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Themefusion: our first $10 million seller!

24What a way to end 2015!Themefusion is a longtime favorite of Envato buyers. The design firm, created by Luke Beck and Muhammad Haris after they met on Envato Market, is responsible for the top selling theme on Themeforest – Avada.Now they’ve gone next level. This week the duo became the first ever Envato creative to make over $10 million in sales!

We asked Luke to reflect on Themefusion’s amazing success, and the ride along the way.

Did you have any idea you’d reach such a huge milestone when you started out?

We’d love to say yes, but we’d be lying! Every seller should have the confidence to succeed on Envato Market, we certainly did when we started out. But neither of us had any idea that three years later we’d have achieved this level of success. It’s quite amazing and completely surreal.

What’s been the highlight of the journey?

By far the amazing people we’ve met along the way. We started out with just the two of us, and have grown to a team of 20+ who we work with every day.

Our team is like a family, we take care of each other, help each other and have a lot of fun working together.

In addition, the amazing people at Envato have been a tremendous help along the way. Being able to do what you love from your own remote location, while helping others realize they can do the same thing is a big blessing.

Muhammad Haris – co-creator of Themefusion & Avada

What one tip would you give a brand new creative starting out in 2016?

Always take time to be your best and do what you know is right. Take risks and build up the people around you, listen to your customers and strive to grow in every way possible.

Lastly, we are very thankful for everyone who has made this achievement possible. For Envato creating such an amazing marketplace and to the buyers and sellers who make it so lively. To our team members who work so hard to keep producing new updates and keep our customers happy. Onwards!

Huge congratulations to Luke and Haris on this milestone – it’s one for the record books.

Here’s a special little something we cooked up for you in the office this Christmas Eve…

So who else might join them in the $10 million club in 2016…?

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