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Top 10 Slideshow Templates for After Effects

Turn your photos into an engaging video with After Effects slideshow templates.

Portrait for Dom Hennequin By Dom Hennequin
Posted 19 Sep 2018
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After Effects Slideshow Templates can turn an album of photos into an engaging video. They’re simple to use and easy to edit together. Most of the work you have to do is inserting your photos into the placeholders indicated, then rendering the video. You’ll be done in no time, and the results are often stunning.

Here are 10 trending After Effects slideshow templates from Envato Elements and VideoHive.

1. This is a Slideshow by x_studio

  • Bold and eye-catching
  • Fast-paced template oozing energy
  • Great for a youthful brand

2. Photo Slideshow by NikFek

  • Stylish and sleek
  • Good for a fashion brand
  • Fast-paced but smooth
  • Serious, blending information with imagery
  • Good for a news brand or corporate
  • Includes Instagram Stories mode
  • Extremely trendy and bold
  • Bright colors and eye-catching animations
  • Perfect for an edgy brand
  • Elegant polaroid concept
  • Perfect for family photos
  • Great for something sentimental

6. Atmospheric Slideshow by Majoroff

  • Stunning black and white template that blends sleek animation with high-quality photography
  • Great for fashion and luxury brands

7. Business Showcase_Modern Grid 02 by mixmedia87

  • Interesting grid animated concept
  • Sleek and professional, great for a corporate

8. Elegant Frames by Media_Stock

  • Beautiful watercolor frame concept
  • Will turn your photos into an engaging video

9. The Slideshow by i-Minimalist

  • Sleek, modern slideshow that blends text with multiple layers of photos
  • Sentimental and playful at the same time
  • Smooth and energetic with unique transitions, and text animations
  • Colorful, fun, and visually engaging