Top 10 Infographic Video Templates for After Effects

Animated infographics are a fantastic way to visualize data and explain something complex in a simple, engaging way. But making them from scratch is a daunting proposition. Not only do they take a lot of time, they take a lot of knowledge and skill within a program like After Effects. But that’s where After Effects templates come in. 

After Effects templates are pre-made projects that allow you to automate an animated effect within the Adobe program. 

In the case of infographic After Effects templates, all you need to do is insert your data, and pick your preferred way of visualizing it. Then, you let the template do its thing.

Here are the Top 10 Infographic Video Templates for After Effects available on Envato’s subscription service, Envato Elements.

Statistics by Hypha

  • Full HD – 1920px X 1080px
  • 10+ Seconds
  • 3 custom-made themes
  • Use components to build graphs
  • Create your own layouts
  • Add up to 12 statistics
  • Select graph type
    • Bar graphs
    • Circle graphs
    • Line graphs
    • Pie chart
  • Customize color combinations

Statistician – Massive Info Graphics Kit by Hypha

  • Full HD
  • Comes with Quickstart tutorial
  • Includes 12 components to build graphs
  • 28 drag and drop grids
  • 111 infographic icons
  • Modular structure
  • Easy to swap elements
  • Easily tweak colors
  • 16 color themes included

Flat Infographics by Aquavitae

  • Full HD
  • 14 Scenes with different data animation
  • Full expression control
  • Drag and drop logo and text
  • Easily change colors
  • Video tutorial included

Simplex Infographic Bundle by elmake

  • Full HD
  • Over 150 infographic elements
  • Includes:
    • Graphs
    • Infographic scenes
    • Lists & icons
    • Connections
    • Site animations
    • Counters
    • Arithmetic operations
    • Maps

Statistics Theme Pack 1 by Hypha

  • Full HD
  • 22 stand-alone graphs
  • Each graph versatile in number of data points, color, and animation

32 Christmas Infographic Elements by nixstudioedition

  • Easy to use
  • No extra plug-ins
  • Features
    • Square info bars
    • Radial info bars
    • Horizontal info bars
    • Vertical graphs
    • Horizontal graphs

Ecology Infographics by ConceptCafe

  • Full HD
  • A set of environment-themed animated elements and templates form this infographic pack

Elegant Corporate Package by elmake

  • Full HD
  • Corporate package of templates for presentations
  • Includes:
  • Company structure
  • Maps
  • Graphs
  • Timelines
  • Awards
  • And more

Internet Of Things And Smart Home Infographics by ConceptCafe

  • Full HD
  • A set of Internet of Things-themed animated elements and templates form this infographic pack
  • Includes two color schemes

Analysis by Hypha

  • Full HD
  • Proportion, pictograph, ratio and pie graph templates
  • Includes icons and other elements
  • Includes 10 designs to get you started
  • Control sizing of elements and colors

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