Top 50 After Effects Video Templates – January 2018

The best and newest After Effects templates in November – including a special section for Christmas and winter-themed templates.

Watercolor Ink Opener by motiongray

Adobe After Effects remains the go-to tool for creative professionals, motion artists and hobbyists alike. Its impressive tools and functionality, reliability and wide adoption allowed it to remain popular among industry professionals. To that extent, we’ve put together a list of some of the best items you can find, to help speed up your production workflow, increase quality and delight your audience, with some help from the unparalleled quality content you can find on our sites.

As the world’s leading marketplace for After Effects templates, VideoHive enables you to find some of the best quality assets around. Below are some of the most sought after assets to add to your collection.

Newest After Effects Templates out this month

1. New Year Countdown 2018 by FVS

Although New Year’s Celebrations passed, you could still use this template to present some of your achievements, or perhaps future goals. The ticking clock and countdown timer can serve as a great pre-roll intro.

2. Glitch Transitions by videolancer

Glitch transitions were big in 2017, and this trend will likely continue to be en-vogue in 2018 as well, thanks to the energy these transitions infuse in any given footage. Hint: be sure to pair your video content with suitable audio, for maximum impact.

3. Titles by motioncan

While exciting footage alone can keep your audience entertained, it always helps to have a certain level of build-up. The easiest way to achieve this is through exciting, bold titles to bump up the excitement levels, before your video content even starts!

4. HUD Pack v2.0 – 600 elements – by Rampaga

Smooth translucent details, realistically rendered 3D glass blocks and futuristic UI elements – the perfect mix for some nifty, futuristic HUD elements. Even if you can’t yet put your finger on that project where these would come in handy, this one is a great addition to your “just in case I need it” kit.

5. Pure Black / Minimal Art Titles by heyalisa

15 Minimal titles, with a strong emphasis on contrast and white typography on black/dark backgrounds. Perfectly suited for slow, dark or black&white footage

6. Intro by x_studio

A bold and exciting, bright orange Intro. Comes with Light Leaks (incl. different colors), Film Damage effects and is incredibly easy to customize.

7. Logo Intro by Gimho

With this template you get 5 different Logo Intros, easy to use and customize – all you need to do is drag and drop your logo, change the colors to suit your needs and you’re ready to roll.

8. Celebration Logo – Happy New Year / Diwali / Fourth of July by steve314

This flat style illustration template with vintage text effects and nicely composed city skylines can be used, as the title says, for quite a few different celebrations. Bonus – you can update the skylines with key architectural elements from specific locations like the London Wheel, Statue of Liberty or even the Taj Mahal (and many more).

9. Glitch Logo by unishkov

Another excellent glitch logo template, complete with 4K, Full HD and HD resolutions, that doesn’t need any additional plugins to animate.

10. Event Promo by Nick_Chvalun

2018 just started, and your event preparations are well underway, the only thing that’s missing now is a great event promo video to drum up interest and start selling some tickets? This template is for you!

11. Watercolor Ink Opener by motiongray

Give your footage that exciting watercolor illustration look easily, with this amazing template. It comes in Full HD resolution, with a total duration of nearly a minute and a half, more than enough to suit any intro section.

12. Motion Elements 2 by Bboykoma

Over 300 elements, all vector-based, allowing you to resize them to any resolution you need, all easy to customize via drag and drop actions.

13. Slideshow by x_studio

If you didn’t plan your video project with enough b-roll for your intro, you can always grab some exciting stills and use a template to create an exciting slideshow intro.

14. Stomp Logo Reveal by IronNetwork

Another big trend from 2017 that will likely push on in 2018, stomp animations using audio and typography in perfect sync, this logo opener is sure to turn some heads!

15. Infographics by WilQ5

Whether you’re yet to present your numbers to your clients, or are working on a more exciting way of sharing your success, rather than the boring ol’ spreadsheet, this template can help you make it happen.

16. Fashion Promo by Glukoff

17. Youtube Promo Kit 2.0 by Pixrate

18. Unique by TecerPro

19. Typo Opener by BLAQMATRIX

20. Neon by flikmotion

Amazing Winter-Themed Templates

Depending on your current location, you’ve either had more than enough snow and probably saw so much of it, that the fairyland association is just missing… or you’ve barely seen a hint of snow and can’t wait for it to finally reach you. Either way, these templates are sure to inspire you and offer some much needed ambiental relaxation!

1. Winter by Rafeeq


2. Winter Slides by stevepfx


3. Winter Slideshow by Dimka4D


4. Winter Transitions by Madness_Pro


5. Winter Opener by BlueBeardStudio


6. Winter Holidays by AuroraVFX


7. Parallax Winter by lezygraph


8. Winter Titles by solovyovslava


9. Winter Elegance by InSeRiUs


10. Winter Opener New Project by Adelina_Mak


Top Trending Templates for January 2018

Having wrapped up quite a wild 2017, now it’s time to focus on the year ahead. Here are some of the latest trending templates, currently gaining momentum in 2018:

1. Space Slideshow by ninthmotion


2. Clean Corporate Slideshow by chaneywoo


3. Flat Design Concepts Package by 3uma


4. Media Opener by Chuckwalla


5. Clean and Simple Website Promo by vdeesign


6. Event Promo by William_Wilson


7. Futuristic Hi Tech Glitch Reveal by Stefoto


8. The Titles 2 by TheSdx1


9. Technology Ring Logo Reveal by nixstudioedition


10. Stomp Opener by exvideo

Moving on, let’s have a quick look at what the community chose as most popular over the last couple of months!

Some of the best selling After Effects Templates of all time:

Mosaic Photo Reveal

Create one of the most loved, but also pretty complex photo effects: A photo mosaic, using your very own images. You do need 100 photos to make the most of it, but the plugin also allows creation of an extended 3 minute version, all in eye-watering full HD resolution!

Photo Gallery on a Sunny Afternoon

Insert your favorite images in stock footage of picture frames hanging from a tree, softly swaying around as the leaves interact with the ambient flow of the wind. Bonus – you won’t look like a crazy person attempting to hang perfectly good picture frames in your backyard. The template can work with up to 42 images too, so there’s ample room for your beloved memories to hang around.

Photo Motion Pro – Professional 3D Photo Animator

One of the most amazing templates on VH, the Photo Motion Pro allows you to animate still photos into incredibly dynamic video content. It’s quite astonishing, and you won’t believe what this template is capable of, until you’ve checked out some of the videos produced with it.

Black Classic 3D Logo

An easy-to-customize logo effect that turns any logo into a three dimensional graphic for presentation purposes. Commonly used for corporate videos, this template could easily also come in handy for personal video projects, intro credits, and so much more.

Logo Intro Elegance Flare

This template allows you to create a dramatic intro sequence using only your logo. The fact that it’s so simple and to-the-point, paired with the reasonable price, makes this one a perfect addition to your AE toolbox.

140 Flash FX Elements

This template has been chosen as a featured file on VideoHive, and there’s good reason for that. It comes packed with 140+ animated elements allowing you to create stunning transitions no matter the topic. You’re really only limited by your own imagination, as otherwise, this template is fitting for 3D, video effects, titles, pictures, logos, cartoons, games, and more. Think smoke explosions, electricity, flames, movement lines, and much, much more.

Pixity Land | Character Explainer Toolkit

The perfect template, if you’re looking to illustrate a story. It has a vast range of customizable characters, icons, speech bubbles, and more. With almost 5,000 sales and a nearly perfect rating, there’s no doubt that your chances of succeeding in presenting your product, explaining a concept, or simply telling a great story, are quite high with this one.

Ultimate Earth Zoom Toolkit

For those of you that are into traveling, but haven’t quite managed to set aside a budget for 2017, this template allows you to zoom in on any place in the world. The map generator wizard is browser-based, and the main template combines all map images and a high-tech library. If traveling isn’t your thing, you can still use this template to produce movie-grade location presentations including markers and annotations!

500 Animated Icons

With Video becoming such a strong player, at the forefront of all possible media, it’s likely you’re bound to find yourself looking for animated icons for your next project. You get a whopping 500 fully customizable icons to use to your heart’s desire.

Logo 3D Levels

Last but not least, wrapping up our list of bestselling items from 2017, this After Effects logo template converts any logo into 3D, adding customizable effect height and adjustable colour lens.

Now you’ve got your video templates for After Effects, discover the top video marketing tools to help optimise your process in our Video Marketing Guide.

**Note: This list has been created manually, and may differ from the order displayed in search results. Items that have been featured previously, or are included in other section & articles may be excluded. You can view more bestselling items here.

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