Top Esports Branding Templates 2020

From a gaming logo to livestream plugins, get your Esports brand noticed by developing your own unique branding.

Portrait for Hermione Wright By Hermione Wright
Posted 28 Apr 2020
eSports branding templates

The days of Esports not being taken seriously are well and truly behind us. Even before the world responded to COVID-19, the industry was experiencing an average revenue increase of more than 30% per year—and now, with many of us spending more time at home, its popularity is only accelerating. We’ve also noticed this trend, with searches on Envato increasing for Esports-related topics, including PUBG, Twitch, eSport, and Free Fire. 

There hasn’t been a better time to get involved. But, unsurprisingly, with popularity comes greater competition—to get noticed you should spend time developing your own unique branding. 

What is Esports Branding? 

It’s the way you present yourself! Think about any well-known sports club and they’ll have their own distinct colors, logos, fonts, and general branding. Esports is no different. Whether it’s your gaming logo, your website, your Twitch assets, or online videos, picking a unified brand will help people learn more about who you are as a player and separate you from the crowd. 

How to Design your Esports Brand

These days there are loads of options at your fingertips for designing your Esports branding. You can visit Envato Market for Esports templates that you can download straight to your PC before easily customizing them. Or, if you have a subscription to Envato Elements, you can download as many templates as you like at no extra cost. 

You can read more about Esports branding within our recent feature where we interviewed Esports branding experts for their tips and advice. 

Where to Start With Your Esports Brand

  1. Think about your persona
    What’s your gaming style? How do you want to present yourself online? Reflecting early on will help you design an Esports brand that best represents you.
  2. Consider multiple platforms
    Just like any sport, your branding must work across a variety of mediums, including your website, social media, or even merchandise. 
  3. Don’t underestimate color!
    Take the time to consider which color palette works best for you. Most of the templates you’re about to see allow you to adapt the color scheme as required. 

How to Make an Esports Website 

First stop, design your Esports website! This will be the hub of your gaming activity and the place your fans can visit for all the latest info. 

Alchemists has everything you could need to build your own sports team or eSport news website on WordPress. Available on Envato Market, it’s packed with features including news posts, a merchandise shop, and players’ stats.  

Alchemists - Sports, Esports & Gaming Club and News WordPress Theme
Alchemists - Sports, Esports & Gaming Club and News WordPress Theme

This high-energy WordPress template, also from Envato Market, comes with loads of inner pages for content including matches, services, FAQs, and contact. Check out the demo homepage for a taster of the quality of this template. 

PlayerX - A High-powered Theme for Gaming and Esports by Edge-Themes
PlayerX - A High-powered Theme for Gaming and Esports

3. Gamezone by ThemeREX

If clean and clear is what you’re after, then Gamezone from Envato Elements is the perfect choice. It’s easy to navigate and is compatible with WooCommerce so you can sell your wares easily via your website. 

Choose Code and Plugins 

Now you have your website sorted, your next step will be picking the code and plugins that help you to get your skills out to the world. 

4. Twitch LiveStream Box and Countdown WordPress Plugin by Odin_Design

Available from Envato Elements and Envato Market, this Twitch WordPress plugin will enable you to seamlessly incorporate your live stream as an easily accessible, floating element. You can also utilize the countdown box to build excitement for upcoming games. 

5. PUBG Mini Multiplayer by azeemdreamsdesigner

Or try your hand with PUBG Mini Multiplayer, a game available on Envato Market that can be played by more than 30 people at once, all within the same game room. It’s suitable to play either on mobile or desktop. 

PUBG Mini Multiplayer by azeemdreamsdesigner
PUBG Mini Multiplayer by azeemdreamsdesigner

How to Make an Esports Logo

Next stop, your logo! Designing a high quality Esports logo will help you to be recognized and remembered. 

One great option is to head to Placeit where you can scroll through a huge variety of Esports and gaming logo templates. Simply pick the Esports team logo that best suits you and customize it (i.e. colors, illustrations, fonts) to ensure it represents your brand. 

6. Mascot Logo Monkey Father Mafia by zaldygraphic

Or check out this menacing monkey mascot available from Envato Market. The red, black, and purple color scheme is brooding and impactful. You can edit text and choose between a smoking or non-smoking monkey!

7. Esports Logo Kit by Suhandi

Or, if choice is what you’re after, then this Esports logo template kit is another great option. The hand drawn Illustrator logos feature memorable characters that would work well as mascots. 

Design Esports Videos

Another important aspect of your Esports brand is the design of the videos you put out there. You can pick eye-catching graphics including match stats to draw in viewers. 

8. Esport Tournament Package by PerryCox

Created for Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Rainbow Six, this video template will show your fans you mean business! Streamers, YouTubers, or cybersport organizations can include all the key stats from an event to ensure viewers don’t miss out on the all-important details. 

Drum up excitement with this modern, super cool video intro. Watch as swirls of neon color zoom across the screen and swirl around a silver soldier—futuristic, fun, and high impact!

Pick your Twitch Overlay 

Finally, you can decide which graphics will appear in your gameplay footage during a stream by choosing your Twitch overlay. 

You’ll never go unnoticed with this Twitch template! Stylized dragon elements work together for a powerful effect. It’s easy to edit and it comes with 14 panels, including ‘contact’, ‘donate’, and ‘subscribe’. 

If you’re after a more minimal design, then this Plugin from Envato Elements may be perfect. The Photoshop PSD file can be used to edit colors around video frames to reflect your overall Esports branding. 

Time to Create your Esports Branding!

As you can see, there are lots of elements that work together to create a united Esports brand. Check out the full collection over on Envato Market or Envato Elements and get ready for the next stage in your gaming adventure.