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Top 10 YouTube End Screen Templates for 2020

Many YouTubers use animated end screens-motion graphics built specifically to house suggested videos, avatars and CTAs, which has led to the rise of YouTube end screen templates.

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Posted 10 Mar 2020
10 Best YouTube End Scree Templates

The end of a YouTube video shouldn’t be the end of your engagement with a user. During the last 20 seconds of any video on the platform, you can insert suggested videos, links and calls to action (CTAs), and your YouTube avatar to encourage channel subscriptions with a YouTube end screen template.

What are YouTube End Screen Templates?

End screen templates are editable versions of the motion graphics, built for YouTube, that work with programs like After Effects, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. They automate the design of your end screens, providing placeholders for logos, videos, and any text you want to include.

To help you make the most of the final seconds of your next video, we’ve compiled this list of the 10 best YouTube End Screen templates for 2020. All the items in this video are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. As a subscriber, you can download thousands of motion graphics templates including YouTube openers, lower thirds, and transitions, plus stock photography, stock footage, and graphic design templates. Discover more and sign up today.

10. YouTube End Screens by templatesbravo

This smooth, modern template features gooey ellipses, gradients, and fresh white backgrounds. It comes with a number of YouTube end screen options, featuring placeholders for your avatars, suggested videos, and CTAs. The colors are customizable, and being a Premiere Pro template, you can adjust them without needing to open After Effects.

9. YouTube Kit by Media_Stock

Featuring a number of end screen templates where you can customize the background colors and images, YouTube Kit by Media_Stock caters for a broad range of styles. Adjust the positions of your avatar and suggested videos on your preferred end screen layout. Some of the templates include elements like arrows that animate to guide the viewer towards what they should click next.

8. The YouTuber Pack 3.0 - Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, Premiere Pro by digitalproducts669

This versatile set of templates by digitalproducts669 offers stylish placeholders for social media handles, and the ability to easily edit colors, and add animated patterns. With its unique library of pre-made templates, this pack will have something that will make your suggested videos, social media handles, and CTAs standout as your videos come to a close.

7. Youtuber Subscribe Pack by Gioraphics

Bright, playful, and modern, Youtuber Subscribe Pack by Gioraphics includes opener, subscribe, and end screen templates. The end screen templates are bright, simple, and animated with playful shapes, clean backgrounds, and animated outlines that appear around the suggested video placeholders, to capture the attention of the viewer. Simply add your media to the placeholders, and end your YouTube videos in a modern and professional way.

6. YouTube Subscribe by templatesbravo

Covering all aspects of a YouTube channel, YouTube Subscribe by templatesbravo is a comprehensive pack of Premiere Pro templates. It features subscribe animations, social media themed lower thirds, and end screen templates, so you can create personalized on screen graphics that are on brand. Out of the box the end screen templates include pastel pink color schemes, soft drop shadows behind video placeholders, and gooey animated ellipses that hero your channel avatar. The pack also includes text placeholders to add CTAs, and your social media handles.

5. YouTube Kit by NinjaTeam

YouTube Kit by NinjaTeam is a collection of YouTube templates that offer pre-made backgrounds, patterns, and images that are all bright and playful. Their end screens include red placeholders for like, share, and other CTAs. It’s functional, straightforward, and screams YouTube.

4. YouTuber Kit | Universal by Red_Case

If you’re running an energetic YouTube channel, YouTuber Kit by Red_Case is the template pack for you. Modern and slick, it features end screens that include video placeholders flipping into position on screen, and landing on an angle. Insert your logos, social media handles, and a CTA, and you’re good to go.

3. YouTube Channel Kit by MotionMediaGroup

This bright and playful YouTube channel package offers a lot for a single concept. Featuring splashes of animated paint, it fills the screen with color, creating transitions, patterns, and backgrounds. The end screens offer a number of layouts providing space for suggested videos, avatars, and CTAs.

2. YouTube Essentials for Final Cut Pro and After Effects by vystina

With versions for After Effects and Final Cut Pro, YouTube Essentials by Vystina is a simple, comprehensive set, fit for any YouTuber. It includes logo reveals, lower thirds, and end screens that feature space for social media handles, and CTAs in these simple and streamlined designs.

1. YouTuber Kit | Classic by Red_Case

Finally, featuring soft but clear fonts, rounded rectangles, and editable colors, this beautifully simple pack by Red_Case gives you everything you need for your YouTube channel. It includes a number of bright and playful end screen options, allowing for up to three video placeholders, CTAs, and social handles. It also includes beautiful lower thirds and backgrounds in the pack.

Retention is an incredibly important goal when you run a YouTube channel. While you may have a lot of people visit your channel to watch a video, unless you convince them, they may not necessarily subscribe or come back to watch another. This can affect the success of your channel. Making the most of your last twenty seconds is imperative to the growth of your brand and profile. Ensure it reflects your brand, promotes another video or two, and prompts viewers to engage with your channel by using a high quality end screen template.

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