Technicolor Trends in Web Design

Minimalism is fine, but sometimes you just need some bright colors.

Maybe it’s a backlash against the trend of hyper-minimalist web design, but lately, I’ve been wanting to fill the white space on websites with bright colors and fun, eye-catching graphics. Here’s a list of sixteen of my favorite digital downloads right nowfrom artwork, videos, WordPress themes, and even some make-it-yourself optionsthat are anything but minimal.

I scream, you scream


How fun is this ice cream vector illustration? It’s easily editable, scalable, and ready to print (but not to eat).

Paint swirls on loop


A bright, swirling video background adds some dynamic movement to your video. Another creative use: as a looped GIF as a header image for your website or Medium publication, like on Lenny Letter or The UX Blog.

Soda shop-inspired


If you know your way around Adobe Illustrator, try making your own bright background with this step-by-step Kawaii Soda Shop tutorial. Adding faces to the food is optional.

Pineapple patterns


Pineapples are having a moment in design: they’re showing up everywhere, from socks to media companies. And now, you can add them to your web designs! If pineapples aren’t your thing, we’ve got some illustrated bananas and watermelon in similar illustration styles.

And more pineapple patterns


This pineapple feature image isn’t included in the WordPress theme, but here’s what is included: a responsive, retina-ready multicolor theme that’s made for agencies, freelancers, and designers.

A little offbeat


This digital paper pack includes “angels, gods, heroes, and horses from the distant past”. Whether you use it as a greeting card print or a web background, it’s bound to get some attention.

Layers of flowers


Another make-it-yourself option, using a bouquet photo and some textured patterns as a base for the design. It’s easy to use your own background and text, to customize the message.

For your creative idea


This bright graphic screams “creative idea” (literally). It’s also an Adobe Illustrator file, so you could color it in to match the color palette of your website or blog post.

Shiny paper


This art pack takes a literal approach to the ‘digital paper’ idea, with textures and metallic colors that you might find on gift wrap, but with a noisy, glitchy art effect.

Click, click


Writing about technology or the internet, but tired of the standard stock photos of laptops and minimalist desk scenes? This digital art pack has bright, flat illustrations of tech-related items, like browser windows and file folders.

For a bright portfolio grid


Clean lines and bright colors: what could be better? This material design-inspired portfolio theme has the option of creating a different accent color for each page, which is perfect for highlighting client work or livening up your website.

Fancy florals


These pretty patterns come in a package of 45+ styles in the digital art pack. If you’re creating a blog or a website, a mix-and-match approach would be a creative way to create a colorful, varied design that’s still consistent and on-trend.

Just some floating mouths


Teeth & Mouths Graphics: the graphics pack you didn’t know you needed. We love the idea of using these as patterns for clothing (maybe a good Halloween look?)

Stripes and roses


This pretty and simple DIY design uses classic designs, with black & white stripes and pink roses – but we bet it would look just as eye-catching with some neon stripes or unconventional color schemes.

Watch the lights shine


These abstract, looped backgrounds are perfect for bright-yet-subtle movement in the background of a video or website (and as indicated by the tags, they might also fit in at a nightclub or as background to a DJ set).

Let’s go on an adventure


We love the overlay of illustrations on top of their real-life counterparts, like the hand-drawn leaves layered on the forest image. This outdoorsy image set also includes a night sky, a bow-and-arrow design, and a whimsical compass pattern.


Featured designs  from Envato Market, Envato Elements, and Tuts+.

Brittany Jezouit

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