The Business of WordPress Theme Design

Jeffrey Way has been spreading the good news about ThemeForest. In an incredibly detailed post called The Business of WordPress Theme Design he speaks in detail about how to make a living designing WordPress themes.

One key focus of his article is the Envato marketplaces, which he calls the “Amazon of digital goods.”

Most notable to readers of this blog are ThemeForest and CodeCanyon, where we sell site templates and code components, respectively. So how does that relate to you, as a WordPress theme designer? Well, if I can be conceited enough to throw some numbers at you, I think this will peek your curiosity!

And quote statistics he does. Mind-blowing statistics like how much authors can make in a single month. Jeffrey teases: “I don’t know about you, but that’s well more than I make! Maybe I need to quit my day job.” It’s gratifying to work for a company that enables authors to do so well.

Here are the stats:

  • The top selling theme has made over $290,000 in sales.
  • The fastest selling theme has made $215,000 in just five months.
  • Authors can make as much as $50,000 in a single month.

Jeffrey goes on to convince theme-makers into embracing the “less is more” philosophy. Instead of selling your themes to big businesses for big bucks, sell them on ThemeForest for $20 or so. That type of thinking sounds counter-intuitive, and prompted the following response from one designer:

I did not spend 40 hours on a theme to sell it for $20. That’s .50 cents hour!

Have you ever had a similar thought? Understanding you might need some convincing, Jeffrey goes on to spend a few thousand more words proving his point, and then explains how authors can maximize their success on the marketplaces.

Have you taken the step of becoming an author on one or more of Envato’s marketplaces? Are you already on a marketplace but would like to be more successful? Then do yourself a favor. Read and absorb Jeffrey’s brilliant post. You won’t regret it!