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From Alicia Keys to Soulja Boy, to brands like TopMan and global icons like Madison Square Garden – some of the biggest brands in the world have used web themes created by the author we’re focusing on today.

Artistic_Influence only joined ThemeForest a short time ago, so I was surprised to find their items being used by such a vast array of high profile celebrities and brands. “How have they done this?” I thought. The answer was, through a partnership with, Tumblr. Years before they were on ThemeForest, their themes were available on the social blogging site, and became widely used.

And so, today, we’re going to highlight five famous people and brands that have used themes from their portfolio, available right now on ThemeForest.

Alicia Keys

Item used: Ice Cream by Artistic_Influence

Who better to begin with than a Grammy Award winner? Alicia Keys is using Artistic_Influence’s theme, Ice Cream on her Tumblr page.

The Ice Cream theme is built for content creators. Designed to be a digital magazine, it makes an impeccable first impression, and supports all types of media from photos and text, to video and audio.

A perfect match for an artist like Keys. The 15 time Grammy Award winner mostly uses the theme to showcase photos and videos in a simple, sleek way.

You could say thanks to the Ice Cream theme, this Tumblr’s on fire.

Nina Sky

Item used: Ice Cream Theme by Artistic_Influence

R&B duo, Nina Sky has been using the same theme, too.

Images are front and center in this use of the theme, and thanks to the bright nature of the photography against the simple black background, the content really pops.

Made up of two identical twins, Nicole and Natalie, Nina Sky came onto the R&B scene in 2004. Since then they’ve released four records, including Brightest Gold in 2016.

Jessica Minh Anh

Item used: Ice Cream Theme by Artistic_Influence

Jessica Minh Anh is an up and coming fashion show producer and supermodel, who’s very popular on Instagram and Tumblr. She’s also used AI’s Ice Cream theme to juge up her Tumblr page.

Much like her couture fashion sense, Anh’s use of the Ice Cream theme is very in your face. Populated mainly by images and videos, including a huge wall of text as you scroll down, this blog has a definite scrapbook vibe, which makes it feel very personal, like a daily expression of what’s inspiring her.

Anh is famous for turning some of the world’s greatest icons into catwalks, including the Eiffel Tower, One World Trade Center, and, most notably the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which at 4,000 feet above the Colorado River, is the highest fashion show ever produced. Impressive.


Item used: Incredible by Artistic_Influence

Now, I swear this was not planned. I’m not being paid off, and I wish I was. TopMan, the hugely popular menswear retailer that just so happens to have designed this very shirt, is using another theme by Artistic_Influence, called Incredible.

It’s a case of the right theme for the right brand, as the Incredible theme’s expertise is in showing off images. TopMan’s fashion is both minimal, yet full of vibrant colors, and this theme really shows off the photos the company’s loaded into it.


Item used: Incredible by Artistic_Influence

And finally, guitar maker Fender are using the Incredible theme on their Tumblr page, too.

It’s funny how a single theme, laid out in the exact same way, can look so different. Fender’s Tumblr has a completely different feel to it, compared to TopMan’s, and it perfectly matches the brand. Its images are stylish, and very clean. And, while it uses a lot of text under its images and videos, it’s still a very tidy use of the ‘Incredible’ theme.

A real show of the versatility Artistic_Influence have built into their items.

What we’ve highlighted today is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to high profile figures and brands to have used one of Artistic_Influence’s themes. Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, the Sundance Film Festival, Soulja Boy and so many more have used items that are coming soon to the author’s portfolio. So, keep a lookout.

All the items mentioned in today’s show are available right now on ThemeForest, just follow the links below to check them out.

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