a one-click install that will do all the dirty work for you. Most often, you’ll find this feature in your hosting account’s control panel.

The entire process is quick and painless. Simply fill out a few fields with information such as the title of your site and desired login information. From there, the server handles the rest. No need to create a database or touch any configuration files.

Have an Unlimited Collection of Quality Themes

Starting from scratch for each new project is incredibly difficult and time-consuming. That’s why it makes sense to have a selection of quality themes on hand. Using the right theme will cover all the basics for you and get you off to a fast start. From there, you’re better able to focus on customizing things to match your vision for the project.

Image: Crispy | One & Multi Page WP

Of course, not every theme is suitable for every kind of website. Ideally you’ll want to acquire a healthy mix of both multipurpose and niche themes. That way you’ll be prepared to work on anything from a beauty salon or portfolio, all the way to a general business site.

It’s also important to have themes that are compatible with top plugins like WooCommerce, WPML and Visual Composer. You’ll get some peace of mind in knowing that the theme you’ve chosen can handle important functions like eCommerce and is able to be translated into other languages. Compatibility with a page builder plugin such as Visual Composer means that you can use it to build complex layouts in a remarkably short amount of time. The goal is to have enough flexibility to choose the best theme for your needs, rather than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

The rise of subscription services has made acquiring a large selection of premium WordPress themes much easier. For example, Envato Elements now has hundreds of WordPress themes included with your subscription for a flat monthly fee. So you’ll always have the perfect theme right at your fingertips.

Bonus Tip: Utilize Demo Content

Many WordPress themes include optional demo content that can be imported into your website. It provides you with a quick way to easily replicate a particular look that a theme offers. Some give you the choice of several demo types for a variety of specific uses. This can really save you some time and help when testing your site with different types of content.

Take Note of Reliable Plugins

Functionality needs differ from site to site, but it’s worthwhile to know which plugin works for a specific task. Experience is your friend here, as it will help you determine the right path.

There are also standbys that are common to just about every type of website. Think of contact forms, SEO, social media, image galleries, etc. These types of plugins are always in need.

Image: Super Interactive Maps Plugin

One challenge here is finding a reliable source for those plugins. While there are some outstanding choices available in the WordPress plugin repository, you often have to dig deep to separate the good from the bad.

You might benefit more from a subscription to a service offering premium plugins. There may be fewer options per category, but quality and consistency are much easier to find. It saves you from having to hunt around for the right plugin for things like booking appointments, creating forms or building Google Maps integration. Plus, this also allows you to try out various plugins without having to pay extra for a license.

Use Advanced Tools

Going a bit beyond the basics above, there are some more advanced options for rapidly building websites with WordPress. While they’re not for everyone, you may find that one or more of these tools makes life easier:


A command line interface for WordPress, WP-CLI lets you quickly perform tasks like installing and updating plugins – all without using a web browser. It’s particularly useful for managing multiple WordPress installations.

Automation Tools

Many busy designers and developers have turned to automation tools like Grunt and Gulp.js for greater efficiency. While they’re not solely for WordPress, they can be used alongside it to automate repetitive tasks such as updating WordPress core.

Bulk Install Plugins

If you have a standard set of plugins you install on every new website you build, Wp Favs could be a big help. It enables you to create lists of your favorite plugins that can be installed on your site with just a few clicks. Having multiple lists can serve as a way to categorize plugins based on need.

Get the Most Out of Your Time

Being busy with multiple projects is a good problem to have: It means that you’re in demand! But it takes organization and efficiency to truly thrive in this type of environment. Using WordPress combined with the tools and techniques above can help you successfully navigate your way through the process.

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