The Risks of the Internet

Liking Risk by Adam Cutler

As Carmen rightly pointed out, LinkedIn have suffered a huge leakage of more than six million user passwords, not only jeopardising security on LinkedIn but also on sites where the user has the same password (e.g. Envato). Not only leading to account security failure but also the receiving of hundreds of scam emails for most people.

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Yet still, with these risks, millions of people (including myself!) still use LinkedIn and other sites that have been hacked in the past, ignoring the possible risks. Posing the question “How much data can hackers get access to and is it worth the risks?”

Two years ago Anonymous gained access to X Factor USA’s servers collecting addresses, numbers, emails, names and dates of birth. You name it they found it. Sony also had a similar attack but with their staff information taken instead. An email is easy to change, but not your address or phone number!

Do you think that it’s worth taking the risks? Leave your thoughts in the comments.