Top 10 Inexplicable Stock Photos

These days, using stock photos is a necessary part of online publishing. The abundance of stock photography options on the internet means that it’s possible to find the perfect photo to match your message.

However, stock photography can be notoriously dull, and there are a lot of photos to choose from in stock photo libraries. With so many options, there is an abundance of useful, beautiful photography. But today, I’ve browsed our collection of almost 10 million stock photos to find some of the stranger, more creative photos from our Photodune photographers.

Cowboy chicken, from Shevvers

For that article you’re writing about farm animal rodeos. This photographer has created their own niche in dressed-up animal photos – from funky disco dogs to Easter chicks. If you’re feeling inspired, you can even buy a pattern to turn this image into a pillow or t-shirt.

Canadian Wire Fox Terrier
Canadian Wire Fox Terrier, from onepony

A continuation of our oddly dressed animals theme. Are Wire Fox Terriers from Canada? Is this dog going to a party? (Answer: yes. Apparently, he’s getting ready for Canada Day).

Cheerful traveler girl discovering map with magnifier
Cheerful traveler girl, from NomadSoul1

Designing a travel website, or launching your own travel blog? We’ve got tips for the best travel site WordPress themes, ideas on why travel is good for your career, and almost 100,000 map stock photos on Photodune. What we don’t have: instructions for making your own map hat.

Kid enjoying salad on his head
Kid enjoying salad on his head, from Zurijeta

The ‘woman eating salad’ theme is a strange and sort of sexist stock photo cliche that’s inspired countless memes (and websites, like Women Laughing Alone with Salad). A search for ‘woman + salad’ on Photodune returns a very high number of results, but instead, I’d like to highlight this photo of a kid enjoying salad. On his head.

Confused Shopping Girl, from MitaStockImages

We’re confused, too, Shopping Girl.

apple and watch illustration design over white
Apple and watch, from alexmillos

I found this photo while looking for a featured image for an article about how to design apps for the Apple Watch. While this image does hit the keywords of “apple” and “watch” separately, it’s not exactly what I was looking for (though it is a well-designed illustration!)

Fall lifestyle concept. Happy crazy blonde woman teen girl having fun in autumn park lying on bench with tablet e-book reader touchpad pc outdoor
Girl relaxing in autumn park having fun, from Voyagerix

The caption of this photo reads girl relaxing in autumn park, but there’s no way that upside-down position on a concrete bench is comfortable or fun. Is she holding a laptop? Where are her shoes?

Businessman blinded with money
Businessman blinded with money, from Elnur

For that blog post you’re writing about the dangers of being blinded by… corporate greed?

pug dog taking a selfie on grass or meadow in the park with peace or victory fingers
Selfie pug dog, from dameseeso

A sign of the times: there is an abundance of selfie-themed photos in the Photodune photo library. This photographer has a collection of images of dogs taking selfies – as well as celebrating various holidays, life milestones, and everyday activities (like going to work).

Miniature movers loading lychees on truck.
Miniature movers loading lychees on truck, from Kirill_M

This photographer has a diverse portfolio, but many of their photos feature miniature people working together to face big tasks, like fixing giant network cables or backpacking through Europe. I’m not sure when I’d use this photo of tiny fruit-movers, but it looks like it was fun to create.

mask horse and rabbit women sisters friends using smartphone and tablet in the park
mask horse and rabbit… using smartphone, from peus80

The perfect photo to illustrate the classic problem: when you need to take a phone call, but your horse-head mask is in the way! Similar photos include animal mask-wearing humans relaxing at home, sitting on park benches, and gazing out of windows.

Find your new favorite stock photo on Photodune.

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