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Top 10 Landing Page Templates 2020

A well-designed landing page is the inside track to targeting prospective customers. We’ve compiled a list of ten sleek landing page templates to use.

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Posted 1 Apr 2020
Top 10 Landing Page Templates

We know “landing page” isn’t the most intuitive term in the whole wide world, so let’s get down to brass tacks. In contrast with the average home page or webpage which serves a variety of purposes (navigation, sidebars, blog posts, products) a landing page exists solely to achieve a single, well-defined objective.

Of course, this part depends on what you want to achieve with your site. Are you looking to recruit gym-goers in January, promote a time-sensitive pre-order campaign, encourage reluctant readers to download an ebook, or shift a product that’s beginning to clutter the office? No matter what your heart desires, a well-designed landing page is the inside track to effective, targeted engagement with your audience.

What Makes a Great Landing Page?

Powerful landing pages give visitors all the information needed to make a snap decision coupled with a crystal clear call-to-action that leaves no one in doubt as to where to go next.

Paraphrasing Tom Jones, it’s not unusual for a website to have multiple landing pages. It is however essential that each of these be precision-engineered to achieve a specific goal. They should be lean, mean, lead-generating machines with bold calls-to-actions, great headlines, and striking hero images, with nary a distracting navigation bar in sight. They should also rapidly establish social proof in the form of reviews, endorsements, testimonials, and product ratings.

How to Select a Landing Page Template

We’re glad you asked! We’ve compiled a list of ten stunning, sleek, easy-to-customize landing page templates that make it effortless for your audience to take whichever step you’re angling for. Choose a landing page that corresponds to your product or service, add a dash of your aesthetic and a pinch of your voice, then sit back and watch your engagement stats bloom as the clicks roll in. Ready to get started? Let’s have at it!

10. One - HTML Product Landing Page by maxgrids

Whether you’re launching a brand new product or giving an old favorite one last shot at the big time, the unobtrusive elegance of this modern and minimal landing page template is sure to have your audience clamoring to pre-order. Blue jeans and black turtleneck sold separately.

9. Cryptocurrency Saas Landing Page Template Coindash by surjithctly

This gorgeous ultraviolet landing page template is studded with essential features for cryptocurrency traders. Stylish and professional, Coindash is also lightning fast, and comes in both dark and light color schemes. Transparency is key, so give your audience raw data in real-time with token sale countdown timers and progress bars. We wouldn’t sleep on this one, but if you’re trading in crypto you already know how important it is to be early to the party.

8. Gerko - Product Landing Page Templates by iDoodle

Dealing in cameras, drones, headphones, or voice-activated assistants? No need to double-check with Alexa on this one, Gerko is flat out the landing page template for your electronic product. Showcase your product and wow potential customers with silk-smooth transition effects and a clean, dynamic layout that’s so easy-to-customize, you’ll think it was soldered together just for you.

7. Siena - Marketing Landing Page Template by zytheme

Siena is a modern and professional marketing template that gets right down to business and looks great doing it. Ultra-responsive parallax backgrounds, unlimited color options, Google font integration, and thousands of Retina-ready icons make generating leads and conversions a mere formality with this landing page template.

6. Proland - Product Landing Page Template by surjithctly

Proland is a sophisticated landing page template aimed squarely at marketing gadgets and future-oriented tech at all stages of the development process. It doesn’t matter whether you’re still working with blueprints and prototypes or scoping out production lines with a clipboard tucked under your arm, Proland integrates with PayPal and Mailchimp just as seamlessly as it does with Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Best of all, it can be up and running in less than an hour, so what are you waiting for?

5. Swan Lake - Marketing Landing Page by MarkhorThemes

Swan Lake is an elegant, responsive, creatively assembled landing page template honed for business and marketing agencies. To say that Swan Lake is easy-to-customize is an understatement. Every last bit of code is meticulously commented, so you’ll have absolutely no trouble adjusting this theme to your precise specifications.

4. Root Multi-Use Landing Page Template by YDirectionThemes

Modularity and versatility set Root apart from the pack when it comes to landing page templates. Airy, minimal, and gracefully arranged, Root comes bundled with a wealth of prefabricated blocks that let you pick and assemble the elements that work for your site in a matter of minutes.

3. Eco - HTML Product Landing Page by maxgrips

Eco is a totally customizable HTML landing page template that boasts six readymade hero areas for showcasing your physical product or digital service. Honestly, there’s not an inch of fat on this thing. It’s built to display your offering and make it convert, and that’s what it does — extremely efficiently indeed.

2. Zeeko - Landing Page Template by themesdesign

The pastel blues and sea greens of this landing page template promote a sense of relaxed self-assuredness that positively invites stress-free engagement from your audience. That’s why it’s so handy that Zeeko includes a contact form that’s operational right out of the box. Simply perfect for agencies, startups, and personal websites.

1. Infinite - Digital Marketing Landing Page by htmlbeans

Infinite is a feature-packed, boundlessly flexible landing page template painstakingly put together to ensure excellence at any campaign or product launch you might choose to throw at it. Universal but never bland, every element feels fresh, and every tiny detail and subtle animation contributes to an atmosphere of reliability, creativity, and attention-to-detail.

So there you have it! Ten stunning, professional landing page templates that even the toughest audiences are sure to find irresistible. Seen something you fancy? Get unlimited access to each and every one of the landing page templates featured in our list with a subscription to Envato Elements!

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