Top 10 Pitch Deck Templates 2020

Have you got a great business or creative idea to pitch in 2020? Then you need a great presentation design template to go along with it.

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Posted 4 Apr 2020
10 Best Pitch Deck Templates

Whether you’re looking for a slide deck or a brochure, a slick, professional looking design is imperative to leaving the right impression. But what if you don’t have the skills to crank out an amazing looking presentation? It sounds like you need a pitch deck presentation template.

What are Pitch Deck Templates?

Pitch deck templates are pre-made graphic design templates that automate the designs of your pitch decks. With pre-selected colors, typography, layouts, patterns, and more, all you need to do is add your copy, colors, and branding, and you’re ready to get pitching.

Here’s our list of the 10 best pitch deck templates of 2020. All items in the following list are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. With thousands of PowerPoint, After Effects, and Photoshop templates available, along with stock video, stock photography, and stock music, it’s one of the best value subscriptions for digital creators. Visit Envato Elements to find out more about the types of subscriptions we offer. We also have a dedicated article, if you're looking for a PowerPoint template specifically.

10. Pitch Deck A4 Brochure by Formatika

This minimalist brochure style pitch deck features an elegant, streamlined design that puts your visuals front and centre. You can easily add copy and images, and adjust the fonts and colors to prepare for the pitch. An A5 version is also available for use as an accompanying slide deck.

9. ELEMENTAL: Brochure and Portfolio by RWDesignStudio

Create impressive brochures or portfolio presentations with this template by RWDesignStudio. It features a fresh and modern color palette that is completely adjustable, as well as a striking use of typography, and image-led layouts that will turn heads.

8. Proposal by pixel_vision

Incredibly clean and professional, Proposal by pixel_vision is an excellent template to use as a slide deck for your next pitch. It includes layouts for numerous sections, including the brief, case-studies, timelines, and estimates. It’s easy to edit: just insert your colors, copy, and images, and you’re good to go.

7. Business Pitch Pack by graphix_shiv

Slick and modern, Business Pitch Pack by graphix_shiv is a fantastic choice for a business presentation. It covers all aspects of a pitch, from introduction to invoicing, and features a colorful, but professional design that makes it easy to change colors, and insert your own branding. It’s easy to use, and will lift the standard of your presentation.

6. AgencyPro - A4 Agency Brochure Template by StringLabs

AgencyPro by StringLabs is an A4 brochure template that makes it easy to look like a pro. Covering all aspects of a pitch, it can be easily edited in Adobe InDesign. All you need to do is drop your content in, and get ready to present.

5. Nano Indesign Brochure by GoaShape

Featuring automatic page numbering, free fonts, and a fully editable color palette, Nano InDesign Brochure by GoaShape is a beautiful, minimalist template. With its neutral color scheme, and simple layouts, it strikes an effective balance between typography and images. It offers the ability to be exported and sent off as a PDF, or printed into US letter, or A4 formats.

4. Proposal by pixel_vision

This brochure template pack features an impressively polished color scheme, professional layouts, clear typography, and creative image placeholders. Editable in InDesign, it includes 24 unique pages, two covers, and US letter and A4 formats with 3mm bleeds. It will impress your potential investors from open to close.

3. Business Proposal by BOXKAYU

Business Proposal by BOXKAYU is an easy to use template for designers and agencies. With unique layouts, striking typography, and more, drop in your content, and watch your presentation take shape in no time.

2. Brief Proposal by pixel_vision

This extremely modern template pack by pixel_vision is slick and professional. Featuring a beautiful blue and gray color scheme, it’s simple to use, and editable in Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word.

1. Business Plan by -BeCreative-

With clean layouts, bold typography, and a stunning grayish blue color scheme, Business Plan by -BeCreative- is a perfect choice. A comprehensive pack featuring 16 page templates, it can easily cover all aspects of your presentation, automating the design part of the process to leave you to focus on your content.

There’s so much to consider when you’re doing a business pitch. With the script, content, and, of course, your idea, you have enough to think about. So, leave the design to an expert by using a pitch deck template from Envato Elements. Whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation template, or an A4 brochure, we have a design for you.

To explore more templates like these, as well as our vast library of graphic assets, stock footage, stock photography, and stock music, get a subscription to Envato Elements today.

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