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Top 10 Instagram Story Templates 2020

What's the Story? We've searched far and wide to round up the best Instagram Story Templates of 2020, so you don't have to!

Posted 7 May 2020
Instagram Story templates

From bloggers and influencers to business owners devising their marketing strategy, Instagram Stories are an essential part of today’s social media toolkit. But what if you don’t have time to create attention-grabbing Instagram video content?

Instagram Stories Templates can take the stress out of coming up with engaging Stories by giving you a head start on the design. Not only that, using the same Instagram Story template or a range of similar templates each time you post will ensure that every Story conveys an instantly recognizable style. This is especially useful when multiple team members are sharing Instagram Stories on the same account.

Remember: keeping the color, font and format consistent will do wonders for brand recognition. Find out how to use Instagram Stories in your social media strategy and discover Instagram Trends to learn from, including Instagram Shops, Instagram Reels, collage, illustration and more.

How to Make an Instagram Story

When creating your Instagram Story, there are some things to consider, including:

  1. Encourage clicks and conversations
    Ask a question or draw attention to the ‘Swipe Up’ function to send people to a website, blog post or product landing page.
  2. Share user-generated content
    Ask followers to share your Stories and Instagram posts using a hashtag specific to your brand to build a library of material you can use.
  3. Let your personality shine
    Post ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage, motivational quotes and candid snaps.
  4. Add value
    Use the space to share product demonstrations, special announcements and offer codes.
  5. Work the Vertical
    Ensure you have the right video format and specs with our guide to social media video.

Making an Instagram Story from scratch is one option, but many people find that choosing a cool Instagram Story template—like those available on Envato Elements and Envato Market—is a great starting point. Template options that can be edited with software such as Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro can really take your Instagram videos to the next level.

They’re often completely customizable—simply save them to your desktop and get designing. Envato Elements offers monthly or annual subscriptions that grant unlimited access to templates.

Instagram Story Templates

10. Instagram Stories no.3 by Atamotion

This Instagram Stories template pack contains 6 full-length Stories and 4 animated tags that you can overlay on any media. It’s easy to replace text, photos, and colors, so why not try these to refresh your Instagram presence?

9. Instagram Stories by Flikmotion

Boost your Insta sales with these creative Story templates. There are 12 animated ‘offer’ themes to choose from, and they even come with both square and vertical options, so they’re really versatile!

8. Instagram Stories by Make-Space

32 customizable Stories for Instagram await you with this template download for After Effects. They’re quick to render, and set out in a modular structure, so it’s really simple to change the elements to suit your brand.

7. Instagram Stories Spectrums by AurJas

Spectrums contains 12 high-quality animated templates made for Instagram Stories. This download is perfect if you have music or audio that you want to share with your followers—promote events, concerts, albums and much more.

6. Instagram Stories by Snowcake

You won’t get tired of refreshing your look with over 40 Instagram Stories to choose from. The great news with this download is that the image library is included too, as well as 6 bonus illustrated and animated Stories.

5. Real Estate Instagram Stories by Media_Stock

Great for those in real estate, this set of Story templates for Instagram has plenty of scope for your media and informational text, all presented in a clean, minimal style so you can let the properties do the talking!

4. Shadows Instagram Stories by Motionbeard

10 vertical templates perfect for Instagram Stories await you with this After Effects download. These are perfect for brands whose look is understated with subtle colors and minimal design.

3. Corporate Minimal Stories by Colorama

If you need a corporate look to your Instagram Stories then give these 6 templates a try. They’re clean and minimal with elegant animation and full color control.

2. Fashion Instagram Stories by YETYYY

Strike a pose with these fashionable Instagram templates. The pack includes 21 uniquely designed and smoothly animated Stories, which are easy to use and modify.

1. 12 Instagram Stories Vol. 8 by PixFix

If you use Stories for a variety of topics then this set of 12 templates will be the perfect fit. There are different styles, color combinations and animation styles to choose from, so you’ll be able to mix it up time and again.

Create Engaging Instagram Stories

If time is of the essence, then rest assured that you don’t need to compromise on professionalism—with templates, you can have it all! There are hundreds of Instagram Stories templates to choose from at Envato Elements for popular editing programs like Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and more. For more inspiration, you can check out the 10 Best Instagram Story Templates.

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