Top 20 Adobe After Effects Photo Slideshows

After Effects is one of the most used visual effect applications out there. It’s full of useful features to animate things from scratch. But you don’t need to be a motion graphics designer to get some use out of it. It has great tools for photographers too. Bring your photos to life easily with these great templates.

After Effects is one of the most popular applications for Visual Effects out there, and that for good reason. The flexibility it offers, makes it the go-to tool for creative professionals, motion artists and hobbyists alike. Its impressive tools and functionality, reliability and wide adoption allowed it to remain popular among industry professionals.

Having said that, with great flexibility, comes an every-increasing level of complexity, given the immense number of things this program enables you to do. Thanks to a huge number of readily available templates, you can speed up your workflow, increase quality or even learn new tricks in no time, all while delivering incredible projects to your clients!

Best feature(s): You get an amazing music tracks included for free!

Exquisite beauty class and elegance are what make this item stand out. Pair that with the high design quality, the flexible modular structure and the not one, but two magnificent cinematic music tracks. Truly inspiring work by this author!

Best feature(s): Uniqueness

This item was a ‘game-changer’ when it first came out. Possibly the first slideshow to incorporate the content live action footage, bringing a unique and well thought out approach that defined a trend attempted by many, but not quite surpassed just yet.

Best feature(s): Design, Customization

The template features a clean and minimal look, following the recent tends in design. Offering a wide range of variation & customizability, it ensures a high quality result. The final look is improved with overlaid subtle effects, including an original light leak footage. The Modular Timeline, two Logo-Ending versions as well as the two different 2D and 3D Styles that are included, make this project one of the most versatile templates on the market.

Best feature(s): Originality

Originality has become a major challenge for creatives. Finding unique projects feels almost impossible at times, due to the sheer number of creative heads fighting for exposure.

Thanks to the features & customization options that add value to the project, this one certainly scores high on that front as well. Some features worth noting: light leaks, different ink footage, adjustable background, plus over 8 kind of border designs.

Best feature(s): Design, Simplicity

This one stands out thanks to the simplicity and ease of use. It allows you to use both photos and videos, and is perfectly suited for family and wedding photo slideshows.

Best feature(s): Design, Customization

Professional, easy to customize and reliant on a design language with a slight vintage signature, this project is equally suited for novices as well as experts looking to present image colections in a stylish way.

Best feature(s): Easy to edit, modular structure,100% After Effects, No plugins required

Clean & modern design, amazing atmosphere, ready to use in quite a number of different scenarios.

Best feature(s): Easy to edit, comes with 49 Scenes for your images

Standout details include the atmosphere and dynamics, which seem to be prevalent among the other items produced by this particular author.

Best feature(s): Stylish look, modular structure, easy to customize

This one is a rather stylish project, with premade designs. It’s very easy to add images or more placeholders, if need be. It also allows you to combine photos and/or videos with powerful text and then choose the perfect musical background, to enhance your message. Premade transitions keep your presentation flowing seamlessly, while your words and music help add depth and direction.

Best feature(s): High Accuracy Music Synchronized Design

A really dynamic, driving and slideshow. I just makes you want to move!

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Best feature(s): Visually Appealing Design, Simple and Easy to Customize

This item was previously featured on Videohive, thanks to some exciting effects such as particles and light streak with particle trails. Make your next slideshow or presentation that bit more interesting and engaging, by using this template together with your images or videos.

Best feature(s): Unique design and Animation

The design and animation helps convey the feeling of love and the title animations also look very elegant.

Best feature(s): Perfect marriage of modern handcrafting typography and minimalistic design.

A warm and romantic, very touching and honest mood wrapped up in the minimalistic design and motion. It’s simple, yet striking!

Best feature(s): Your photos will be looking super cool.

This template points through its elegant simplicity, as well as the great mood and vintage handcraft feel.

Best feature(s): It’s a classic retro slideshow! An easy customization process and a great stylization.

Make this slideshow for a wedding of your friends and all guests will smile and cry by the overwhelming feelings! Author can confirm: “I’ve checked – it works!”

Best feature(s): 17 powder footages are included!

This item simply looks fantastic!!! Perfect template for an awesome slideshow or perhaps for an opening title sequence of a Hollywood movie!

Best feature(s): Choice any total duration (just tell me how many images you need to use)

It’s a high quality, well organized and easy customizing template. Just drop your image or video, edit the text, add audio and enjoy result!

Best feature(s): Smooth paint stroke effects with elegant transitions

A really beautiful and impressive After Effects template, which features 30 media placeholders and 32 text placeholders. It’s a well organized project with a modular structure. Just drag and drop your images or videos, change the text and hit render.

Best feature(s): Original stylish look, easy to edit

Minimal design and original look. We particularly enjoy the jelly-like distortion transition effects!

Best feature(s): Clean and stylish look

Cool synchronization with music, clean and simple design.

These are just a small selection of the amazing content you can find on VideoHive. For more slideshows, head on over to this thread on our forums. 

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