Top Marketing Strategies – Author Interview Roundup

This week we posted our 50th author interview. That’s a huge milestone—for cricket players it’s a half century. Thanks to all of the authors who have been interviewed. Not only is it interesting reading, it has also become a useful pile of raw data that I’d like to start digging into. This week we’ll look at the question, “What do you do to market your files?”

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Marketing doesn’t come naturally to everyone. You have creative skills, but you don’t necessarily have business, marketing or customer service skills. You might not even want to develop them. But you should. And you can. In this article we’ll analyze how fifty marketplace authors are doing just that.

You need to market your work at three different stages:

The third question is primarily a customer service issue which we won’t deal with in this article. But to start with, we’ll set your mind at ease. Many of our interviewed authors don’t find marketing any easier than you do!

Attitudes to Marketing

Many authors freely confess they are out of their depth when it comes to marketing. In fact, two authors didn’t even answer the marketing question! Some authors indicate they do little advertising due to a lack of expertise or motivation:

Others realize they are not serious enough about marketing, but plan to get more serious once their marketplace involvement moves past the hobby phase:

Some authors rely on the success of the Envato marketplaces, and find that they get enough traffic to their items with little or no effort:

A few authors rely on the quality of their work to sell their items:

And, yes, a few authors actually feel very comfortable and competent with marketing:

I guess that proves that authors are as different from one another as they possibly could be! Next, lets have a look at marketing strategies, and learn from what others are doing.

Strategies for Marketing

Here are two long lists of marketing strategies sorted by popularity.

Strategies to get people to the marketplace. Here is how to get the word out so people discover your items.

Strategies to attract attention within the marketplace. Here’s how to grab people once they are looking at your items.

Evaluation of Marketing

How effective are your marketing efforts? That’s a tough question—it can be difficult to measure. This topic was raised in two of our author interviews:

OhmLab makes some great points. How do you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing?

Well, there’s a lot of information in this post. I hope you find it helpful. Take some time to process and digest it, and come back from time to time when you refresh your marketing efforts.

Which marketing comments and strategies did you find most helpful? Do you have something more to say about marketing? Let us know in the comments.