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Top 10 Instagram Ad Templates 2020

Discover the 10 best Inatagram ad templates that enable you to find the balance between saving time and maintaining creative control.

Portrait for Andrew Childress By Andrew Childress
Posted 04 Dec 2019
instagram ad templates

Instagram is a simple platform, where images and videos are presented together in an ever-scrolling feed. But it’s that simplicity of design that keeps users coming back, again and again, to browse the latest posts. Here’s why advertising on Instagram is essential if you’re looking to attract and engage users via the social network:

  1. The audience is vast
    More than 1 billion active monthly users and growing! Advertising allows you to target your audience by location, interests, and more, so you can be strategic with your posts and make sure that your content is seen by the right people.
  2. It’s easier to cut through the noise
    Instagram’s feed may not be as much of a ‘pay to play’ environment as Facebook’s, but you’re still competing with heavyweight content, and professional ads help you to get noticed.
  3. Motion catches the eye
    Video ads and Instagram Story ads are sure to stop your audience in their tracks while scrolling, and can help to convert browsers into customers.

Naturally, with the bar set so high, it can be daunting to produce video clips that will stand out in your audience’s feed–particularly if you don’t have experience. However, with simple tools, creating an Instagram ad or Instagram Story ad can be super easy.

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Instagram Ad Templates

1. Instagram Toolkit by sonorafilms

This is a complete package of all the assets you need to customize an Instagram ad in After Effects. There are multiple motion graphics styles that you can choose from to animate your next eye-catching campaign.

2. Storyteller 100 by maxafter1

To appeal to your audience, your ads should feel like they belong on Instagram. Try this template to tell an extended story with a soft sales pitch.

3. Stylish Insta Stories by iluzie

With its beautiful graphics and text, this Instagram Stories template is easy to customize and would align well with fashion and beauty brands.

4. PRO Fashion Market by TranSMaxX

This slideshow allows you to turn your media into an elegant promo for your Instagram channel. Make a showreel using photos and video.

5. Liquid Instagram Promo 2 in 1 by shymoff

A promo template with an easy to use modular structure and color control.

6. 12 Instagram Stories Vol. 1 by PixFix

A pack of templates for your Instagram Stories to be used with After Effects.

7. Instagram Stories by therealist_network

Boost a promotion with this minimal template which puts your message center stage.

8. Real Estate Instagram Stories by Media_Stock

If you run a real estate agency, get your latest listings in front of potential buyers quickly and effectively with these templates for property promos.

9. Instagramer by templatesbravo

Increase your followers with this video ad for your Instagram account.

10. Instagram Stories - Technology (MOGRT) by IconsX

Improve your Instagram profile as a technology brand with this stylish template collection featuring illustration.

Social media is fast-paced and always brimming with new content. To stand out, you need high quality, professional designs like the ones we’ve covered in this roundup. The good news is, whether you use Placeit’s video maker or an After Effects template from Envato Elements, achieving this is easy.

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