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Top 10 Tutorial Video Templates 2020

Whether you want to create a how to or a demo video, a tutorial video template will keep your content succinct and professional.

Posted 22 Nov 2019
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So many of us find it easier to learn and absorb information when we can actually see something and follow along with it, so in a time when it’s never been easier to create video, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing such an increase in video tutorials online.

What is a Video Tutorial?​

  1. DIY how-to
    Where you take your audience through a step-by-step guide and at the end of it they have created something.
  2. Demonstration video
    Where you walk potential buyers through your product and how to use it.
  3. Personality led
    Where it’s more about showing who you are and communicating your brand identity.

There’s so much amazing content out there; here are a few people who are really finding success with their how-to videos:

Jamie Oliver’s ‘quick tips’ are a mix of step-by-step, key points and interesting camera angles. They’re short, snappy and to the point.

Zendesk’s personality driven videos are a big hit with their audience. Their whole purpose is to get you to fall in love with the brand.

There are lots of great product demonstration videos floating around, but we’re not sure we’ve ever seen one quite like Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split. It may have been around for a while now, but it’s a great example of how you can combine a product demonstration with some creativity and personality. Don’t try this one at home, though!

Discover more examples of great video campaigns from brands including Nike, Michael Kors and Häagen-Dazs in the video advertising chapter of our Video Marketing Guide.

How to Make a Video Tutorial

If you want to know how to make a video tutorial, it might make sense to take some of the time and hassle out of putting together your tutorial by using a video template. You can do this through professional software, like Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro on Envato Elements, or via an online tool like Placeit, where you can do everything in your browser.

10. Call Out Pack by footag

This ‘call out pack’ of 40 is great for labelling parts of your tutorial, if there are extra things you want to point out that you just can’t put into words.

9. Cooking Show Bumper I MOGRT for Premiere Pro by Aquavitae

This bumper is perfect if you’re preparing a cookery or recipe-based tutorial. It’s easy to custiomize and comes with a variety of backgrounds and food animations.

8. Step by Step – How To Use Guide by JBMotion

This template would be great for a customer support or FAQ video.

7. Online Marketing Explainer by JakubVejmola

Are you a marketing guru looking to present your insights to fellow marketers? This customisable template is ideal for a marketing explainer.

6. Multi-Purpose Slideshow by framestore

This slideshow is suitable for how to videos as well as product promos.

5. Slideshow by Afterdarkness75

This slideshow video can be used for educational content or any kind of video on social media, from a YouTube channel promo to a Facebook video.

4. How To – Step by Step Guide by steve314

Present five or six steps to how your corporate service or product works with this ‘how to’ template.

3. Step by Step Guide – How to Buy by JBMotion

If you’re need to provide a step-by-step guide then check out this template that allows you to present your information in five easy steps.

2. Dynamic Slideshow by JoeProduction

A dynamic slideshow template that can be used in horizontal or vertical.

1. Envato Templates Video Tutorial by MotionMediaGroup

Finally, this template features a modern, minimal design and a modular structure to help you create video tutorial content for your customers.

For more video tutorial templates, visit Envato Elements, and discover our pick of the best product promo videos for After Effects in the video below.

For more creative inspiration, head over to the Envato Blog to read up on the latest trendstipsinterviews and roundups

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