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Top 10 Tips for Providing Item Support

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We’ve collected 10 Top Tips to to help you deliver better support for your items. Although it’s not mandatory, some of our most successful authors do an awesome job at providing support for their buyers, and we want to share their techniques.

For some buyers, the difference between items is based on the professionalism of the support offered. So read on to find out how Envato’s top authors deliver fantastic support.

Top 10 Tips to providing better support:

1. Be Detailed

Give as much detail as possible in your support documentation and item descriptions. When buyers know what to expect in terms of support, they will be less likely to make unrealistic demands.

2. Be Transparent

Be transparent—tell your buyers what you are prepared to provide them, and what you are not. Letting them know when you will not be available due to travel or illness is good as well.

3. Be Prompt

Resolve issues quickly and professionally. If someone wants a refund and is having issues with their purchase that they cannot solve with your help, direct them through to Envato support.

4. Be Open

Take on feedback about your support process. Your customers will tell you if they think your support documentation needs work.

5. Be Patient

Don’t lose your patience. The way you conduct yourself on any public forum represents the way you run your business.

6. Don’t Censor

Don’t try and censor fair feedback in the item comments. Buyers have a right to comment on their purchases. By censoring fair comments, you may enrage your buyers and risk missing out on valuable feedback.

7. Be Responsive

Use the item comments system to your advantage. If anyone posts with fair but negative feedback, make sure you answer them and address their concerns. You can’t please everyone, but you can make an effort to help them, or at very least take their feedback on board.

8. Create a FAQ

Create a list of predefined responses to common questions. You’ll save yourself loads of time, and by adding personal touches will still give great support.

9. Create a Process

Have a clear process for dealing with difficult customers, like “three strikes, you’re out.” There are some people you will never please, and it’s best to realise this early on. By having a clear process, you make the confrontation less personal, which means you will deal with the matter professionally and promptly.

10. Hire Support Staff

Hire people trained in customer service. If you are an Elite author and find that your support requests are working you around the clock, you may want to hire someone to focus on it. Make sure that person is someone you would want to deal with if you walked into a store. Support is basic customer service, and the people who work for you should represent the tone and values of your company.

It is always up to you whether you wish to provide support for your items.

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